New Ray Davies Album, Americana, Planned For April

Life seems so far removed these days from the hits that many of us remember and love, most from the near early days of Rock and Roll. When you mention a name like Ray Davies, you get various reactions. The first one you’ll get from those who know is simply a shout out of “THE KINKS”!. The other is more likely an indifference from many who only appreciates what The Kinks did, and not what a significant member can do after the fact. Nevertheless, Rock and Roll is a different creature these days. What needed enhancement back in the earlier periods now is a part of the cloud of Rock. And Ray Davies can provide a piece of excellence do an audience, both adherents and newcomers.

On April 21, SMG, via Legacy Recordings, will release a new album by Ray Davies. The new album is called Americana and will contain fifteen new songs (see track-list below). Davies last album was Working Man’s Cafe, released in 2008. His latest will be welcomed by fans. You can listen to a song, “Poetry”, from the new album below via YouTube.

Americana will be issued on CD, 2LP, and DD formats.