Grand Funk’s Shinin’ On Album Releasing As SACD via Audio Fidelity

I have absolutely no idea how many of you have the capability to playback SACD-encoded CDs, but with the impending arrival of Grand Funk’s Shinin’ On (1974) on an all-machines-playable SACD Hybrid, I thought it cool to bring up. The reasoning is that the SACD can be played on all CD players. And it is possible that SACD capability shows up in new BD player that you might eventually purchase, so you’d be ready. In fact, there are several units that already incorporate the SACD, DVD-Audio, BD-Audio capabilities (and others). And…it’d be a new remaster of the title.

My thrill is this…with the release of Shinin’ On (which contained the title cut, as well as the hit Goffin/King cover, “The Locomotion”), there is a hope that the earlier classics will be given the same treatment! And that would be a great thing.

On January 27, Audio Fidelity will reissue Shinin’ On┬áby Grand Funk complete with 3D glasses with which to view the original cover art. And although there was a Quadrophonic release of this album back in the ’70s, this is a strictly Stereo release.

I’m excited about this issue!