The Ambient Series: New Dirk Serries Microphonics Release, Resolution Heart

dirk-serries-microphinics-xxvi-xxx-resolution-heartNoted ambient artist, Dirk Serries, whose music is best described as dark and experimental. The music is a minimalist drone that bypasses the safer rush of skin-pop ambient by mainlining into the psyche with maximum musical potency. Drone and mininalistic ambient is defintiely not for everyone, but for those that thrive on a mind’s journey into the universe, then music by Dirk Serries is the way to experience that explosion.

Formerly, Serries has recorded under the name of vidnaObmana, under which he has released a wealth of more traditional solo and collaborative ambient pieces on various labels. But his stronger pieces come under his own name. He has also recorded under the Fear Falls Burning moniker.

On November 18, Tonefloat Music will release the next and final album in the Microphonics series for Dirk Serries. The new album is being called Microphonics XXVI-XXX: Resolution Heart. Resolution Heart will be issued on DD, and vinyl LP.

Ordering can be done here (somehow).

For a time yet to be announced, Dirk Serries will release a two-part CD of new songs performed in a live setting. That album is being called Smothered Hope, Infinite Daze, and will be released by Substrata, a Mexican label.