John Cale Classic, Fragments Of A Rainy Season, Expanded For Reissue

john-cale-fragments-of-a-rainy-seasonFor those that have followed the careers of the post-Velvet Underground crew, most notably Lou Reed, and John Cale, then today’s post should make you a bit happy. While Lou Reed is the most commercial of the Velvet Underground as a solo offering, John Cale has significantly impacted fans as the more art-fused solo career. A quick look back at any of John Cale’s solo albums will find a man deeply immersed in the times but as a forerunner. As a fan, you might be one who has been wowed by his adaptation of the Dylan Thomas classic, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. His use of orchestral accompaniment and his stunning choral arrangements has made that powerful poem a haunting musical piece. Everything he has put his talents to has become an enduring masterpiece for fans of his catalog releases.

On December 16, Domino Recording Company will reissue Cale’s 1992 unplugged live set, Fragments Of A Rainy Season. That album is as beautiful as it is compelling. The set will be expanded with a second CD filled with eight outtakes not used in the selection of tracks for the original album. And that’s good news as it offers a more complete experience.

I’m not sure whether this Deluxe Edition reissue features remastering although I’m sure it will. But I’m all in on this classic John Cale album reissue.

Fragments Of A Rainy Season will be released as 2CD and 2LP, 3LP (with bonus tracks) vinyl sets. The album cover will be a deep grey color (see small graphic below) instead of the snow white original cover.



Fragments Of A Rainy Season – John Cale

01 On A Wedding Anniversary
02 Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
03 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
04 Cordoba
05 Buffalo Ballet
06 A Child’s Christmas In Wales
07 Darling I Need You
08 Guts
09 Ship Of Fools
10 Leaving It Up To You
11 The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
12 Chinese Envoy
13 Dying On The Vine
14 Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend)
15 Heartbreak Hotel
16 Style It Takes
17 Paris 1919
18 (I Keep A) Close Watch
19 Thoughtless Kind
20 Hallelujah

01 Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend) – Outtake
02 Amsterdam – Outtake
03 Broken Hearts – Outtake
04 I’m Waiting For The Man – Outtake
05 Heartbreak Hotel – Outtake (strings)
06 Fear (Is A Man’s Best Friend) – Outtake (strings)
07 Paris 1919 – Outtake (strings)
08 Antarctica Starts Here – Outtake (strings)