Marissa Nadler Issues 8 Song EP, Bury Your Name

marissa-nadler-bury-your-name-epIf you’re a fan of Marissa Nadler (I’m a HUGE fan), then you’ll be mighty pleased to know that that, in keeping with her usual ‘between albums’ busyness, there is an upcoming EP of songs. The new set is entitled Bury Your Name. It promises eight songs of mesmerizing beauty and stripped down engagement with Marissa, her hypnotic voice, and her guitar, with some treatments (at least as the supplied single track implies). They were all home recordings before Strangers.

Earlier this year, Marissa Nadler released her follow-up to her stunning July album (released in 2014). The new album, Strangers, is as extraordinary as its predecessor, but never overshadowing. And that’s the way I like Marissa Nadler music, a full-bodied and exciting, even hypnotic collection of dreamy songs. July treated fans to “Drive”, “Desire”, and “Dead Sea Emily”, while Strangers provided “All The Colors Of The Dark”, and “Blood and Tears”.

Bury Your Name was originally released as a bonus cassette in a Limited Edition of only 400 of Strangers. With such limited outreach, it would have been a shame to not let these songs reach us in ways that many of us can enjoy. I’m glad that Marissa Nadler, Sacred Bones, and Bella union opted for the bigger road.

Bury Your Name is scheduled for September 28. It will only be issued as a digital download, bypassing the CD sale. It’s OK by me. As long as I get them. You can pre-order Bury Your Name by going to her Bandcamp page here.

Bury Your Name – Marissa Nadler

01 – High On The Road
02 – I Don’t Want To Know
03 – I Remember The Touch Of Your Hands
04 – Give Me Your Gun
05 – The Best You Ever Had
06 – Horsefly
07 – Sleeping In The Afternoon
08 – Pick Me Up Before I Die