New Deep Purple Album, InFinite, On Calendar For April

Deep Purple has been a resilient band. With several successful Mark lineups including the high point lineup that delivered Machine Head, Deep Purple has accrued an impressive catalog that stands the test of time. Even the lineups that included Tommy Bolin, Glen Hughes, and David Coverdale delivered easy to listen to albums (at least for me). The current lineup, missing only Ritchie Blackmore, and Jon Lord (because of death), is still as much the Mark II lineup as this generation will allow it to be.

On April 7, Deep Purple will release their next new album, InFinite. It’s being preceded by a single, “Time For Bedlam” (hear below), and the expectation of a small EP scheduled for February 3.

The new single is a Pink Floyd-like state of the union song that bemoans our political structures. And it’s a good song.

InFinite follows the band’s last album, Now What?!, released back in 2013.


Paul Weller To Release New Album in 2017, A Kind Revolution (And More!)

Since the arrival of The Jam, I have been a solid Paul Weller fan. (I do have to admit to being less a Style Council fan than The Jam, and Paul Weller solo works.) With that in mind, it’s always great news to hear that Paul Weller has been busy resulting in the impending release of a new album. Recently, it was mentioned that Paul Weller has finished a new album. The new album is being called A Kind Revolution and is expected to be released by the Parlophone label in the Spring of 2017.

There is more. Four of Paul Weller’s solo albums are being re-released on heavyweight vinyl LP. Those titles have specific release dates:

Paul Weller (1992), and Wild Wood (1993) are both scheduled for release on January 20th. They will be followed by Stanley Road (1995), and Heavy Soul (1997). both scheduled for February 24th.

Additionally, Paul Weller will be on tour for ten April UK dates. While that doesn’t place him anywhere near the US, it’s certainly great news for our UK readers.

(Thanks to Paul Weller News for the alert!)


Three Pink Floyd Titles To Be Reissued

Pink Floyd is a defining fixture in the annals of Rock and Roll. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a history without Pink Floyd in it. For me, there’s rarely a week that goes by without Pink Floyd in it somewhere. There’s always a nearby, easy to reach album for me to listen to. (This week, it’s Animals!) Recently, released info announces several Pink Floyd titles being re-released. Two of them are being reissued as vinyl LP, while a third is getting a 2CD Deluxe Edition Guthrie remaster (or so it appears). NOTE: the info is sketchy but I’m posting just to let you know that the title is, in fact, being re-released as stated.

On January 20, Legacy will re-release Pulse. There’s nothing more than the original 24 performance tracks as found on the original. I’m not even sure if the re-release will feature the flashing red LED light within the package. But, if this is a new remaster of the 1995 live set, then that’s pretty cool.

In addition, Legacy will release two Pink Floyd classics on vinyl LP. Those will be The Final Cut (1983), and A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987). Both have been remastered for this release date of January 20.

The fact that the LP titles are newly remastered, and they’re being released on January 20 lends a little credence to the Pulse re-release as a newly remastered title, yet on CD. But we’ll see soon enough,


Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move in January

The beauty of specialized labels with plenty of funding is that can count on getting quality reissues of albums that you were aware of, but not many others. With an umbrella label like Cherry Red UK, we seem to do pretty well with getting some good stuff. Like albums from The Move. Cherry Red has been busy with newly remastered and expanded editions of music from The Move catalog. Having finished those, it’s nice to see it capped with a 2disc ‘best of’, Magnetic Waves Of Sound. This set was announced a few months ago.

Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move will be released on January 27.  It will offer 21 tracks total from the band’s four albums, including their UK hit singles. The included DVD will feature 21 telly appearances on the BBC and selected German shows, as well as a promo clip, all between 1967 and 1970 before he dissolution of the band.

The set will add in a booklet with photos, an essay by Mark Paytress (MOJO magazine), and a poster. The entire set is contained within a tastefully designed digipak case.


New Mike Oldfield Album, Return To Ommadawn

An interesting release scheduled for January is a sequel to a previous – and well-aged – album from 1975. That original album is Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield. Released after his successful Tubular Bells in 1973, and his Hergest Ridge in 1974, Ommadawn was readily received by his anxious fanbase. Most of his albums have been excellent to not disappoint.

On January 20, Mike Oldfield will release Return To Ommadawn as a revisitation of that world he created via music. As this will be an import to the US, a week’s delay will set the US availability at January 27. The album will be issued on CD, vinyl LP, DD, and a richly rewarding CD/DVD Deluxe Edition, which will contain the 5.1 Surround mix of the two-track, 40-minute plus, creation.

The new album is being well-bundled via the Virgin Records website. You can head over here and pick a package that suits you.


Judas Priest to Release 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo

Judas Priest has slowly but consistently been updating their catalog releases with new remastering and extended sets. Their last update was Defenders Of The Faith (1984), reissued as a 3CD Deluxe Edition.

On February 3. Legacy will revisit the catalog of Judas Priest with a 3CD Deluxe Edition of Turbo. Turbo was the band’s tenth studio album released in 1986 making 2016 the 30th Anniversary. This new edition of Turbo will feature not only newly remastered audio, but will add in two CDs covering the full live show from the 1986 support tour, Fuel For Life. The show represented is from the Kemper Arena date in Kansas City.

If you head over to the Judas Priest webstore, you can get your hands on any one of a number of cool bundles that include CDs, LPs, tee-shirts, patches, etc.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo will also be released on 150g-weight vinyl LP.

Turbo – Judas Priest

CD1: TURBO (original album remastered)
01 – Turbo Lover
02 – Locked In
03 – Private Property
04 – Parental Guidance
05 – Rock You All Around The World
06 – Out In The Cold
07 – Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
08 – Hot For Love
09 – Reckless

01 – Out In the Cold
02 – Locked In
03 – Heading Out To The Highway
04 – Metal Gods
05 – Breaking The Law
06 – Love Bites
07 – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
08 – The Sentinel
09 – Private Property
10 – Desert Plains
11 – Rock You All Around The World

12 – The Hellion
13 – Electric Eye
14 – Turbo Lover
15 – Freewheel Burning
16 – Victim Of Changes
17 – The Green Manalishi (With The Two -Pronged Crown)
18 – Living After Midnight
19 – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
20 – Hell Bent For Leather


2017 Promises New Music From Tool, The Black Angels, and Gene Loves Jezebel

This is a post that doesn’t have specific release dates. But, like the Random Notes of old in Rolling Stone magazine, I thought that you might enjoy knowing a few releases that are currently being worked on and talked about.

First off, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper Gene Loves Jezebel album. Unless you count the Michael Aston releases under the GLJ moniker (which I do not…and I’ve tried. Jay is infinitely so much better), then the last proper album was Heavenly Bodies, issued in 1993. As of this writing, Jay Aston, along with classic members, Peter Rizzo, James Stevenson, and Chris Bell from the early successful periods that include Discover, are funding their next album using PledgeMusic. As of this post, they are 30% funded with well over 60 days to complete.

The new album, simply referred to as The New Album, will be available in 2017. If you go to the band’s PledgeMusic site, you will find some very enticing allures for contributing that include guitars from the band. Mostly, there are offer levels that include DD, CD, vinyl LP, and a wealth of other goodies. More as we get closer to release.

Secondly, a new album from The Black Angels is imperative. Austin, TX high-powered psychedelic band plans on completing and marketing their fifth set (no title as of yet) a some point in 2017. Their last was the magnificent Indigo Meadow, released in 2013.

And finally, a new Tool album is in the works for 2017. It will be their first since 2006’s excellent 10,000 Days.

With this small set of news, 2017 appears to be shaping up as a musical one. And this list helps to alleviate the general quiet that fills December and, for the most part, January.


Review: Acoustic – Simple Minds

One of the better albums of 2016 (or at least one that deserves inclusion with a note that this is not an album of brand new originals) is Acoustic by Simple Minds. Simply, the collection is a newly recorded unplugged set of classic Simple Minds originals. And given the band that Simple Minds are, they have created a timeless and ultimately listenable album with easy replay value. In fact, this is not the first time I’ve listened to Acoustic. It may be around the 50th time!

Acoustic has twelve familiar songs including their breakout hit, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”. What Acoustic has successfully done is to recreate those beloved songs from many original albums and make them new classics. Few artists can do this trick. For the record, there’s “Waterfront”, “New Gold Dreams”, “Sanctify Yourself”, “Chelsea Girl”, “Alive and Kicking” and others. Culling songs from as early as their first album (Life In A Day, 1979) with “Chelsea Girl”, and as late as their Real Life album from 1991 with “See The Light” (unless you want to count the non-album cover, “Long Black Train” as the latest, or the LP add of “Light Travels” from the band’s 2009 set, Graffiti Soul).

While most tracks are excellent, I’m a little less enamored of “See The Light”, a song version that feels too underpowered. However, I doubt there will be much complaining when you listen to the rest of the album. Songs like “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, “Waterfront”, “Someone, Somewhere in Summertime”, and the highly marketable “Promised You A Miracle” with KT Tunstall.

Acoustic is an album that can easily occupy your time like it has mine. And with so many classic SM songs unrepresented, I’m hoping for a second volume of Acoustic. One that will include “Book Of Brilliant Things”, “All The Things She Said”, “Belfast Child”, “She’s A River”, “Life In A Day”, “Let There Be Love”,  “Today I Died Again”, “Up On The Catwalk”, and a few others.  But…if you’re a vinyl fan, Simple Minds has thrown three bonus tracks onto the LP that do not appear on the CD edition of Acoustic.

Since the album’s release, it has done well on the European music charts. That’s a magnificent feat given the difficulties of anything hitting the charts. But it also speaks of the excellence that Acoustic is filled with.

Acoustic – Simple Minds (2016)

01 – The American (Sons and Fascination, 1981)
02 – Promised You A Miracle w/KT Tunstall (New Gold Dreams (, 1982)
03 – Glittering Prize (New Gold Dreams (, 1982)
04 – See The Lights (Real Life, 1991)
05 – New Gold Dreams ( (New Gold Dreams (, 1982)
06 – Someone, Somewhere In Summertime (New Gold Dreams (, 1982)
07 – Waterfront (Sparkle In The Rain, 1984)
08 – Sanctify Yourself (Once Upon A Time, 1985)
09 – Chelsea Girl (Life In A Day, 1979)
10 – Alive And Kicking (Once Upon A Time, 1985)
11 – Don’t You (Forget About Me) (1985)
12 – Long Black Train (2016).

LP adds:

13 – Stand By Love (Real Life, 1991)
14 – Speed Your Love To Me (Sparkle In The Rain, 1984)
15 – Light Travels (Graffiti Soul, 2009)


The Feelies To Release New Album, In Between

The Feelies arrived back in 1980 with the release of their Stiff Records album, Crazy Rhythms. They immediately captured the attention of critics with their unusual style. After the release of their debut, they continued with several albums that were released long after the excellent first set. As a matter of reference, those subsequent albums were not released on the influential Stiff label, but were picked up by TwinTone, and then A&M Records. The Feelies have released five albums, with Here Before their last issue back in 2011.

On February 24, Bar/None Records will release he band’s next new album. It will be called In Between. The new album will feature eleven songs. In Between will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The LP will offer a download rights card as a bonus.

In Between is the band’s sixth album (in 40 years!!).

In Between – The Feelies

01 In Between
02 Turn Back Time
03 Stay The Course
04 Flag Days
05 Pass The Time
06 When To Go
07 Been Replaced
08 Gone, Gone, Gone
09 Time Will Tell
10 Make It Clear
11 In Between (Reprise)


New Jesus And Mary Chain Album, Damage And Joy

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve gotten a new album by The Jesus and Mary Chain. In their prime, during the fresh and relevant period of their releases, the band provided seven studio albums that began with their 1985 Psychocandy set. It ended with their Munki album, issued in 1998. That’s 18 years ago. That’s about to update.

On March 24, the current iteration of The Jesus and Mary Chain will release their next album, Damage and Joy. This next album will feature fourteen tracks. The new title will be released on standard CD, DD, and a vinyl LP. In addition, the new album will be issued in a surging format, tape cassette.

You can listen to the first single off the album below.

Damage And Joy – The Jesus And Mary Chain

01 Amputation
02 War On Peace
03 All Things Pass
04 Always Sad
05 Song For A Secret
06 The Two Of Us
07 Los Feliz (Blues And Greens)
08 Mood Rider
09 Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)
10 Get On Home
11 Facing Up To The Facts
12 Simian Split
13 Black And Blues
14 Can’t Stop The Rock