Max’s Kansas City 1976 Gets Expanded To 1976 & Beyond With More Performance Tracks

If you remember the darker edges of Rock, then you know all about Max’s Kansas City. Best known as the live Rock and Roll hangout, home to┬ámany bands including The Velvet Underground, who helped popularize the club with a live album. The venue had an impressive collection of performance tracks called 1976 released on their label (RAM). With artists like Wayne County (now Jayne County), Fast, Pere Ubu, Cherry Vanilla, and a few others that were essential to that NYC fixture.

1976 contained fourteen necessary tracks that helped to highlight the transition into Punk Rock. But we all know that there were way more bands behind those walls and on the stage. And thus, a NY label, Jungle Records will be reissuing the underground classic as a 2LP set and a 2CD set. With this reissue, there will be essential additional bands like Johnny Thunders, Sid Vicious, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, The Psychotic Frogs, Jimi LaLumia, The Offs, and more! For fans that hungered for the cutting edge bands that were cutting teeth, this would seem like an important pick-up!

The new Various Artists album will be called 1976 & Beyond, and will sport the original cover, albeit with the added performer names. The track-list has not yet been released. But the 2Lp and 2CD album is expected in April. If you have interest, keep a sharp eye out on the release.

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