New Sting Album, 57th & 9th, Arrives In November

57th & 9th StingIt’s incredible when you think about it, but…Sting has put out more solo albums than anything he’s done with The Police, the band that gave him his start in Rock and Roll. the last time that Sting did an all out Rock album from his solo perspective, it was with Sacred Love, released in 2003. But if you don’t wan to give the Rock pass to that album, then you can even go back as far as 1999 with his Grammy-winning Brand New Day. that album generated the hit, “Desert Rose”, which I like. (So what, right?!)

So, having said that, Sting is already on the ground with the single for his upcoming new album, 57th & 9th, his 12th solo album. The last four albums have been forays into other territories, most notably classical and holidays. With 57th & 9th, Sting returns to his Rock roots. The new song, “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” is currently out, and is a welcome audio treat for fans.

On November 11, Cherrytree Records will release 57th & 9th on CD, CD Deluxe with three more tunes (“I Can’t Stop Thinking About You” – LA Version, “Inshallah” – Berlin Sessions Version, “Next To You” with The Last Bandoleros – Live at Rockwood Music Hall), DD, and likely vinyl LP. The new Sting album will contain 10 new songs (see below).

57th & 9th – Sting

01. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You
02. 50,000
03. Down, Down, Down
04. One Fine Day
05. The Pretty Young Soldier
06. Petrol Head
07. Heading South On The Great North Road
08. If You Can’t Love Me
09. Inshallah
10. The Empty Chair


[UPDATE] 1976 Rick Wakeman Classic, No Earthly Connection Reissues As 2CD Deluxe Edition

Rick Wakeman No Earthly ConnectionOn November 11, watch for a 2CD Deluxe Edition of No Earthly Connection, the loved seven track A&M issue by Rick Wakeman from 1976. With new remastering and a live set, this new edition should make fans happy enough!

The second CD in this upcoming Deluxe Edition of No Earthly Connection will contain the June 17, 1976 live set, BBC Live At Hammersmith Odeon. The performance track list is:

01. Music Reincarnate – Part III: The Spaceman
02. Catherine Howard
03. Sir Lancelot and The Black Knight
04. Arthur
05. Music Reincarnate – Part IV: The Realisation
06. The Forest
07. Catherine Parr
08. The Prisoner
09. Merlin The Magician

There will be a single CD release of the original album in addition to the 2CD Deluxe Edition. There will be no bonus tracks included.

Thanks to Michael C for the update on this set!

New Deluxe Editions Of No Earthly Connection (Wakeman), and XII (Barclay James Harvest)

There are two albums being revisited in 2CD Deluxe Editions, although the details are sparse. I decided to post them as bits of news to get fans aware of the upcoming titles (Christmas lists, saving of pennies, etc).

On October 28, Esoteric Recordings will continue their definitive approach to Barclay James Harvest titles with the release of a 3CD Edition of XII from 1979, a year after their Gone To Earth album. XII also represents the last album from the original lineup of the band. Of course, this new reissue will feature brand new remastering in the way of previous BJH reissues by Esoteric. And with 3CDs, the expansion should be as impressive as the previous reissues of earlier BJH titles.


On November 11, watch for a 2CD Deluxe Edition of No Earthly Connection, the loved seven track A&M issue by Rick Wakeman from 1976. With new remastering and a live set.

Rick Wakeman No Earthly Connection

When more details arrive, I’ll get an update out on both of these reissues.


New Gang Of Four Live Set, Live…In The Moment

Gang Of Four Live In the MomentAt some point in 1979, I saw a band at a fun bar in Chicago called Mother’s. Their name was Gang Of Four. With all the hype I had heard, I was pretty excited to see them…especially at this bar where I’ve seen a few breaking bands (Cheap Trick, St Louis Sheiks, etc.). And with The Buzzcocks! Honestly, their live set was pretty great. It’s one of those early embryonic live shows where I was completely in awe of the music happening right in front of me. Since then, I’ve held Gang Of Four pretty close to heart.

These days, Gang of Four is only Andy Gill. Having lost original members, Jon King, Hugo Burnham, and Dave Allen along the way due to various reasons, we’re left with Gill and who sides with him. But the beautiful thing is that his current band is quite strong musically making this edition of Gang Of Four to be quite enjoyable….still!

For proof of that, we could turn to the 2015 release of What Happens Next. That album was as satisfying as many Gang Of Four releases. I attribute that to the strong leadership of Andy Gill. What’s even more exciting is that Gang of Four was a band that was way ahead of its time back in the post-punk era of the late ’70s/early ’80s. So much so that they easily fit into this era of Rock.

On September 9, further proof of their timelessness can be attained within their upcoming Metropolis Records-released DVD/CD, Live…In The Moment. After viewing a segment from that set, it’s easy to see that timelessness as being true (see for yourself below with a 2015 performance of “At Home He’s A Tourist” from Entertainment!)!

Live…In The Moment was recorded live at their Islington Assembly Hall performance in London. The songs on this film are fourteen performance tracks that include “Damaged Goods”, “I Found that Essence Rare”, “Anthrax”, and “At Home He’s A Tourist” from Entertainment! (1979), and “Paralyzed”, “What We All Want”, and “Why Theory?”from Solid Gold (1981). The rest are scattered selections from the other albums.

Live…In The Moment will add in the CD for audio enjoyment of the show as you go out into the world. There will be a vinyl LP released as well, same date.

Even with this edition of Gang Of Four, this band is no joke.


Stand Up, Jethro Tull Second Album Gets Remix Magic by Steven Wilson

Jethro Tull - Stand UpThe finely tuned folks over at the Steve Hoffman Forums have uncovered the next Jethro Tull remix as done by Steven Wilson. The selected album is Stand Up, the band’s second album, which was released in 1969.  It looks to be quite a rich reissue with plenty of added goodness as we’ve come to expect by Steven Wilson.

On November 18, Stand Up – The Elevated Edition will present with a wealth of bonus goodies that will please fans (see complete list below). Stand Up, under the trusted watch of Steven Wilson will offer the original album remixed, as well as provide higher resolution Stereo remixes, 5.1 Surround mixes in Dolby Digital and DTS. As the mouth-watering track list reveals, there will be a collection of other good things that include Stereo and Mono mixed singles, promo issues, Mono BBC Sessions tracks, a second CD filled with a live show from a January 9, 1969 set, The Stockholm Konserthuset. As if that weren’t enough, there are audio radio spots, and two video footage segments from the Stockholm show.

Stand Up – Jethro Tull (2CD/1DVD)
The Elevated Edition

CD1: (Stereo remixes – Steven Wilson)
01- A New Day Yesterday
02- Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square
03- Bouree
04- Back To The Family
05- Look Into The Sun
06- Nothing Is Easy
07- Fat Man
08- We Used To Know
09- Reasons For Waiting
10- For A Thousand Mothers

Associated Recordings
11- Living In The Past
12- Driving Song
13- Bouree (Morgan version)
14- Living In The Past (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo -Previously unreleased)
15- Driving Song (Original 1969 Stereo single mix – Only released in Japan and on a US FM radio promo -Previously unreleased)
16- A New Day Yesterday (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
17- Fat Man (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
18- Nothing Is Easy (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
19- Bouree (BBC Sessions – Mono, previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)

Live at The Stockholm Konserthuset 9th January 1969
01- Introduction
02- My Sunday Feeling
03- Martin’s Tune
04- To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
05- Back To The Family
06- Dharma For One
07- Nothing Is Easy
08- A Song For Jeffrey
09- To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be (First show version)
10- Living In The Past (Original 1969 mono single mix)
11- Driving Song (Original 1969 mono single mix)
12- Stand Up Radio spot # 1 (Previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)
13- Stand Up Radio spot # 2 (Previously released on the 2010 Collector’s Edition)

DVD (Audio & Video)
1- Steven Wilson remixes in 96/24 PCM stereo and DD/DTS 5.1 surround
2- 96/24 flat transfer of Stand Up original stereo master tapes from 5th June 1969
3- 96/24 flat transfer of original 1969 mono & stereo mixes of Living In The Past & Driving Song

Video footage from Stockholm 1969
01 – To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be
02 – Back To The Family


32CD Career Wishbone Ash Box Coming

If you are a dedicated fan of Wishbone Ash, then the following news will put you in a tizzy. It;s not new news, but new enough that some of you are unaware as of yet. Worse, the pertinent details are missing. It may even be until some later point in 2017 before we’re comprised of the fullness of the box. BUT…

Possibly in September of 2017, Snapper Records will release a new remastered 32CD Box called Wishbone Ash – The Vintage Years (I’m hoping for a better title than that!). It is being said that “ancient 24-track masters” have been located (Wishbone Four? There’s The Rub?), which gives me massive hope for a proper remaster of Wishbone Four (if that is what is meant).The box will deal exclusively with Wishbone Ash music from 1969 to 1990.

In addition to the massive serving of WA music, there will be a coffee-table book with “photos, artifacts, and historical material” included!

That’s all of the news available on this set for now. But rest assured, I WILL update as new information becomes available. I already have emails out the door to those that can help.

This is the BEST news I’ve heard all of 2016! (Thanks to Steve Talia, and to John Fell for the heads up!)

Wishbone Ash

Review: Something To Ruin – Ages And Ages

Ages To Ages Something To RuinMusic is a long, long running addiction for me. I listen to way more of it than I should, which seriously reduces my time to fully appreciate the classics and any new artists that I find to be of worth. But the other side of it is that I can find new bands and artists that are worth more than a single listen. One of the new bands that I’ve run across is Ages and Ages.

Ages And Ages is a band from Portland, OR. that employ a delightful harmonic sound to all of their songs. The songs are Pop/Rock-oriented by design. At times, they have a cool retro ’60s quality that warms the synapses as you listen. If you are somewhat familiar with early Coldplay, then you have a sense of what Ages and Ages can sound like at times.

On their newest album, Something To Ruin, which was released on August 19, there is a strong experimentation within its grooves. Electronic layers, with touches of musical quirkiness, all blended in with a church-like chorus of voices makes for an interesting listen. As mentioned before, with their occasional ’60s-styled harmonies (“Something To Ruin”, “All Of My Enemies”), their new album is a treat waiting to be fully enjoyed. And with songs like “They Want More”, the catchy Modest Mouse-like pop tune that begins the album, it’s easy to be lured in.

Something To Ruin uses the theme of a wasting world returning to nature, and rampant, trespassing greed. It’s available on CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Partisan Records.


New Marianne Faithfull Live Set, No Exit

Marianne Faithfull No ExitMarianne Faithfull has such a long, rich history of Rock and Roll involvement that it’s almost impossible to not recall her during a visit to almost any period of it. With an extraordinary and captivating beauty (ask Mick Jagger), Marianne Faithfull left quite an impression on our Rock psyches. She did mine!

With classic early albums like Marianne Faithfull (1964) with “As Tears Go By”, sung in her unique voice, and her comeback efforts in the late ’70s beginning with the incredibly bold, wild, and right on musical target Broken English (1979). She has left behind an attractive music legacy with her recorded studio efforts. Throughout, Marianne Faithfull has shown a strong resilient side of her that many of us Faithfull fans are quite pleased she has. She’s not the same singer now as she was in the past. She’s better!

On September 30, earMUSIC will release several versions of a Marianne Faithfull live set called No Exit. Details are spotty (I have requests for greater depth in the email system) but with the inclusion of tracks from her last studio album, Give My Love To London (2014), the live set is definitely a recent one. No Exit is pegged for a standard CD issue, DD, vinyl LP, as well as an essential Deluxe CD/DVD Edition.

I’ll update as I discover more (if necessary).

No Exit — Marianne Faithfull

01 – Intro
02 – Falling Back
03 – The Price Of Love
04 – Love More Or Less
05 – As Tears Go By
06 – Mother Wolf
07 – Sister Morphine
08 – Late Victorian Holocaust
09 – Sparrows Will Sing
10- The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan


On (And Off) The Road 1981-1984 Reviews King Crimson ’80s Work, Live and Studio

King Crimson On (And Off) The Road 1981-1984King Crimson represents several intense periods of Rock and Roll history. The one best known is, of course, their late ’60s and the early ’70s. That period not only employed Greg Lake, John Wetton, and Bill Bruford, but contained the entire energy of one Robert Fripp. That period created much loved albums that include In The Court Of The Crimson King, Lark’s Tongue in Aspic, Red, and Starless And Bible Black, to name a few. After that lengthy period of inactivity that allowed Fripp to be Fripp with a series of solo classics (Exposure – 1979, Evening Star (w/Eno) – 1975), his work with The League Of Gentlemen, and a lot of collaboration and session work, Fripp re-energized King Crimson with a post-punk edition that boasted Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and a continuing Bill Bruford. Their studio output includes Discipline (1981), Beat (1982), and Three Of A Perfect Pair (1984). Unfortunately, after Three Of A Perfect Pair, the band went into hibernation before awakening for their next period.

However short-lived that second period band was , it left behind plenty of usable live and studio material, the like of which is unearthing in an upcoming 17-disc Box set called On (And Off) The Road 1981-1984. This set is a complete overview of that lineup and their live presence. The Box will offer 11 CDs, three DVD-Audio, and three BD-Audio discs. It is scheduled for October 21.

The CDs will offer the following:

  • Discipline – New Steven Wilson stereo remix
  • Beat – New Steven Wilson stereo remix
  • Three Of A Perfect Pair – New Steven Wilson stereo remix
  • Final concerts from each album’s tour that include Japan ’81 (new on CD), Germany ’82 (new remix), Canada ’84 (new remaster)
  • Two CDs filled with additional studio recordings including a ‘making of’ and outtakes

The DVD-Audios are hi-rez stereo (24-bit/96KHz) and 5.1 Surround mixes of:

  • Discipline
  • Beat
  • Three Of A Perfect Pair

The Blu-ray Audio discs are hi-rez Stereo and 5.1 Stereo and 5.1 Surround mixes of:

  • Discipline
  • Beat
  • Three Of A Perfect Pair
  • PLUS, extensive video material extending from all three albums, AND more audio options than found on the DVD-Audio discs.
  • The Absent Lovers concert is included in a brand new 5.1 Surround mix on the Three Of A Perfect Pair BD-Audio.

The booklet is a solid inclusion with new notes, memorabilia, content listings, and an assortment of essential photographs. It’s a pricey purchase at around $150, however, it’s important to note that you not only get plenty of definitive live material, you also get the original albums on CD, BD-Audio, and DVD-Audio. If these were purchased separately, well…you get the picture.

The seventeen discs of On (And Off) The Road 1981-1984 are housed in a 12″ Box. This Box is a Limited Edition availability.


Three New Zappa Titles Coming In October

The Frank Zappa estate has recently been churning out Frank Zappa material. Recently, Zappa Records released two titles, Frank Zappa For President, and The Crux Of The Biscuit. Both titles were released on July 15 and were well-received by fans. Previous to that release was the appreciated release of Road Tapes, Venue 3, issued in May. With just a few months left in the year, we’re going to get three more titles.

On October 14, Zappa Records will release Chicago ’78 (2CD), Little Dots (1CD), and Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object (3CD). The details are missing as is the cover art. But once I have those in hand, I’ll update this.