Volume Two: The Reaction Singles 1966 – The Who 45 RPM 7″ Singles Box For August

The Who - Vol 2 The Reaction Singles Box high resBack in April 2015, Geffen Records (US), Polydor (UK) released Volume One in the expected four-set series of vinyl singles as they were originally released by The Who. (Read here.) Those represented the Brunswick label singles.

On August 14, that series continues with Volume Two – The Reaction Singles 1966. From that label, the band released five singles. And like the presentation of The Brunswick Singles, these will be released just as they were artistically. But, more exciting is the fact that these singles are remastered. The track list is as follows:

Track-list – Volume 2: The Reaction Singles 1966:

01 – Substitute
b/w Circles (AKA Instant Party)
Released March 4 1966
02 – Substitute
b/w Waltz For A Pig (This is version 3 with the unusual B-side credited to The Who Orchestra
Released March 14, 1966
03 – I’m a Boy
b/w In The City
Released August 26, 1966
04 – Ready Steady
Who EP with “Disguises”, “Circles” b/w “Batman”, “Bucket T”, “Barbara Ann”
Released November 11, 1966
05 – Happy Jack
b/w I’ve Been Away
Released December 9, 1966

The Box will add in an 8-page booklet with new liner notes detailing each Reaction single release.

The Who Volume Two Reaction Singles

Fourteen Disc Box, Premonitions, Due From Steve Hackett In October

The following news concerning Steve Hackett of Genesis/solo fame is too interesting to not let you in on it (if you haven’t already seen it). Preparations have begun for the collected set of Hackett solo works from his Charisma label years, roughly between 1975 through 1983. This box, expected to be called Premonitions, will host fourteen discs. There will be six titles, all of them remixed by the the wizardry of Steven Wilson, who has previously worked his audio magic on other classic albums.

The first four albums will be presented in new 5,1 Surround Sound mixes. Two of the titles were true multi-track remixes, while the other two conversions were upmixes (because there were no multi-track tapes to be found). As of right now, there is little information other than what is here, or found elsewhere.

The interesting questions revolve around the release of fourteen discs. With only six albums in the Charisma catalog, there would be the obvious six CDs of the original albums, and the accompanying 5.1 Surround remixes of four of those. This brings the disc count to ten, leaving four more discs. Perhaps there will be bonus tracks, live selections, etc that will make up the remaining four discs. [This has since been disclosed. See track-list below!]

Premonitions is planned for an October 2015 release via Universal. (Amazon UK has a page up with October 16 as the actual date.)

More info as it becomes available. (Thanks to David P for the heads up!)

Here is a track listing by disc (Thank you, Bob!):

Track List – Disc 1 [CD]:
01. Ace Of Wands
02. Hands Of The Priestess – Part One
03. Tower Struck Down
04. Hands Of The Priestess – Part Two
05. The Hermit
06. Star Of Sirius
07. Lovers
08. Shadow Of The Heirophant [extended version]
09. Narnia
10. Carry On Up The Vicarage
11. Racing In A
12. Kim
13. How Can I?
14. Seven Of Cups * Previously Unreleased Track *

Track List – Disc 2 [CD]:
01. Hoping Love Will Last
02. Land Of A Thousand Autumns
03. Please Don’t Touch
04. Voice Of Necam
05. Icarus Ascending
06. Every Day
07. Virgin And The Gypsy
08. Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere
09. Clocks – Angel Of Mons
10. Ballad Of The Decomposing Man
11. Lost Time In Cordoba
12. Tigermoth
13. Spectral Mornings
14. Steppes
15. Time To Get Out
16. Slogans
17. Leaving
18. Two Vamps As Guests

Track List – Disc 3 [CD]:
01. Jacuzzi
02. Hammer In The Sand
03. Toast
04. Show
05. Sentimental Institution
06. Hercules Unchained
07. Hope I Don’t Wake
08. Picture Postcard
09. Can’t Let Go
10. Air Conditioned Nightmare
11. Funny Feeling
12. Cradle Of Swans
13. Overnight Sleeper
14. Turn Back Time
15. Tales Of The Riverbank
16. Second Chance

Track List – Disc 4 [CD]:
01. Camino Royale
02. Cell 151
03. Always Somewhere Else
04. Walk Through Walls
05. Give It Away
06. Weightless
07. Group Therapy
08. India Rubber Man
09. Hackett To Pieces
10. Guitar Boogie
11. Time Lapse At Milton Keynes
12. Walking Through Walls [12″ single version]
13. Cell 151
14. Walking Through Walls
15. Hackett To Pieces
16. Please Don’t Touch

Track List – Disc 5 [CD]:
01. Please Don’t Touch
02. Tigermoth
03. Every Day
04. Narnia
05. Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere
06. Ace Of Wands
07. Carry On Up The Vicarage
08. Acoustic Medley: Etude In A Minor / Blood On The Rooftops / Horizons / Kim

Track List – Disc 6 [CD]:
01. Optigan / Tower Struck Down
02. Spectral Mornings
03. Star Of Sirius
04. Shadow Of The Heirophant
05. Clocks
06. I Know What I Like {In Your Wardrobe}
07. Racing In A

Track List – Disc 7 [CD]:
01. Please Don’t Touch
02. Tigermoth
03. Every Day
04. Ace Of Wands
05. Sentimental Institution
06. Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere
07. Spectral Mornings
08. Clocks
09. Acoustic Medley: Etude In A Minor / Blood On The Rooftops / Horizons / Kim

Track List – Disc 8 [CD]:
01. Air Conditioned Nightmare
02. Every Day
03. Ace Of Wands
04. Funny Feeling
05. Steppes
06. Over Night Sleeper
07. Slogans
08. Tower Struck Down
09. Spectral Mornings
10. Show
11. Clocks

Track List – Disc 9 [CD – ‘Please Don’t Touch’ – New Stereo mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Narnia
02. Carry On Up The Vicarage
03. Racing In A
04. Kim
05. How Can I?
06. Hoping Love Will Last
07. Land Of A Thousand Autumns
08. Please Don’t Touch
09. Voice Of Necam
10. Icarus Ascending

Track List – Disc 10 [CD – ‘Spectral Mornings’ – New Stereo mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Every Day
02. The Virgin And The Gypsy
03. Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere
04. Clocks – Angel Of Mons
05. Ballad Of The Decomposing Man
06. Lost Time In Cordoba
07. Tigermoth
08. Spectral Mornings

Track List – Disc 11 [DVD – ‘Please Don’t Touch’ – New 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Narnia
02. Carry On Up The Vicarage
03. Racing In A
04. Kim
05. How Can I?
06. Hoping Love Will Last
07. Land Of A Thousand Autumns
08. Please Don’t Touch
09. Voice Of Necam
10. Icarus Ascending
11. How Can I? [1977 Charisma Promotional Film] * Bonus Video Track *

Track List – Disc 12 [DVD – ‘Spectral Mornings’ – New 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Every Day
02. Virgin And The Gypsy
03. Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere
04. Clocks – Angel Of Mons
05. Ballad Of The Decomposing Man
06. Lost Time In Cordoba
07. Tigermoth
08. Spectral Mornings
09. Clocks [1979 Charisma Promotional Film] * Bonus Video Track *

Track List – Disc 13 [DVD – ‘Voyage Of The Acolyte’ – New 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Ace Of Wands
02. Hands Of The Priestess – Part One
03. Tower Struck Down
04. Hands Of The Priestess – Part Two
05. Hermit
06. Star Of Sirius
07. Lovers
08. Shadow Of The Hierophant [extended version]

Track List – Disc 14 [DVD – ‘Defector’ – New 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson]:
01. Steppes
02. Time To Get Out
03. Slogans
04. Leaving
05. Two Vamps As Guests
06. Jacuzzi
07. Hammer In The Sand
08. Toast
09. Show
10. Sentimental Institution

Steve Hackett

The Very Best Of Nicolette Larson Reissued In July

Nicolette Larson The Very BestIf you were a fan of the late Nicolette Larson, who logged in back-up vocal work for Neil Young back in the ’70s, and eventually covering his “Lotta Love” track from his Comes A Time LP, then this news is for you, especially if you didn’t snag the set on its first appearance in 1999.

On July 17, Varese Sarabande Records will re-release The Very Best Of Nicolette Larson. The solo performer, who is best known for her excellent Pop rendition of “Lotta Love”, released on her debut album in 1978, netted her Gold mark status with Nicolette in several markets.

The Very Best Of Nicolette Larson contains her charting singles that include her Pop-Jazz-flavored “Lotta Love”, “Rhumba Girl”, “Let Me Go, Love” collaborated with Michael McDonald, “I Only Want To Be With You”, and “Fool Me Again”. The set has sixteen tracks.

Nicolette Larson passed away in 1997, but for me, she still lives on in songs like “Lotta Love”.

The Very Best Of Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson
Track List:

01 – Lotta Love
02 – Rhumba Girl
03 – Give A Little
04 – Angels Rejoiced
05 – French Waltz
06 – Baby, Don’t You Do It
07 –  Let Me Go, Love
08 – Radioland
09 – Ooo-Eee
10 – Fool Me Again
11 – I Only Want To Be With You
12 – Two Trains
13 – Only Love Will Make It Right
14 – Let Me Be The First
15 – That’s How You Know When Love’s Right
16 – Irish Lullaby



The Wilson Remix Of A Passion Play (Jethro Tull) To Made Available As Single CD

Last year’s Steven Wilson remix of A Passion Play (Jethro Tull) will be getting an added flavor of release for people who really don’t want the whole Super Deluxe set. That Super Deluxe Edition is comprised of content rich 2CD/2DVD (the contents of that can be read here). However, it is now announced that the remixed album itself will be made available as a breakout set on CD. Good news for the fan that wants the album for the album’s sake.

The 1CD breakout edition of A Passion Play is scheduled by Rhino/Parlophone for June 30.

JT A Passion Play

New Warren Haynes Solo Effort, Ashes & Dust, Planned For July

Ashes And DustWarren Haynes, best known for his work with The Allman Brothers Band, as well as his own band, Gov’t Mule, has planned to release a rare solo album. Haynes has put in more than 25 years with The Allman Brothers Band, and around 20 years with Gov’t Mule. To gain a solo work from this guitarist is therefore quite a treat given his workload.

For his new album, Warren Haynes joins with Railroad Earth, a six-member Americana band from New Jersey, to create a folk-styled roots collection of tracks in the Americana vein. The new album is being called Ashes & Dust and will feature thirteen songs, some of which have been floating around the ‘written song’ files for quite some time. A listen to the SoundCloud offering of “Spots Of Time” will endear you to the rare form that we hear Warren Haynes engage in musically. And it’s a beauty of a song! (Please take the time to listen to it – see below for stream! It’s well worth your time!) The song was co-written with Phil Lesh of Grateful Dead fame.

Ashes & Dust has a great guest list of vocalists and musicians that includes Grace Potter (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals), Shawn Colvin, Mickey Raphael, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Bros Band), and Mark Quinones (Allman Bros Band). Both Oteil Burbridge (bassist), and Mark Quinones (percussion) are on “Spots Of Time”. Warren Haynes himself concentrates on the acoustic guitar, and uses the slide guitar to add bluesy color to some of the album’s songs.

On July 24, Concord Records will release Warren Haynes’ third solo album (Ashes & Dust) in three formats that include CD, Deluxe Edition CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The Deluxe Edition CD will add in bonuses of four demo tracks (“Company Man”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Glory Road”, “Wanderlust”), and a live track of “Hallelujah Boulevard” (studio track is on this album) from a December 28, 2006 show.

Ashes & Dust can be pre-ordered from the Warren Haynes website store (here). In addition to the various formats being made available, there are also a number of media bundles that include bobbleheads, signed posters (or both together), and a singular availability of an Ashes & Dust tee.

If you’re a fan, you will be likely be pleased with this news.

Discoveries: Courtney Barnett

Courtney BarnettI’m always listening to music. Most of the time, that’s the great old classics from the past. But I’m also one who will listen to a sea of new music to find one artist or band that will make me stop and listen harder. Today, I have one of those. Her name is Courtney Barnett.

Courtney Barnett is one busy girl. With a wave of classic influence, she has taken a punkish, Patti Smith/Lou Reed-like attitude into her excellent collection of songs. Trust me. You’ll hear Lou Reed influence in a few of her songs (like “Dead Fox” (video below), which reminds of “Sweet Jane”). I really like her overall presentation. At times straight ahead NYC art-rock, and at times, a flavor of Folk with a dash of Country.

Courtney Barnett hails from Australia, but her prowess as a singer-songwriter of note has gained her attention from a lot of the bigger music magazines including Rolling Stone (I know, I know), online music sites like Stereogum, and NYC’s print/web content classic, The Village Voice. Her new album, the heady-titled, Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit was released in March of 2015, and has already shot up plenty of charts including Billboard, peaking at number one in several categories (Folk Albums, Independent Albums, Top Alternative Albums, Top Rock Albums), and Number 20 in the Billboard Top 100, where she peaked at 20. That’s just the US. She has shown similar strong numbers around the world.

Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Just Sit And Think

While I understand the style of Courtney Barnett won’t be for everyone, I do suggest that you take a few minutes and listen to the provided YouTube video of one of her songs from the new album.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I have been.


Talking Book By Stevie Wonder Coming To Blu-ray Audio In July

Stevie Wonder Talking Book HIGH RESOLUTION COVER ART

While we patiently wait for more Blu-ray Audio titles to be mastered and released (it’s a slow, slow business), it’s always nice to see one pop up here and there. For the next one, we’re going to get Talking Book, the 1972 Tamla album release from Stevie Wonder.

Scheduled for July 17, Motown will release an audio updated version of Talking Book. This is the album that contained “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”, and the brilliant “Superstition”.

I’ll update as more information becomes available including BD-Audio artwork.

Two Additional Procol Harum Classics, A Salty Dog, Home, To Be Remastered And Expanded For July

No sooner than the announcements for two classic Procol Harum editions from UK’s Esoteric Records were made (Shine On Brightly – 1968, Procol Harum – 1968), it is now planned for the label to remaster and expand two more classic Procol Harum titles. The first two announced are expected on June 29 (UK).

On July 31 (UK), Esoteric Records will reissue A Salty Dog (1969), and Home (1970). Both albums are being completely remastered from the original tapes. Both will present fully restored artwork, and new liner notes. Each will offer bonus tracks.

A Salty Dog  will offer twelve bonus tracks of which five are previously unreleased. The unreleased tracks are from the BBC Radio sessions from October 1968 and May 1969. Included in the bonus tracks are a mono mix of “A Salty Dog”, and the non-album B-side of that single, “Long Gone Geek”, as well as an early recording of “The Milk Of Human Kindness.” This set will reissue in both single CD, and 2CD Deluxe Edition. The single CD will add in “Long Gone Geek”. Complete track-list is below:

Procol Harum A Salty Dog

A Salty Dog – 2CD Deluxe Edition


01 – A Salty Dog
02 – The Milk Of Human Kindness
03 – Too Much Between Us
04 – The Devil Came From Kansas
05 – Boredom
06 – Juicy John Pink
07 – Wreck Of The Hesperus
08 – All This And More
09 – Crucifiction Lane
10 – Pilgrims Progress


01 – Skip Softly My Moonbeams
02 – Wish Me Well
03 – Long Gone Geek “Top Gear” BBC Radio One Session (October 6th, 1968 – Previously Unreleased)
04 – Goin’ Down Slow
05 – Juicy John Pink
06 – Crucifiction Lane
07 – Skip Softly My Moonbeams/Also Sprach Zarathustra (Recorded Live in USA – April 1969)
08 – The Milk Of Human Kindness “Symonds On Sunday” BBC Radio One Session (May 20th, 1969 – Previously Unreleased)
09 – Juicy John Pink “Top Gear” BBC Radio One Session (May 27, 1969 – Previously Unreleased)
10 – A Salty Dog (Mono Single Mix)
11 – Long Gone Geek (non-album B-side to A Salty Dog single)
12 – The Milk Of Human Kindness (Take One – Raw Backing Track, Abbey Road Studios on January 31, 1969)

Home, like A Salty Dog, will be a newly remastered 2CD Deluxe Edition with an excellent booklet filled with photos, new liner notes, and restored artwork. Home will be expanded with eleven bonus tracks, of which three are previously unreleased. See complete track-list below:

Procol Harum Home

Home – 2CD Deluxe Edition


01 – Whisky Train
02 – The Dead Man’s Dream
03 – Still There’ll Be More
04 – Nothing That I Didn’t Know
05 – About To Die
06 – Barnyard Story
07 – Piggy Pig Pig
08 – Whaling Stories
09 – Your Own Choice


01 – Your Own Choice (Demo – 1969, recorded at Trident Studios – London)
02 – Barnyard Story (Take 4)
03 – The Dead Man’s Dream (Take 7 – Recorded at Abbey Road Studios – London)
04 – Still There’ll Be More (Take 3 – Backing Track – Recorded at Abbey Road Studios – London)
05 – Whaling Stories (Initial Backing Track)
06 – About To Die (George Martin Mix – Abbey Road Studios – London, 1970)
07 – Your Own Choice (Extended Mix)
08 – Piggy Pig Pig (Chris Thomas Remix – Abbey Road Studios – London, 1970)
09 – Whisky Train (US Radio Single Edit – A-side, Previously Unreleased)
10 – Your Own Choice
11 – About To Die “David Symonds Show” BBC Radio One Session – May 12, 1970 – Previously Unreleased)

(Thanks to Phil C for the heads up!)


Latest Jorma Kaukonen Album, Ain’t In No Hurry, Gets LP Release In June

Jorma Kaukonen Ain't In No HurryJorma Kaukonen is best known as the guitarist for Jefferson Airplane during their long, long ago string of excellent albums that ended when the band members took decidedly different directions. Kaukonen teamed with his JA bandmate, bassist Jack Casady to start the bluesier Hot Tuna. Hot Tuna actually was a side-project formed during JA’s existence to allow the two to explore music quite different than what Jefferson Airplane were involved in. As it happened, Hot Tuna quickly found its own audience resulting in numerous best-selling albums.

Fast forwarding these many years later finds guitarist Jorma Kaukonen with his Fur Peace Ranch, where the legend offers guided guitar training. In 2011, Kaukonen and Casady recorded a new Hot Tuna album, Steady As She Goes. It slotted quite nicely with the classic albums of the band’s early years.

Over the years, Jorma Kaukonen has released blues albums, his last being River Of Time from 2009. Earlier this year, Jorma released his newest solo effort, Ain’t In No Hurry on CD and DD. The new album contains eleven tracks that include classics from the Americana songbook including a rare Woody Guthrie lyric set to new music by Jorma. In addition to the collection of covers, Jorma Kaukonen adds in a few originals to round out this set, including the acoustic closer song, “Seasons In The Field”. The album’s offerings are rich and fulfilling with its blues, country, highlighted by his inimitable guitar playing. Just listen to the album’s “Where There’s Two There’s Trouble”, sung with Teresa Williams. It’s pretty good, and shows off some fine blues guitar slide work.

On June 22, Kaukonen’s own Red House Records will release the LP version of Ain’t In No Hurry. The LP will offer download rights (on an enclosed card with unique code) to the album tracks.

Jorma Kaukonen has always been a treat to listen to. With this new album, Jorma continues to offer his best.

Ain’t In No Hurry on LP can be pre-ordered via his Fur Peace Ranch site here. CD can be acquired here.

Favorite Songs That Get Constant Replay

Music is certainly a subjective experience. What works for me likely won’t work for you (besides shared appreciation selections). But I’m always interested in what others find wonderful.

A few days ago, I got caught up in what I feel are songs that somehow transcend the usual “I like that” assignation. The songs that I listened to were tunes that come back far more frequently than many others. In fact, I son’t usually have to cycle back to them, they just seem to be always there.

And so, I thought I’d ask what some of your most important songs are. For example, I have “Heart Of Gold” by Neil Young always finding its way into my mind at least once or twice a week. Another is “So Far Away” by Carole King (who also has “Sweet Seasons”, “Jazzman”, Been To Canaan”, and “It’s Too Late” in that cranial jukebox of mine). There’s “Stone Cold Sober” by Crawler, “Ballad Of The Beacon” by Wishbone Ash, “Mainstreet” by Bob Seger, “Closer To Home” by Grand Funk Railroad, “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell (who also has a few more that show up frequently). There are more, of course. Which is why I’m not asking for a Top Ten list. but rather the first batch that easily rolls from your memory.

While I’m at it, it’s cool to see that Night Moves by Bob Seger will be arriving on 180g vinyl LP reissue on June 16. PLUS, there are four Joy Division titles coming to LP, and two Cocteau Twins LPs. The Joy Division sets (Substance – 1988, Still – 1981, 2LP sets planned for July 17, and Unknown Pleasures – 1979, Closer – 1980, 1LP sets planned for June 30), all coming from Rhino! The Cocteau Twins LPs are coming from 4AD on July 17, and includes The Pink Opaque – 1985, and Tiny Dynamine (EP) – 1985 with Echoes In A Shallow Bay (EP) – 1985 together in one set. (I HAD to get something new coming out in here!)

Bob Seger Night Moves LP