New Deep Purple Album, InFinite, On Calendar For April

Deep Purple has been a resilient band. With several successful Mark lineups including the high point lineup that delivered Machine Head, Deep Purple has accrued an impressive catalog that stands the test of time. Even the lineups that included Tommy Bolin, Glen Hughes, and David Coverdale delivered easy to listen to albums (at least for me). The current lineup, missing only Ritchie Blackmore, and Jon Lord (because of death), is still as much the Mark II lineup as this generation will allow it to be.

On April 7, Deep Purple will release their next new album, InFinite. It’s being preceded by a single, “Time For Bedlam” (hear below), and the expectation of a small EP scheduled for February 3.

The new single is a Pink Floyd-like state of the union song that bemoans our political structures. And it’s a good song.

InFinite follows the band’s last album, Now What?!, released back in 2013.