Iggy Pop Live Set: Post Pop Depression – Live At The Royal Albert Hall

iggy-pop-post-pop-depressionFrom the days of The Stooges, Iggy Pop has been a wild one for Rock and Roll. For the sake of performances, he would willingly jump into audiences, onto broken glass, and help to create a frenetic atmosphere of frenzy. And this is something he has done for decades. In fact, a viewing of his 1999 Live At The Avenue B show (on DVD), when he was an energetic 52, will deliver a surprising show of someone who believes in the power of his music and performance.  Normally, many rock acts have disintegrated by that age. Not Iggy.

Earlier this year, Iggy Pop released what he refers to as his last studio album. The album, Post Pop Depression, was full of great songs that keeps Iggy and his co-conspirators, in full step with the times. Iggy underwent a full tour, often sold out, throughout the world. And if you thought that Iggy at the age of 69 might be slow to move on the stage, then along comes a new filmed set to show you otherwise.

On October 28, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release multiple variations of Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall. This set will offer a 20 track (!) May 13, 2016 performance set that begins appropriately with “Lust For Life” and closes with “Success” from the same Lust For Life album. Within the show, Iggy performs eight of nine tracks from his new album, as well as a healthy sampling of classic earlier songs.

Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall will be released as a DVD/2CD set as well as a BD/2CD set.

No one rocks the stage like Iggy Pop.

Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall – Iggy Pop

01) Lust For Life
02) Sister Midnight
03) American Valhalla
04) Sixteen
05) In The Lobby
06) Some Weird Sin
07) Funtime
08) Tonight
09) Sunday
10) German Days
11) Mass Production
12) Nightclubbing
13) Gardenia
14) The Passenger
14) China Girl
15) Break Into Your Heart
16) Fall In Love With Me
17) Repo Man
18) Baby
19) Chocolate Drops
20) Paraguay
21) Success