New Leonard Cohen Album, You Want It Darker

Leonard Cohen You Want it DarkerLeonard Cohen’s story is a fascinating one. He began his music career in the ’60s with a stunning selection of songcraft that blended his unique poetic ability with his favored folk-style music. “Suzanne” entered the consciousness of a base of new fans, many of which are still strongly attached to his mystique. After being blindsided by the theft of his life’s savings by a trusted person, Leonard Cohen re-entered the world of music by releasing a new album – Ten New Songs (2001). That brilliant album not only re-energized his fan base, but was also the jump-point for a long, extended world tour that took him to every corner of the globe with 3 hour-long sets. During this period, he was regular with the release of new studio albums (Ten New Songs – 2001, Dear Heather – 2004, Old Ideas – 2012, Popular Problems – 2014), and rich with live issues (Field Commander Cohen, Tour of ’79 – 2001, Live In London – 2009, Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 – 2009, Songs From The Road – 2010, Live In Dublin – 2014, Can’t Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour – 2015).

Today, Leonard Cohen announced a new album on the horizon, as yet undated. The new album is called You Want It Darker. It’s already said that for the “lucky few who have heard it, (it’s) deemed “a masterpiece”, and “classic Cohen”.

So, while you can’t definitively put the new title down on the calendar , you can know that it’s just around the corner as it is pegged for a Fall release.

I will definitely keep you updated on all new information.

You Want It Darker  – Leonard Cohen

01 -You Want It Darker
02 – Treaty
03 – On the Level
04 – Leaving the Table
05 – If I Didn’t Have Your Love
06 – Traveling Light
07 – It Seemed the Better Way
08 – Steer Your Way
09 – String Reprise/ Treaty