In Memoriam: Jaki Liebezeit (Can)

If you were a musically experimental sort, then chances are good that you’re aware of the German band, Can. They began their blend of jazz and rock back in the late 60s, and eventually acquired a respectable fanbase. using synth, conventional instruments, and a variety of influenced sounds to create a satisfying collection of music. One of the founding father, Jaki Liebezeit, was a mainstay of the band having been there for all of the band’s recorded library. His chosen instrument was drums. In fact, it is impossible to separate his drumming from the band. If you listen to any of their works, especially their early works, you will hear how they influenced many bands…even David Bowie.

On January 22, it was softly posted on Can’s FB page that Jaki Liebezeit passed away in his sleep due to complications of Pneumonia. He was 79 at the time of his departure.

His absence will be felt by some of us as we distinctly hear Can’s influences in music. All that remains is for Jaki to help the Great Band to become something even better.

Jaki Liebezeit