2017 Promises New Music From Tool, The Black Angels, and Gene Loves Jezebel

This is a post that doesn’t have specific release dates. But, like the Random Notes of old in Rolling Stone magazine, I thought that you might enjoy knowing a few releases that are currently being worked on and talked about.

First off, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper Gene Loves Jezebel album. Unless you count the Michael Aston releases under the GLJ moniker (which I do not…and I’ve tried. Jay is infinitely so much better), then the last proper album was Heavenly Bodies, issued in 1993. As of this writing, Jay Aston, along with classic members, Peter Rizzo, James Stevenson, and Chris Bell from the early successful periods that include Discover, are funding their next album using PledgeMusic. As of this post, they are 30% funded with well over 60 days to complete.

The new album, simply referred to as The New Album, will be available in 2017. If you go to the band’s PledgeMusic site, you will find some very enticing allures for contributing that include guitars from the band. Mostly, there are offer levels that include DD, CD, vinyl LP, and a wealth of other goodies. More as we get closer to release.

Secondly, a new album from The Black Angels is imperative. Austin, TX high-powered psychedelic band plans on completing and marketing their fifth set (no title as of yet) a some point in 2017. Their last was the magnificent Indigo Meadow, released in 2013.

And finally, a new Tool album is in the works for 2017. It will be their first since 2006’s excellent 10,000 Days.

With this small set of news, 2017 appears to be shaping up as a musical one. And this list helps to alleviate the general quiet that fills December and, for the most part, January.