New Paper Kites Album, Twelvefour, Planned For ‘Late August’

The Australian band, The Paper Kites, have released a series of excellent EPs and a full length album filled with delightful tunes. The last recorded output was States, issued in 2013. Recently, they visited Seattle, WA to record their second full-length album.

The Paper Kites

Yesterday, on their Facebook page, they announced the sneak listen to a song from the new album, “Electric Indigo”, which I missed (DAMN!).  The song was debuted by Triple J’s Good Nights program, hosted by Linda Marigliano. Linda described “Electric Indigo” with “vocals that yearn, melodies that burn”. Thus far, the song is not available for streaming (not that we haven’t wasted an hour trying to locate a stream because we have).

It is also noted that the new Paper Kites album is being titled Twelvefour, and is expected August 28.  It is currently available for pre-order at iTunes, here! When a stream and/or specific release date becomes known, I will post everything. So…stayed tuned!

Electric Indigo

In the meantime, give similar bands like The Middle East (who are no longer together), and The Starry Field a shot.

Three Ten Years After Titles Reissue For Late June

There’s nothing new here that savvy fans haven’t already uncovered, but, in case you haven’t seen these being mentioned:

In the UK, Universal Music is gearing up to reissue expanded editions of the first two Ten Years After releases. Eventually, I’m sure that we’ll see these being released domestically in the US for their fans here.

On June 22, watch for Ten Years After (1967), Stonehenged (1969), and their first live set, Undead. (Each Deluxe Edition will be 2CD issues with extra content. I will update this page with better information as I get it.

The first album, the self-titled Ten Years After, will have 2CDs, and contain 29 tracks:

Ten Years AfterCD1:

01. I Want To Know
02. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
03. Adventures Of A Young Organ
04. Spoonful
05. Losing The Dogs
06. Feel It For Me
07. Love Until I Die
08. Don’t Want You Woman
09. Help Me
10. I Want To Know
11. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
12. Adventures Of A Young Organ
13. Spoonful
14. Losing The Dogs
15. Feel It For Me
16. Love Until I Die
17. Don’t Want You Woman
18. Help Me

01. Portable People
02. Portable People
03. The Sounds
04. The Sounds
05. Rock Your Mama
06. Spider In My Web
07. Hold Me Tight
08. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
09. Love Until I Die
10. Don’t Want You Woman
11. The Sounds

The second album is Stonehenged. It will be a 2CD set with 26 tracks:

Ten Years After StonehengedCD1:

01. Going To Try
02. I Can’t Live Without Lydia
03. Woman Trouble
04. Skoobly – Oobly
05. Hear Me Calling
06. A Sad Song
07. Three Blind Mice
08. No Title
09. Faro
10. Speed Kills
11. Going To Try
12. I Can’t Live Without Lydia
13. Woman Trouble
14. Skoobly – Oobly
15. Hear Me Calling
16. A Sad Song
17. Three Blind Mice
18. No Title
19. Faro
20. Speed Kills

Disc: 2

01. Hear Me Calling
02. Woman Trouble
03. Boogie On
04. Rock Your Mama
05. Portable People
06. I Ain’t Seen No Whisky

The third 2CD reissue will be Undead with 22 tracks:

Ten Years After UndeadCD1:

01. Rock Your Mama
02. Spoonful
03. Standing At The Crossroads
04. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes / Extension On One Chord
05. Woman Trouble
06. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
07. No Title Blues
08. I’m Going Home
09. Hear Me Calling
10. Woman Trouble
11. Standing At The Crossroads


01. Rock Your Mama
02. Spoonful
03. Standing At The Crossroads
04. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes / Extension On One Chord
05. Woman Trouble
06. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
07. No Title Blues
08. I’m Going Home
09. Hear Me Calling
10. Woman Trouble
11. Standing At The Crossroads


Live 1978 Set From a Talking Heads KSAN Recording Due In July

Taking Heads Psycho Killer LiveAfter the Sire Records release of Talking Heads first album, the band tore a fiery trail leading up to their final album, Naked. Naked was released in 1988, marking the end of the band. Nevertheless, Talking Heads left their mark on Rock and Roll, a mark still felt and discussed these many years later. For now, we get nostalgic reissues, and a collection of live performances.

On July 13, Klondike Records will release an unearthed KSAN Radio recording and airing of the band’s 1978 show at The Boarding House in San Francisco. The exact date was September 16, the second night of a three night stand. This was before the band exploded commanding shows that housed thousands of fans rather than the small venues they were accustomed to. This album is fifteen tracks of Talking Heads goodness, culled from their first two albums.

This archival Live set is being called Psycho Killer…Live.

01. Big Country
02. Warning Sign
03. The Book I Read
04. Stay Hungry
05. Artists Only
06. Girls
07. The Good Thing
08. Love > Buildings On Fire
09. Electricity
10. Found a Job
11. New Feeling / Pulled Up
12. Psycho Killer
13. Take Me To the River
14. I’m Not In Love
15. N0 Compassion


Alice Cooper Classics From Warner Brothers Records Collected In 15CD Box, The Studio Albums 1969-1983

Alice Cooper The Studio Albums 1969-1983Warner Brothers and Rhino Records does an uneven Box set that will appeal only to the fans of both Alice Cooper (the band), AND Alice Cooper (the man). (I’m not one of them!). The new box is an assembly of Alice Cooper titles that include the original band’s seven studio titles, and the first eight solo performer album issues (Welcome To My Nightmare – 1975, Goes To Hell – 1976, Lace And Whisky – 1977, From the Inside – 1978, Flush The Fashion – 1980, Special Forces –  1981, Zipper Catches Skin – 1982, DaDa – 1983).

The Box, The Studio Albums 1969-1983, will be a 15CD set simply accumulating the titles that represented, albeit unevenly and possibly improperly depending on your viewpoint, the persona behind the name of Alice Cooper. Effectively, these albums represent the material recorded with Warner Brothers Records.

All of the albums are from the 2011 Japanese remasters with the exception of Pretties For You, Welcome To My Nightmare, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, and DaDa, who have no remastering year listed.

This Boxed collection will be released on July 31. Cost-wise, it’s available on Amazon rounding off at $100.

I Should Coco by Supergrass Gets 3CD 20th Anniversary Reissue In September

Supergrass I Should CocoThe music of Supergrass is best defined as a hard-edged, almost punkish, form of Pop/Rock style. They released their first album, I Should Coco back in 1995. The album produced successful singles like “Alright”, which reached number two on the UK charts. The others were “Caught By the Fuzz”, “Mansize Rooster”, “Lose It”, and “Lennie”. Anytime you have five singles from an album, you’re doing something right. And with I Should Coco being the band’s debut, it just meant they were warming up.

On September 4, Rhino Records, Parlophone Records will reissue I Should Coco as a 3CD Deluxe Edition filled with extras. And don’t forget new remastering.

I Should Coco (which is Cockney slang for “I should think so”) will feature the original album in this new Edition, along with extra discs filled with B-sides, live recordings, demos, and other goodies. The set will come with a 20-page booklet that will have photos (including an unpublished photo), a Melody Make review of a live show in Feb ’95 in Glasgow at King Tut’s., and the singles covers artwork that will include the special edition release on Record Store Day 2015 (“Sofa (Of My Legacy)” b/w “I Believe In Love”.

I Should Coco will also reissue as a 180g vinyl LP that will include a bonus 7″ vinyl single (“Stone Free”/”Odd?”)

I Should Coco – 20th Anniversary Edition – Supergrass

01 I’d Like to Know
02 Caught by the Fuzz
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Alright
05 Lose It
06 Lenny
07 Strange Ones
08 Sitting Up Straight
09 She’s So Loose
10 We’re Not Supposed To
11 Time
12 Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
13 Time to Go

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01 Caught by the Fuzz
02 Strange Ones
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Sitting Up Straight
05 Caught by the Fuzz (Acoustic Version)
06 Odd?
07 Wait for the Sun
08 Sex!
09 Condition
10 Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre
11 Stone Free

CD3 (Live):
Live performance – Bath’s Mole Club – 1994
Live performance – La Route du Rock Festival (France) – 1995


Three Classic Stones Titles In Limited Edition LP/Lithograph Sets

Time/Life, in conjunction with Abkco Records, will release three collectible vinyl sets of classic Rolling Stones titles. Those will include 12 x 5 (1964), a US release that combined the UK 5-track (5 x 5). adding more songs like “Time Is On My Side”, and “It’s All Over Now” to make a full LP; the classic tracks rich Let It Bleed (1969); and one of the great live albums of Rock and Roll history found in Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970). These sets go beyond being just mere vinyl reissues, though.

The three titles will be offered as a Limited Edition clear vinyl LP, accompanied by a lithograph of the album cover (image measures 16″ x 16″). After the run of 2500 copies of each title, the plates are going to be destroyed, which means no possibility of future reproduction.

Stones LPs and Lithographs

In addition to being made available for purchase now (they run around $200 ea) via the Spotlight Gallery website (here), they will be sold at an on-site LA gallery location (Mr Musichead Gallery / Hollywood) on June 18, and in NYC at The ARChive of Contemporary Music (Soho) on July 9.

If you’re interested, get your order in before they’re gone.


New Lycia Album, A Line That Connects, In August

Lycia A Line That ConnectsThe release of Quiet Moments in 2013 by Lycia has energized the band to continue forward with new music. With the notable exception of the digital only, Fifth Sun album release, it had been ten years since Lycia had released a physical issue on CD with a label. Quiet Moments received rave reviews for its eerie introspective beauty, a unique hallmark of Mike Vanportfleet’s compositions.

On Record Store Day 2015, Lycia teamed with Magic Bullet Records for a side split with Black Mare. The song was “Silver Leaf”, which, once again, brought accolades for the band and their unique musical sound.

On August 25, Lycia (Mike VanPortfleet, Tara Vanflower, David Galas) will release their next set, A Line That Connects. The issuing label will, once again, be Handmade Birds, who had also effectively released Quiet Moments.

Smoke Fairies Live Set To Release On LP In July

Smoke Fairies Live At St Pancras Old ChurchSmoke Fairies have a vinyl LP set coming that will offer the final night of an October 2013 tour of small churches and halls. The band was joined by two members of Rasputina, along with a noted multi-instrumentalist, Neil Walsh. The LP will contain ten songs recorded on the tour’s final night. The show was played at St Pancras Old Church in London.

The live album is being pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. It was originally planned for June 2015 release but production delays at the plant have pushed the LP to a July 6 date. The LP is titled Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina, and will be a limited edition LP issue. There is no word whether this will find itself on CD and/or as digital downloads.

Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina – Track-list:

01 – Fences
02 – The Water Waits
03 – Morning Light
04 – Living With Ghosts
05 – Troubles

01 – Sunshine
02 – When You Grown Old
03 – We Had Lost Our Minds
04 – Summer Fades
05 – Blood Speaks

If you’re a Smoke Fairies fan and like collection their music, don’t hesitate because limited edition presses often sell out quickly. You can order via this UK link.


2CD Deluxe Edition Of Argus by Wishbone Ash Planned For July (UK Report)

Argus 2CD Wishbone AshMany of you who know me, know that I’m a fan of Wishbone Ash. While I have a tendency to favor Wishbone Four (1973) – which was their highest-charting US album – , I do have great love for Argus (1972). So, you might ask? Well, it appears that the UK market will be reissuing Argus in a 2CD Deluxe Edition (why not 180g vinyl LP?) with bonus tracks (see track-list below).

The releasing company is Culture Factory, which is touting a 96k/24-bit remaster.  I believe the last time it was remastered was for the SHM-SACD (which I was unimpressed with), and before that, the Martin Turner remaster from 2002.

On July 27, Argus Deluxe Edition will be released in the UK. One of the bonus tracks is the single edit of “No Easy Road”, which is from Wishbone Four (so what’s it doing here, or all of the other editions?). Also, the famed Live In Memphis promo only set is halfway represented here with “The Pilgrim”, and “Phoenix”. The bonus CD adds in eight BBC In Concert session tracks.

Wishbone Ash Argus CD Shot

Just give me a remastered Argus 180g vinyl LP. I’ll be quite happy for it.

01. Time Was
02. Sometime World
03. Blowin’ Free
04. The King Will Come
05. Leaf and Stream
06. Warrior
07. Throw Down The Sword
08. No Easy Road (Bonus Track)
09. The Pilgrim – Live (Bonus Track)
10. Phoenix – Live (Bonus Track)

01. Time Was (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
02. Blowin’ Free (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
03. Warrior (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
04. Throw Down The Sword (1972 BBC In Concert Session)
05. The King Will Come (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
06. Phoenix (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
07. Blowin’ Free (1972 BBC Session)
08. Throw Down The Sword (1972 BBC Session)