New Jesus And Mary Chain Album, Damage And Joy

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve gotten a new album by The Jesus and Mary Chain. In their prime, during the fresh and relevant period of their releases, the band provided seven studio albums that began with their 1985 Psychocandy set. It ended with their Munki album, issued in 1998. That’s 18 years ago. That’s about to update.

On March 24, the current iteration of The Jesus and Mary Chain will release their next album, Damage and Joy. This next album will feature fourteen tracks. The new title will be released on standard CD, DD, and a vinyl LP. In addition, the new album will be issued in a surging format, tape cassette.

You can listen to the first single off the album below.

Damage And Joy – The Jesus And Mary Chain

01 Amputation
02 War On Peace
03 All Things Pass
04 Always Sad
05 Song For A Secret
06 The Two Of Us
07 Los Feliz (Blues And Greens)
08 Mood Rider
09 Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)
10 Get On Home
11 Facing Up To The Facts
12 Simian Split
13 Black And Blues
14 Can’t Stop The Rock