DA’s Early Classic, Horrendous Disc, To Be Reissued For July

Some of you are Daniel Amos fans. And if you’re wondering who they are, then you surely missed out. They were a Christian band that had the right formula for making great albums. Therefore, much of their music was enjoyed by the music world at large, not all Christian fans.

Daniel Amos got their start back in 1974. Yes, that’s quite some time ago. Their first album, the self-titled Daniel Amos, was issued in 1976 and was a Country Rock effort.  It was followed by another similarly styled album, Shotgun Angel (1977). But Country stopped there. From there they went Rock before settling on a potent and effective brand of New Wave.

In 1981, they released Horrendous Disc. The album soon caught plenty of attention and performed well. Certainly, it attained a better edge than most Christian bands of the time. Eventually, Daniel Amos released their ¡Alarma! Chronicles series that encompasses ¡Alarma! (1981), Doppelgänger (1983), Vox Humana (1984), and Fearful Symmetry (1986). It was with Fearful Symmetry that the band shortened their name to simply DA. Since, they released seven more studio works, their last being Dig Here said The Angel, issued in 2013.

Recently, a Kickstarter project was launched for the reissue of Horrendous Disc. The band has acquired the necessary funds to go forth with definitive 3CD and LP sets. Basically, the original album will be remastered and bolstered by the inclusion of a bonus disc with demos, alternate mixes, remixes, outtakes, live performance tracks, and more goodies (see tracklist below). The added booklet will contain 40 pages with previously unreleased photos, full lyrics, complete credits, and new notes.

The vinyl set will be presented in color vinyl (red, green) and housed in full-color sleeves.

The project is still open to backers. It has achieved the $30,000 needed to fulfill all that has been detailed here. An extra push for the $35,000 mark promises a full Box set that will include a sticker, DA button, a guitar pick, and five random photos from their archives. If you’re interested, head over here to stake your claim! As of this writing, there are 7 days left, concluding March 31.

The release date for this definitive edition of Horrendous Disc is expected  in July of 2017.