New Robin Trower Album, Time And Emotion, Set For May

Robin Trower is a guitarist extraordinaire who has roots in Rock by his affiliation with the influential Procol Harum, and his own magnificent solo career, which has exceeded his time with Procol Harum. To date, Robin Trower has provided fans with a consistent and fairly timely flow of new music. His last, Where You Are Going To was released in 2016. It is a bluesy work that keeps us rockin’ to the music that is definitively Robin Trower. Good for us!

On May 5, his long-time record label, V-12, will release the next up Robin Trower set, Time And Emotion. The new album will feature twelve new Trower songs, songs that will no doubt keep us well entrenched Trower fans.

“…no one asks where you came from, and where it is you’re going to.”