Two The Beat/The English Beat Albums Are Coming

The Beat BounceIf you were into the revivalist SKA movement of the late’70s with the likes of Madness (“One Step Beyond”), The Specials (“Too Much, Too Young”), The Selecter (“Three Minute Hero”), and The Beat (“Mirror In the Bathroom”), then you no doubt enjoy Jamaican-tinged Rock and Roll. It’s always nice to have favorites from our past do new music, especially if it’s up to the standard that they set for themselves back in the day.

On September 30, The Beat (often known as The English Beat to help distinguish them from Collins’  LA band of the time, The Beat. Why, they even toured together once!), will release brand new music in their first album in over 30 years, and their first since 1982’s Special Beat Service. The new album is being called Bounce. But note that this version of The Beat features Ranking Roger as the vocalist. Ranking Roger was the band’s original vocalist. I mention this because Dave Wakeling, another original member, also has a new album arriving.

Bounce will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. I assume that Here We Go Love will be issued the same way.

The two bands are being differentiated by the use of their two names of the past. Wakeling will use The English Beat. That album is currently on Pledge Music and is already a done deal with the pledges for the album at 160% of goal. Wakeling’s album is being called Here We Go Love. It doesn’t yet have an official release date. You can check the progress out here.

So, two new The Beat/The English Beat albums, both by original members. I’d say we won pretty good.


New White Lies Album, Friends, Arriving In October

White Lies - FriendsWhite Lies came to our attention with the excellent To Lose My Life back in 2009. Labeled as a Post-Punk band, this UK band has released only three studio sets, their previously mentioned debut, Ritual (2011), and Big TV (2013). None of those albums disappointed. (Read my 2013 mention of Big TV here.) With no surprise, all three of these albums reached the enviable position of Top 5 on the UK charts. In the rest of the world, White Lies was noticed favorably.

On October 7, after a long three year wait, White Lies returns with a brand new album. The album will be called Friends, and will contain a treasure chest of ten brand new tracks. The new album is being released by BMG, their first for the re-emerging label.

Friends will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Friends – White Lies

01. Take It Out On Me
02. Morning In LA
03. Hold Back Your Love
04. Don’t Want To Feel It All
05. Is My Love Enough
06. Summer Didn’t Change a Thing
07. Swing
08. Come On
09. Right Place
10. Don’t Fall



Discoveries: Let’s Eat Grandma (LEG) – UK

LEGHere comes a time where you need to set aside the disruptive imagery that this band’s name might initiate in your mind. So let’s get this one out of the way first: Let’s Eat Grandma. There! Now that that’s out in the open, let’s talk about this band.

Let’s Eat Grandma is comprised of two childhood friends. They are Rosa Walton, and Jenny Hollingworth. Both are from Norwich, England.  Currently, they are 17 years old, an age that has many dreaming of being involved in Rock and Roll, whereby these two already have their first album out. In an age of ‘everyone’s in this’ music, the sounds of Let’s Eat Grandma (LEG) are more expressive, more unique, and more thoughtful than most. When you get an interesting combination like that, you can get my attention easily. And I listen to a LOT of music on a daily basis. More than I should.

The album is called I, Gemini. It was released by Transgressive Records on Jume 17. Since then, there has been a bit of a media blitz due to the band’s unconventional sound. For me, I hear a threaded collection of influences from many of our own heroes. Using many instruments to create their songs, the two friends have collected a batch of interesting songs that incorporate current and past. I’m particularly fond of the opener track on the album, “Deep Six Textbook” (heard and viewed on the embedded video below). It is a blend of experimental music, haunting vocals, and an strong ability to stick around after you’ve heard it. It is a bit of a dark song for two so young. But it also showcases their abilities, which can leave the forward thinkers here to realize their second and third albums have a potential to be awe-inspiring and capable of being influential to newer arrivals on the music horizon.

LEG I Gemini

As with any band (even The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc), LEG will not please every one. But they interest me. And I’m sure they’ll interest a few of you as well. For that end, I hope that you enjoy what you’re hearing.

For me, I’m fascinated!


In Memoriam – Bernie Worrell

As this year progresses, we continue to lose the great ones at an alarming rate. But not just the visible ones. There are also greats that contributed so much to the advancement and evolution of Rock and Roll, but do not get as much visibility as people David Bowie, or, in this case, as much as George Clinton (or Bootsy Collins) of Parliament/Funkadelic, or even David Byrne of Talking Heads. But in this case, Bernie Worrell contributed as much to their music as any of the others had.

Bernie spent most of his musical life with Parliament/Funkadelic releasing well over 25 albums between the two bands. His keys lent the bands a signature sound that complemented the funk in all the rest of their instruments. He also contributed and helped to shape the evolutionary sound of Talking Heads on one studio album, Speaking In Tongues. Another significant contribution was heard on the expanded tour that Stop Making Sense was filmed from. But his involvement extended to many others including Mos Def, Fred Schneider (B-52s), even working with Les Claypool (Primus), Jack Bruce (Cream), and Gov’t Mule.

But he also did a fair share of solo work as well. He has released more than ten solo efforts since his 1978 debut, All The Woo In the World. It’s easy to say that Bernie Worrell was a busy man in the enterprise of Rock and Roll.

In January, Bernie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Of course, we all know what an insidious disease cancer is in whatever form it takes shape. Nevertheless, Bernie Worrell fought a brave fight but succumbed to it on June 24 at the age of 72.

It goes without saying that while we’re glad we have a wealth of Bernie Worrell participation evident in well over 40 (or more) recorded sets, it is his presence that we will miss the most. We like to think that our heroes in music live forever. And although we know deep down that simply is not a possibility, we still mourn them a little harder because they touched parts of our souls and waking lives thhat many have no idea exists.

Thanks, Bernie, for the wonderful music you left us behind! Now go and add your great keys to the Great Band!

Bernie With Parliament Funkadelic

Bernie Worrell
1944 – 2016


Rare Silverhead Classic Catalog Titles Reissued For August

Some of you might remember a British blues Rock band by the name of Silverhead. Fronted by Michael Des Barres, the band released two excellent albums in the early ’70s. But during the recording of their 3rd album, the band broke up, reforming in 2012 for a series of reunion dates. The two albums, Silverhead (1972), and 16 and Savaged (1973), stand alone. They had a live set released not long after their break-up, Live At The Rainbow, which was released in 1975, Japan only.

Michael Des Barres moved on to Detective, recording two albums with that band. After Detective. he sang for Power Station after Robert Palmer.

Silverhead did not have much success, although, if you kept your ears low to the ground, it was impossible to avoid a song or two from them. If you were intrigued enough, you could easily acquire an album from them.

On August 5, the UK label, Cherry Red Records via their newly resurrected Purple Records will expand and remaster both studio releases as well a the 1975 live set previously mentioned.

Silverhead SilverheadThe eponymous debut from Silverhead was issued by Purple Records in 1972. The album has ten original tracks and will bolster the package with an additional four bonus tracks that include three live tracks, and a 7″ single version edit of “Ace Supreme”. The Purple Records website states in its notes that there is also a 7″ radio edit of “Rolling With My Baby” although it’s not included on their track-list. The included booklet will present memorabilia along with new liner notes and interview pieces with key members of the original band.

Silverhead – Silverhead (1972)

01. Long Legged Lisa
02. Underneath The Light
03. Ace Supreme
04. Johnny
05. In Your Eyes
06. Rolling With My Baby
07. Wounxed Heart
08. Sold Me Down The River
09. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band
10. Silver Boogie

11. Ace Supreme (Live)
12. Rock ‘N’ Roll Band (Live)
13. Sold ME Down The River (Live)
14. Ace Supreme (7” Version)

Silverhead - 16 SavagedThis debut was the album I came in on. It was one that I played over and over. The glam sound that the band adopted was just right up my alley with favored bands like T. Rex, Slade, et. al. After I acquired it, I went back to their debut, and thus I became a fan of Silverhead. I followed Des Barres over to Detective not long afterward. 16 and Savaged sported a daring cover for an album filled with satisfying bluesy Rock and Roll. Tjhis reissue brings together the original eight tracks, merging them with a spacious addition of six live performance tracks, along with two previously unreleased tracks from the third album that never finished before their breakup. To complete this set there are an additional inclusion of two promo 45s tunes from Michael Des Barres recorded as a solo singer. Like the debut reissue, the booklet provides a wealth of memorabilia, photos, liner notes, and interview pieces.

Silverhead – 16 And Savaged (1973)

01. Hello New York
02. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
03. Only You
04. Bright Light
05. Heavy Hammer
06. Cartoon Princess
07. Rock Out, Claudette, Rock Out
08. This Ain’t A Parody

10. James Dean (Previously unreleased recording from 3rd album, Brutiful)
11. Marilyn (Previously unreleased recording from 3rd album, Brutiful)
12. Leon (Michael Des Barres solo single)
13. New Moon Tonight (Michael Des Barres solo single)
14. Cartoon Princess (Live)
15. More Than Your Mouth Can Hold (Live)
16. Bright Light (Live)
17. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out (Live)
18. 16 and Savaged (Live)
19. Hello New York(Live)

Tracks 12-19 previously unavailable on CD outside of Japan

Silverhead Live At The Rainbow LondonReleased in 1975, Live At The Rainbow London was a live document of the band’s tour with Nazareth. The performance tracks pulled from this album are from their support performance on November 9, 1973. The band was unaware they were being recorded and so you get the band as they intended with no posturing “for the camera”, as it were. This Japan only album contains the eight original album tracks, plus two bonus live tracks previously unreleased (“James Dean”, a preview live performance song from their unfinished third album, and the obligatory “Roll Over Beethoven”. To strengthen this set further, five additional bonus live performance cuts are included from a BBC In Concert set at the Paris Theatre in London on August 31, 1973.

Silverhead – Live At The Rainbow London

01. Hello New York
02. James Dean
03. Sold Me Down The River
04. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out
05. Only You
06. Ace Supreme
07. Rolling With My Baby
08. Will You Finance My Rock And Roll Band

Bonus Tracks – BBC in Concert, Paris Theatre London – August 31, 1973 
Previously Unreleased
09. Hello New York
10. Rock Out Claudette, Rock Out
11. Rolling With My Baby
12. Bright Light
13. 16 and Savaged

Additional Bonus Tracks- Japan Only Tracks
14. James Dean (Live)
15. Roll Over Beethoven (Live)


English Settlement By XTC With 2016 Remaster For CD and Vinyl PLUS Skylarking On Vinyl

XTC English SettlementWith just a few brief moments here, I want to bring to your attention a few XTC reissues that are expected soon enough. With this age of reissues it’s always nice to find something from a band that you really enjoyed in the past. For some of you, you may not be ready for the sounds of the past – understandably. For the rest of us ‘old ones’, a fresh remaster is like having a new look on an old and pleasant experience.

For today, I’m aware of a few XTC-related sets coming back.

The first is English Settlement. It was originally released in 1982. For some, that album is a favorite of the many released by the band. On July 22, a CD reissue featuring a new remaster from the original half-inch masters found while looking for the multi-track tapes, will be released. The main reason for the search was to create the opportunity for Steven Wilson to work his usual magic on proposed new 5.1 Surround mixes and new Stereo mixes. To date, those lost multi-track tapes are still lost. But we still get a new remaster of English Settlement while we wait. That’s not a bad thing.

This remaster of English Settlement will also be made available on vinyl. The set will issue on two 200g-weight vinyl discs cut at 33 1/3 RPM. The set will contain a lyric sheet, a 12″ 16-page booklet with notes by original band members, a bonus inclusion of the 2016 remastered CD, with everything housed in a sturdy slip-case.

English Settlement LP

Additionally, the “corrected polarity” version of Skylarking, released on CD a few years back, is coming to vinyl. On July 15, a 200g-weight vinyl 2LP set will become available. The album is being cut at 45RPM. The set will include a copy of the CD version, a 12″ 16-page booklet, a lyric sheet, and a cool idea of providing both covers (released and banned) on sleeves. The set will be housed within a sturdy slip-case.

XTC - Skylarking 2LP 2016

It’s ALWAYS nice when a band is very interested in keeping ALL of their music updated and available to fans!


Upcoming UK 2CD Live Set Of Two Lou Reed Shows During 1978 Street Hassle Tour, Waltzing Matilda

Lou Reed Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away)Lou Reed fans have been wondering when we’d start to get some nice Lou Reed product. Now with the arrival in October of the Legacy Recordings box, we can appreciatively look for other, more obscure Lou Reed content in the music sphere. One such new offering is the upcoming Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away). It will highlight several dates from Lou Reed’s awesome 1978 tour in support of his masterpiece (one of his masterpieces), Street Hassle, released via Arista Records back in early 1978.

(I saw this tour in Chicago at Park West. Lou Reed’s set was supported by Ian Dury & The Blockheads. I’m a tad disappointed that none of those performance tracks made it onto this set. There were two performances the night I was there, April 14, second show.)

Waltzing Matilda (love has gone away) is a sixteen-track, 2CD Live collection culled from two shows that include San Francisco (March 22 – Old Waldorf Theatre), and Cleveland (April 26 -Music Hall) (see track-list for the selections from each locale). The album will feature a twelve-page booklet with liner notes and photos. The CDs will be housed in a deluxe packaging.

Waltzing Matilda will be released on July 22 via the UK label, Easy Action Records. And yes, I’m quite excited to have this one. This set completes an intended trilogy of Lou Reed releases that were planned by Easy Action Records. The first two are: American Poet Live (1CD Live in New York – 1972), and Lou Reed: Thinking Of Another Place (2CD Rock and Roll Heart tour set).

Waltzing Matilda (love has gone away)

CD1: Cleveland Music Hall – April 26, 1978
01 – Gimme Some Good Times (Cleveland 1978) – 2:51
02 – Satellite Of Love (Cleveland 1978) – 6:37
03 – Leave Me Alone medley (Cleveland 1978) – 8:24
04 – I Wanna Be Black (Cleveland 1978) – 5:01
05 – Walk On The Wild Side (Cleveland 1978) – 4:36
06 – Coney Island Baby (Cleveland 1978) – 4:39
07 – Street Hassle (Cleveland 1978) – 12:50
08 – Sweet Jane (Cleveland 1978) – 4:47
09 – Rock N Roll (Cleveland 1978) – 5:20

CD2: Old Waldorf Theatre – March 22, 1978
10 – Gimme Some Good Times (San Francisco 1978) -3:20
11 – Satellite Of Love (San Francisco 1978) – 6:42
12 – Leave Me Alone medley (San Francisco 1978) – 13:32
13 – Lisa Says (San Francisco 1978) – 7:10
14 – Coney Island Baby (San Francisco 1978) – 9:38
15 – Sweet Jane (San Francisco 1978) – 4:07
16 – Rock N Roll (San Francisco 1978) – 7:29


Uriah Heep To Get Complete Reissue Campaign AND A 2CD Anthology

If there is something that will get me off whatever I’m doing, and fire up the laptop to do a write-up, it’s this piece of news (THANKS to M Judkins for the MetalTalk headline!) This is a new reissue campaign for Uriah Heep that seems to encompass their entire library.

Beginning on September 30, BMG will revisit Uriah Heep with the first 2CD Deluxe Edition of their first album. …very ‘eavy, …very ‘umble from 1970 . That album will feature new remastering, as will all of their titles. In addition to the original album remastered, there will be a selection of bonus tracks that will represent an alternate …very ‘eavy,…very ‘umble, all never previously reissued (see track-list below).

The booklet for the reissue should be quite a feature as well with new notes, essay, and photographs.

But that’s simply not all. The first thing that accompanies the release of their first album 2CD reissue is a 2CD anthology of great Uriah Heep tracks called Your Turn To Remember: The Definitive 1970-1990. It will offer 33 great Uriah Heep tracks that include “Easy Livin'”, “Sunrise”, “Suicidal Man”, “Stealin'”, “Gypsy”, and much more. (I’m a little disappointed that “The Magician’s Birthday” or “Wonderworld” didn’t make the selective cuts but I’m going to be getting those reissues soon enough!)

The entire campaign will benefit by the curating of Mick Box and Ken Hensley. The campaign will run from the debut reissue in latter September on through 2017. (I’ll be sure to let you know of every reissue as it’s announced!)

Uriah Heep Very Eavy Very Umble 2CD Deluxe EditionUriah Heep – …Very ‘Eavy, …Very ‘Umble – 2CD Deluxe Edition

CD1: Original Album Remastered

01 – Gypsy
02 – Walking In Your Shadow
03 – Come Away Melinda
04 – Lucy Blues
05 – Dreammare
06 – Real Turned On
07 – I’ll Keep On Trying
08 – Wake Up (Set Your Sights)


CD2: An Alternate …very ‘eavy, …very ‘umble (All tracks previously unreleased)

01 – Gypsy
02 – Real Turned On
03 – Dreammare
04 – Come Away Melinda
05 – Born In A Trunk
06 – Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
07 – I’ll Keep On Trying
08 – Walking In Your Shadow
09 – Lucy Blues
10 – Born In A Trunk
11 – Magic Lantern
12 – Bird Of Prey (US Alternate Mix)

Uriah Heep – Your Turn To Remember: The Definitive 1970-1990

01. Gypsy
02. Come Away Melinda
03. Bird Of Prey
04. Lady In Black
05. Look At Yourself
06. July Morning – Japanese single edit
07. Easy Livin’
08. The Wizard
09. Sunrise
10. Sweet Lorraine
11. Stealin’
12. Sweet Freedom
13. The Shadows And The Wind
14. Suicidal Man
15. Return To Fantasy
16. Devil’s Daughter

01. Weep In Silence
02. Can’t Keep A Good Band Down
03. Sympathy
04. Firefly
05. Free n’ Easy
06. Free Me
07. Woman Of The Night
08. Come Back To Me
09. It Ain’t Easy
10. No Return
11. Too Scared To Run
12. Chasing Shadows
13. Straight Through The Heart
14. The Other Side Of Midnight
15. Rockarama
16. Poor Little Rich Girl
17. Voice On My TV


New Meat Loaf Album, Braver Than We Are, Rejoins With Jim Steinman

Meat Loaf Braver Than We AreNo doubt, many were huge fans of the original Meat Loaf album, Bat Out Of Hell. With all songs written by Jim Steinman, that album went n to historic heights and represented the greatness of that Rock marriage between the performer and the songsmith. Much like Bernie Taupin and Elton John, that merger created memorable songs. That includes the title follow-up, Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell, released in 1993, more than 15 years after the 40 million-plus selling original title. That follow-up (Meat Loaf’s 6th album) historically sold over 14 million copies on its own.

Jim Steinman rejoins Meat Loaf for their next attempt at history with the release of Braver Than We Are. This new album will feature ten brand new Steinman-penned songs and performed by Meat Loaf. Although the music climate is vastly different, even more so than 1993 was to 1977, I hope that this pairing can once again produce the same kind of magic that they usually deliver.

What makes this release even more exciting is that past vocalists, Ellen Foley, and Karla DeVito will rejoin Meat Loaf for “Going All the Way Is Just The Start”. The song will be the album’s first release single despite the fact that it’s performed in six movements.

Braver Than We Are is planned for release on September 16. And while I don’t mean to be raining on a possible parade, I do wonder why they didn’t just call the new album Bat Out Of Hell V (?): <whatever, whatever>. It certainly didn’t hurt the sales of number 2 and it has a higher visibility. (Just my take.)

Braver Than We Are will be issued on CD, a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition with a Behind The Scenes doc, DD, and vinyl LP.


New Vangelis Album, Rosetta, Arrives In September

A new Vangelis album is always a good reason to get excited. The new announcement that Vangelis would be releasing a new album based on the European Space Agency’s space probe, Rosetta is high energy anticipation for those that are fans of his music. Vangelis’ last studio release, Mythodea, was released in 2001 and celebrated the NASA 2001 Mars Odyssey craft that had entered the orbit of Mars. Rosetta is a probe that is on the comet 67P.

Vangelis Rosetta

Rosetta is being planned for release via Decca Classics on September 23. It is scheduled for issue on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.