New Heartless Bastards Album, Restless Ones, Scheduled For June

Heartless Bastards Restless OnesLast year, Heartless Bastards announced that they were entering a studio to create their next album. Of course, being a hard-core Heartless Bastards fan, news of this gets me primed for classic Heartless Bastards music.

Today, the announcement that all fans of the band were waiting for is now here. So, here’s your good news:

On June 15 (UK), June 16 (US), Partisan Records will release Restless Ones, the fifth studio album from Erika Wennerstrom and the band. Their last album was 2012’s Arrow. Here’s a little info from Partisan Records’ website on the recording of the new album:

“The sessions were marked by Heartless Bastards’ openness to the unfamiliar, allowing previously untapped influences – from The Byrds and Syd Barrett to the Faces and the Flaming Lips – to take root in their own distinctive blues-powered rock ‘n’ roll. “Wind Up Bird” is given texture and psychedelic lift via a visit from keyboardist John Baggott (Robert Plant’s Sensational Space Shifters, Portishead, Massive Attack), while the album-closing “Tristessa” was born of Wennerstrom’s home experiments with guitar loops but then grown by the band into a deeply devotional drone.

“We started with sketches and ideas of directions,” Ebaugh says, “but allowed the process of discovery to guide the finalization. It allowed us to think about the songs more globally and really flesh them out.”

“There were some happy accidents,” Colvin says. “Things that were completely organic, that could’ve only happened in that moment. Things are still shifting, nothing’s set in stone.”

Where some tracks were built from the ground up, others were completely upended. First recorded for the soundtrack to 2013’s acclaimed Winter In The Blood, “Hi-Line” was broken down and retooled from front porch folk to Fleetwood Mac-inspired country pop unlike anything in Heartless Bastards’ prior canon.

“‘Eastern Wind’ provided a bit of a road map for the record,” she says. “It’s a song of wanderlust. Writing words is always a real challenge for me, so I end up taking off in my car and roaming around by myself looking for inspiration. I think in doing that I’m taking myself out of my comfort zone. I turn my world upside down over and over and start anew.”

Further insight came from such literary touchstones as Haruki Murakami (“Wind Up Bird”), Jack Kerouac (“Tristessa”), and the late photojournalist/artist/activist Dan Eldon, whose Be Here Now philosophy is at the very heart of RESTLESS ONES.

“I love the idea of ‘The Journey Is The Destination,’” she says, referencing Eldon’s most famous work. “Not looking too far ahead and really focusing on the present. I’ve tended to look so forward that I forget to stop and smell the roses. The process of working towards the things you want in your life is more important than the goal itself.”

“As always, Erika’s lyrical honesty informs the behavior of the whole project,” says Ebaugh. “There comes a time in an artist’s trajectory when you realize that your entire life experience is expressed through the work, so you better be able to relax and let the work reflect the experience that is yours.”

RESTLESS ONES was finished in the fall with two mixing sessions at Congleton’s Elmwood Recording in Dallas. Heartless Bastards’ next challenge is bringing the album’s studio-crafted songs to the stage. “It’ll be fun to chuck it all at the wall and let the collective experience of band/audience dictate the conversation of the music,” Ebaugh says. “That’s the mission ultimately: rock ‘n’ roll communion.”

Visit this website for previews of Restless Ones.

Heartless Bastards Promo

New John Lodge (Moody Blues) Solo Album Planned For May

John Lodge 10000 Light Years AgoJohn Lodge, the bassist for the band, Moody Blues, has one solo album, Natural Avenue, released in 1977. Since, John Lodge has remained relatively quiet as far as personal music goes,

On May 5, over thirty years later, John Lodge is set to release his next solo effort. The new album is being called 10,000 Light Years Ago. This album will contain eight tracks on the standard CD issue. The title will also be made available on 180g vinyl LP with a gate-fold jacket. In addition, the releasing label, Esoteric Antenna, will issue a Deluxe CD/DVD Deluxe Edition. The DVD will contain a filmed interview with John Lodge, studio footage, and a promo video for the album.

New Buffy Sainte-Marie Album, Power In The Blood, Due In May

Buffy Sainte Marie Power Of the BloodBuffy Sainte-Marie is an artist that has been around most of the history of Rock and Roll. Her first album, It’s My Way, was released in 1964 on Vanguard Records. It contained one of her best known protest song, “Universal Soldier” Since that album, she has been the voice of a time of unrest back in the ’60s, a creator of hits, and a political/social conscience for many causes.

On May 12, True North Records will release Power In The Blood by Buffy Sainte-Marie, her first in over six years. The new album will contain twelve new tracks, and will cover a wide terrain of commentary in a familiar voice to fans of her music. All with a stunning and hauntingly powerful cover design.

Great news for fans!

Power In The Blood – Buffy Sainte-Marie
True North Records – 2015

01. It s My Way
02. Power In The Blood
03. We Are Circling
04. Not The Lovin Kind
05. Love Charms
06. Ke Sakihitin Awasis
07. Farm In The Middle Of Nowhere
08. Generation
09. Sing Our Own Song
10. Orion
11. Uranium War
12. Carry It On


Brian Wilson Debut Gets Expanded Reissued In May

Brian Wilson Brian WilsonIn 1988, Brian Wilson released his eponymous debut album on Sire Records. While it was well-received by the critics, the album didn’t sell as well as hoped for. In 2000, Rhino reissued the album, expanding it with a collection of demos, alternate versions, and other bonus tracks.

On May 19, Rhino will revisit the title with a new reissue. Brian Wilson will be offered with the same expanded track-listing found on the 2000 reissue (see below). This reissue will likely have new remastering of the album’s tracks. A standard issue of this album is expected, same date.
Brian Wilson – Brian Wilson
Sire Records – 1988 (2000, 2015)


01 Love And Mercy (Remastered Album Version)
02 Walkin’ The Line (Remastered Album Version)
03 Melt Away (Remastered Album Version)
04 Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (Remastered Album Version)
05 Little Children (Remastered Album Version)
06 One For The Boys (Remastered Album Version)
07 There’s So Many (Remastered Album Version)
08 Night Time (Remastered Album Version)
09 Let It Shine (Remastered Album Version)
10 Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (Remastered Album Version)
11 Rio Grande (Remastered Album Version)
12 Brian On “Love And Mercy” (Remastered Album Version)
13 He Couldn’t Get His Poor Old Body To Move (Remastered Album Version)
14 Being With The One You Love (Remastered Album Version)
15 Let’s Go To Heaven In My Car (Remastered Album Version)
16 Too Much Sugar (Remastered Album Version)
17 There’s So Many (Demo)
18 Walkin’ The Line (Demo)
19 Melt Away (Early Version – Alternate Vocal)
20 Night Time (Instrumental)
21 Little Children (Demo)
22 Night Bloomin’ Jasmine (Demo)
23 Rio Grande (Early Version – Compiled Rough Mixes)
24 Brian On “Rio Grande”
25 Brian On The Source (Includes Hidden Track)


First Preview of New Jean-Michel Jarre/M83 Song From Unscheduled New Album

Jarre M83 GloryIt’s been a long eight years since the last studio album was released by French electronic composer, Jean-Michel Jarre. That album was Téo & Téa, issued in 2007. But that wait is nearly over.

As with many upcoming albums, artists release a fore-running single. The next thing you will hear from Jean-Michel Jarre is a collaboration single with French artist, M83. The new song, “Glory”, is on the calendar for digital release on May 18. It heralds the new album, which hasn’t a title yet nor a set date of release although it is promised for “later this year” via Columbia Records.

The single can currently be heard encapsulated within a filmed time-capsule called EMIC. The film is a 12+minute across the board review of “…7 billion walking molecules leftover from stardust…”. If the enticement of hearing a preview of new music from Jean-Michel Jarre isn’t enough, then perhaps the splash of humanity on Earth might do the trick. You can view (and hear) EMIC (and “Glory”) for free at this link.

Thanks to Kanta Devi for the information.

2CD KISS Symphony: Alive IV To Be Re-released In May

KISS Alive IVBack in 2003, KISS furthered their Alive series by releasing a live set with a twist. KISS Symphony: Alive IV was a set that was recorded with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) containing interesting versions of their classics like “Detroit Rock City”, “Beth”, “Love Gun”, and “Rock and Roll All Night”, and others. This iteration of KISS employed three of the original members, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss, with hired guitarist, Tommy Thayer. This show was performed at the Telstra Dome venue.

Since its sell-out, KISS Symphony: Alive IV has been OOP (Out of Print).

On May 12, Sanctuary Records will reissue the 2CD version of the title, replenishing the exhausted supply with fresh copies. Currently there is no word on remastering or extra tracks although I would say that this is merely a re-introduction of the title back into the marketplace.

Previously Released Queen Forever To Be Made Available In 4LP Box

Queen_Forever_CoverAr_500DPI300RGB1000155328Originally released in late 2014, Queen Forever provide classic Queen songs, some with new remastering, as well as interesting new approaches on songs (like a William Orbit remix of “There Must Be More To Life Than This”). This collection of familiar titles was well-received.

Now, for all those vinyl lovers out there, Hollywood Records will be re-releasing the set in a 4LP Box. The 4LP Box version of Queen Forever is planned for May 12, and will, no doubt use the Deluxe Edition collection of 36 tracks.


Queen LP Box



New 3CD Greatest Hits Reprise Records Package Planned For Eric Clapton In April

Eric Clapton Forever ManEric Clapton is, as many will say, one the great guitarists in the history of Rock and Roll. Over his storied career, he has been part of several influential bands that include John Mayall’s BluesBreakers, The Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, and his Derek and The Dominoes project. Eventually, he transitioned to solo work, and it is there where he may be best known. Over the course of his career, Eric Clapton has released over twenty solo albums including my favorite, No Reason To Cry (1976), and his best-selling Slowhand (1977). This doesn’t count his collection of collaborative efforts as well as a wide series of Live sets. Over that prolific career, Clapton has created many well-loved songs and hits.

On April 28, Reprise Records will release two versions of a new Greatest Hits package. This new collection is being called Forever Man, and will be issued as 2CD and 3CD sets. Unfortunately, only the studio songs recorded for Reprise will be included. To help make up the larger career span, this set will include live versions of many earlier classics like “Layla”, “White Room”, “Sunshine Of Your Love”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Cocaine” and others.

On the 2CD iteration of Forever Man, there will be 33 tracks (see track-listing below), while the 3CD set offers 52 tracks (see track-list below). There will also be the obligatory DD, as well as a 2LP set. All sets will have a booklet with liners notes by Malcolm Dome.

Forever Man 2CD


01 Gotta Get Over
02 I’ve Got A Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart
03 Anyway The Wind Blows – By J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
04 My Father’s Eyes
05 Motherless Child
06 Pretending
07 Little Queen Of Spades
08 Bad Love
09 Behind The Mask
10 Tears In Heaven
11 Change The World
12 Call Me The Breeze
13 Forever Man
14 Riding With The King – By Eric Clapton & B.B. King
15 It’s In The Way That You Use It
16 Circus
17 Got You On My Mind
18 Travelin’ Alone
19 Revolution


01 Badge (Live)
02 Sunshine Of Your Love (Live)
03 White Room (Live)
04 Wonderful Tonight (Live)
05 Worried Life Blues (Live)
06 Cocaine (Live)
07 Layla (Live – Unplugged)
08 Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out (Live – Unplugged)
09 Walkin’ Blues (Live – Unplugged)
10 Them Changes (Live) – By Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
11 Presence Of The Lord (Live) – By Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
12 Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)
13 Goin’ Down Slow (Live)
14 Over The Rainbow (Live)

Forever Man 3CD


01 Gotta Get Over
02 I’ve Got A Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart
03 Run Back To Your Side
04 Tears In Heaven
05 Call Me The Breeze
06 Forever Man
07 Believe In Life
08 Bad Love
09 My Father’s Eyes
10 Anyway The Wind Blows – By J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
11 Travelin’ Alone
12 Change The World
13 Behind The Mask
14 It’s In The Way That You Use It
15 Pretending
16 Riding With The King – By Eric Clapton & B.B. King
17 Circus
18 Revolution


01 Badge (Live)
02 Sunshine Of Your Love (Live)
03 White Room (Live)
04 Wonderful Tonight (Live)
05 Worried Life Blues (Live)
06 Cocaine (Live)
07 Layla (Live – Unplugged)
08 Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out (Live – Unplugged)
09 Walkin’ Blues (Live – Unplugged)
10 Them Changes (Live) – By Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
11 Presence Of The Lord (Live) – By Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood
12 Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)
13 Goin’ Down Slow (Live)
14 Over The Rainbow (Live)


01 Before You Accuse Me
02 Last Fair Deal Gone Down
03 Hold On I’m Coming – By Eric Clapton & B.B. King
04 Terraplane Blues
05 It Hurts Me Too
06 Little Queen Of Spades
07 Third Degree
08 Motherless Child
09 Sportin’ Life Blues – By J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
10 Ramblin’ On My Mind
11 Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
12 Everybody Oughta Make A Change
13 Sweet Home Chicago
14 If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
15 Hard Times Blues
16 Got You On My Mind
17 I’m Tore Down
18 Milkcow’s Calf Blues
19 Key To The Highway – By Eric Clapton & B.B. King