2CD Anthology (Volume 1) To Be Released For John Wetton In March

John Wetton AnthologyJohn Wetton has made his rounds in several successful bands as well as doing a bunch of solo work along the way. In his illustrious time, he has played with King Crimson, Wishbone Ash, UK, Asia, Uriah Heep, Family, and several others. For one man, that is an impressive list of bands to have played with. Especially impressive is that he was sought after as much as he was even to complete a solid line-up.

But, as stated before, John Wetton enjoyed a fan-base that loved his solo works, of which he produced six of them. His first was Caught In the Crossfire (1980), and his last was Raised In Captivity (2011).

On March 17 (via US Amazon), March 9 (UK), Cherry Red Records will release Volume One of a 2CD Anthology title covering music from his six solo efforts during his musical career. This comprises 32 tracks, many with important luminaries like Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Martin Barre, Simon Kirke, Steve Lukather, and more, all chipping in to help.

Anthology: Studio Recordings will also contain a booklet with new liner notes illuminating many of the tracks, and shining light on his extensive career.


Pete Townshend Solo Works Reissues Coming To CD

Townshend Empty GlassPete Townshend‘s website has posted information of Pete’s intent to reissue his catalog of albums this year and leading in 2016. This would mean that the release schedules would be staggered like the Led Zeppelin campaign is staggered.

Pete is looking for bonus material for inclusion into these Deluxe Editions, which should translate into 2CD sets.

Titles of intended reissues include: 1972’s Who Came First, 1977’s Rough Mix, 1980’s Empty Glass, 1982’s All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, 1983’s Scoop, 1985’s White City, 1986’s Deep End Live, 1987’s Another Scoop, 1989’s Iron Man: The Musical, 1993’s Psychoderelict and 1994’s Scoop 3.

Exciting news!

Rhino To Release 8CD Mike Oldfield Studio Albums Box In April (And LPs, Too!)

Oldfield The Complete Studio AlbumsMike Oldfield has enjoyed a fantastic career, not only with his original works, but sometimes with reimaginings of his original works, as in his Tubular Bells music art.

After the initial Virgin Records classics that included Tubular Bells (as well as Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn, Incantations, etc), Michael Oldfield revisited Tubular Bells with his 1992 rework, Tubular Bells II. From there, he released over ten more including two more revisitations of Tubular Bells (Tubular Bells III – 1998, Tubular Bells III, and Tubular Beats, a set of remixes). From the period of 1992 through 2003, Oldfield released eight specific classics. Beginning with Tubular Bells II, there followed The Songs Of Distant Earth (1994), Voyager (1996), Tubular Bells III (1998), Guitars (1999), The Millennium Bell (1999), Tr3s Lunas (2002), and Tubular Bells III (2003).

This period (1992 – 2003) will be collected into an 8CD Box by Rhino Records. The set is being referred to as  Mike Oldfield: The Studio Albums 1992-2003. The titles in this set are those that I have listed. This Box is slated for release on April 28.

In addition to the 8CD period Box, there are four 180g-weight vinyl LP reissues coming (same date) of Voyager, Tubular Bells II, Tubular Bells III, and The Songs Of Distant Earth.


Two Bad Company Classics Ready For Deluxe Editions In April

Thanks to our sharp-eyed pals at The Second Disc, we are now privy to the upcoming two Bad Company reissues of Bad Company, and Straight Shooter. Bad Company needs virtually no introduction other than perhaps their extraordinary musical pedigree. It’s worth noting here that vocalist, Paul Rodgers came from Free. Free’s big recognizable single was “All Right Now”. Even so, that song isn’t the best from the Free catalog, but it’s a solid one, especially the extended album cut.

Other members of Bad Company include Mick Ralphs, who hailed from the excellent Mott The Hoople band . It’ probably worth noting also that Mott the Hoople ceased to be shortly thereafter releasing only one more studio work (The Hoople – 1974) after Ralphs’ departure. Then there’s Simon Kirke, who drummed for Free. Finally, Boz Burrell. Boz Burrell is the bassist for Bad Co. who is also known for his previous stint with King Crimson.

Bad Company 2CD

Bad Company released their debut album on the Swan Song label back in 1974 selling more than 5 million copies. Their sophomore issue, Straight Shooter, followed in 1975, some ten months later.


On April 7, in both the UK and US markets, Atlantic Records will offer Bad Company, and Straight Shooter as 2CD Deluxe Editions. The Deluxe Editions will contain a handful of extra bonus tracks (see below).  In addition to the remastered audio, Bad Company will provide a 20-page booklet with photos, new notes and essay, and credit information. A sticker will be included. Straight Shooter will contain a 20-page booklet with photos, credits, new notes and essay, along with a sticker to round out the package.

Bad Company Straight Shooter 2CD


Both sets will be presented in 8-panel digi-pak packaging. There will also be 2LP, 180g versions of each titles, as well as digital downloads of each album.

Bad Company – 1974

01 Can’t Get Enough
02 Rock Steady
03 Ready For Love
04 Don’t Let Me Down
05 Bad Company
06 The Way I Choose
07 Movin’ On
08 Seagull

01 Can’t Get Enough (Take 1)
02 Little Miss Fortune (Demo Reel 1)
03 The Way I Choose (Demo Reel 1)
04 Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)
05 The Way I Choose (Version 1 Inc. F/S)
06 Easy On My Soul (Long Version)
07 Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 8-73 Session)
08 Studio Chat/Dialogue
09 Superstar Woman (Long Version)
10 Can’t Get Enough (Single Edit)
11 Little Miss Fortune (B-Side Of “Can’t Get Enough”)
12 Easy On My Soul (B-Side Of “Movin’ On”)
13 Can’t Get Enough (Hammond Mix)

Straight Shooter – 1975

01 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
02 Feel Like Makin’ Love
03 Weep No More
04 Shooting Star
05 Deal With The Preacher
06 Wild Fire Woman
07 Anna
08 Call On Me

01 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
02 Feel Like Makin’ Love (Take Before Master)
03 Weep No More (Early Slow Version)
04 Shooting Star (Alternate Take)
05 Deal With The Preacher (Early Version)
06 Anna (Alternate Vocal)
07 Call On Me (Alternate Take)
08 Easy On My Soul (Slow Version)
09 Whiskey Bottle (Early Slow Version)
10 See The Sunlight
11 All Night Long
12 Wild Fire Woman (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
13 Feel Like Makin’ Love (Harmonica Version)
14 Whiskey Bottle (B-Side Of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”)

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 02/24/2015

Cleopatra Records will release an unreleased live set featuring the classic band, Renaissance. This show, being issued as Academy Of Music 1974 is a show from a stand in the theater in New York. This 2CD set is on the calendar for March 31.

Renaissance Academy Of Music 1974

Capitol Records promises the new Brian Wilson album, No Pier Pressure, on April 7. The album is also planned for Deluxe Edition CD, vinyl LP, and DD.

Sanctuary Records will release Live in ’99, a live set featuring George Thorogood & The Destroyers. It’s set for CD, DD release on April 21.

Nuclear Blast USA plan the release of the latest Nightwish album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, on March 31, the issues will be CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Watch for a 2CD set featuring Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney, on April 9. The set is called Bing & Rosie: The Crosby – Clooney Radio Sessions.


J&R Adventures plan the 2CD release of Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks. This live set features Joe Bonamassa playing tribute to the music of Muddy Waters. It’s planned on CD, DD, and Blu-ray video.

Joe Bonamassa Muddy wolf At Red Rocks

Atlantic Records will release new Death Cab for Cutie on March 31 with the issue of Kintsugi. It is planned for CD, DD, vinyl LP, and Cassette (yes, cassette).

Geffen Records will release a remastered vinyl LP edition of Who’s Next by The Who, planned for March 24.

The Who Who's Next

Entertainment One has a new album coming from Richie Furay, called Hand In Hand. It is scheduled for release on March 31.

Richie Furay Hand In Hand

Blow Up The Moon is the latest by Blues Traveler. This collaborative set features the band with a wide range of artists and a wider ranger of musical styles that includes Hip Hop. It is set for release on April 7 via Loud & Proud Records.

Audio Fidelity expands their SACD multi-channel offerings with the 5.1 Surround SACD reissue of Homecoming by America, as well as a 4-channel Quad Surround SACD of Open Our Eyes by Earth, Wind & Fire. Both SACDs do not have a current release date. Also planned by the label is a 180g vinyl LP reissue of Virgin Killer from Scorpions.


Sire Records plan the release of After It All, the new album from Delta Rae. It’s planned for April 7. I’m COMPLETELY anxious for this one.

Delta Rae After It All

Merge Records have the latest Mountain Goats album, Beat The Champ, out on April 7.

Cleopatra Records will release Retro Rocket by legendary guitarist, Pat Travers, on March 17. Cleopatra Records also have a live set coming on the same March 17 date featuring Santana. The album is being called 1968 San Francisco, and will feature eight live tracks.

Parlophone Records will release Saturns Pattern, a new album by legend The Jam/Style Council/Solo performer, Paul Weller. It’s scheduled for May 12.

Paul Weller Saturns Pattern

Video Music will release a CD version of Sausalito ’73, a live set featuring Linda Ronstadt. It is set for release on April 7.

Steamhammer SPV will release the new UFO album, their first in…well, forever. UFO is currently original members Phil Mogg, Paul Raymond, and Andy Parker, with two newer additions. The new album is called A Conspiracy Of Stars, and will be released in several styles and formats that include CD (both digi-pak and jewel case, with the digi-pak CD adding in a bonus track, “King Of The Hill”), and 180g 2LP (also with bonus track), and blue-colored vinyl. The new album is already available in Japan, Scandanavia (Feb 18), Germany (Feb 20), Europe/UK (February 23), and is set for US/Canada release on March 3.

UFO A Conspiracy Of Stars

UFO Conspiracy Of Stars Product shot

Idlewild Records is releasing the culmination of weekly single releases by They Might Be Giants in a set being called Glean. This collection of NEW music is being released on CD, and vinyl LP.

And finally, Rhino Records will release a 2CD collection set featuring the music of George Benson. The set is being called The Ultimate Collection, and is planned for release on April 21.


New Alabama Shakes Album, Sound & Color, Planned For April

Alabama Shakes Sound and ColorBack in 2012, an exciting band by the name of Alabama Shakes released a phenomenal album called Boys & Girls. That album, buoyed by relentless touring, and a world-wide appearance on Saturday Night Live, went on to sell over 500,000 units of the album. With great blues songs like “Hold On”, and any of the remaining ten tracks, the secret was out, Brittany Howard was a voice to be reckoned with. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, it’s one for the ages.

Boys & Girls is finally being followed-up by a new album, Sound & Color, with a black cover that is the opposite of Boys & Girls’ stark white debut cover.

The new album will contain twelve new tracks. The album is being welcomed by the first single, “Don’t Wanna Fight” (heard below). And, if the awesome new song is any indication, then Sound & Color will be just as potent as Boys & Girls.

Sound & Color is scheduled for release on April 20 (Europe), April 21 (US). It will issue on standard CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP (with two separate color vinyl issues, one clear, the other blue). On the 2LP set, side four will feature etching. The LP sets will also provide DD download rights. If you pre-order via iTunes, you can have the new single immediately.  Exclusive packaging will provide Target buyers of the album with a bonus CD that contains a live set. ATO Records is the issuing label.

“Bless my heart, bless my soul (and bless yours, too)!” And yes, we’re VERY excited!

Sound & Color

01  – Sound and Color
02 – Don’t Wanna Fight
03 – Dunes
04 – Future People
05 – Gimme All Your Love
06 – This Feeling
07 – Guess Who
08 -The Greatest
09 – Shoegaze
10 – Miss You
11 – Gemini
12 – Over My Head

New Florence Welch Album Scheduled For June

Florence Welch How BigFlorence Welch has enchanted us with a voice that is at once timeless and beautiful. She is the principal voice in the band, Florence + The Machine. Her songs have captured the interest of fans, as well as music makers, who have employed it to enhance their own visions of music.No matter how you have heard Florence Welch’s magnificent voice, with its incredible range and flavor, you have to come away with a respect.

Florence + The Machine have two albums out. The first, Lungs, contains the fascinating  “Dog Days Are Over”, as well as twelve other tracks. With the release of her follow-up, Ceremonials from 2011, she increased an already healthy group of fans. With songs like “Shake It Out”, and “What The Water Gave Me”, Florence Welch gifted us with her heart and soul. With other classics like “Cosmic Love”, and “You’ve Got The Love”, Florence Welch is one of our era’s great singers.

While this may be an early announcement (is there REALLY such a thing as a too early announcement?), it is necessary that you mark your calendars for the new Florence Welch album.

On June 1 (UK), June 2 (US), the latest album, How Big  How Blue  How Beautiful, is planned for release on and in a variety of offerings.

The album is scheduled to be released, as expected on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. But there are varieties even within those formats. Watch for CD, Deluxe Edition CD, vinyl 2LP set with gatefold jacket, and a sturdy LP Box with hinged lid that carries two 180g-weight LPs, and will add in a full-color 7″ x 7″ booklet, download rights to the songs, and an exclusive track not available on any other format.

In addition to the five expected offerings, there will also be selective bundling sets. The CD and LP bundles will include a numbered screen print. These screen print bundles will be limited to orders from the Florence + The Machine webstore.

Currently, How Big  How Blue  How Beautiful is being introduced by a front-running single, “What Kind Of Man”. It will join ten other new songs in the original set.  (You can view the video below HOWEVER, be AWARE that it is Not Safe For Work viewing as there is nudity, and a shocking scene. In addition, please note that the video is longer than the song as it sets up the song with a theatrical story-line as is the wont of Florence Welch’s style. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) A Deluxe version will provide five additional songs with two of them being demos of songs on the original album.

CD Tracklist
How Big  How Blue  How Beautiful

07 – LONG & LOST
10 – ST JUDE

Deluxe Bonus Tracks


Rhino Records To Release The Complete Studio Albums 1981-1990 For The Replacements

The Replacements The Complete Studio AlbumsThe Replacements, an alternative Rock band from the late ’70s, early ’80s created enduring albums that are as relevant today as the day they were released. Back then, the band’s issues came via Twin/Tone Records, a label that originated in Minneapolis, MN, and that released albums by Ween, Soul Asylum, The Jayhawks, and others.

The Replacements included Paul Westerberg, who, along with fellow guitarist, Bob Stinson, Bob’s younger brother, Tommy Stinson, and drummer, Chris. Their fast, frenetic, punk-styled form was easily recognized as being influenced by The Ramones, The Clash, and other great bands of the time.

Over time, The Replacements released seven studio albums, three of them on the Twin/Tone Records label, and the remaining four on Sire Records (naturally!). Those great albums include Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (1981), Hootenanny (1983), Let It Be (1984), Tim (1985), Pleased To Meet Me (1987), Don’t Tell A Soul (1989), and All Shook Down (1990).

Each successive album evolved the band to greater levels of music, a fact not lost on Replacements fans. It’s how the band’s legacy has endured throughout these years. In fact, just the first three Twin/Tone albums were amazing transformations from each other. Once the band signed to Seymour Stein’s important Sire Records, their music has taken the next step.

On April 14, Rhino Records will release an 8CD series Box, The Complete Studio Albums (1981-1990). all released albums by The Replacements during the time frame from 1981 through 1990 will be in this collection. The 8-track EP by The Replacements, Stink, will be included in this set. It was released by Twin/Tone Records.

I will update this post should more information release.

Seven Springsteen Titles Come To 180g Vinyl LP In April

SpringsteenNo one in the history of music needs less of an introduction than Bruce Springsteen. His albums has been the stuff of legend. While there may be those of us who are stubborn and resistance to later Bruce Springsteen music, we can all agree that The Boss is one of Rock music’s greatest product.

His catalog has grown vast. With a few remastered and expanded sets (Born To Run, Darkness On the Edge Of Town), and few more no doubt planned for down the road, we all love us some Bruce Springsteen.

For those with vinyl love, Columbia Records, and Legacy Recordings will be reissuing seven classic era Bruce Springsteen albums on 180g-weight vinyl LP. The expected titles will include:

  • Greeting From Asbury Park, NJ (1973)
  • The Wild, The Innocent, & The E Street Shuffle (1973)
  • Born to Run (1975)
  • Darkness On the Edge Of Town (1978)
  • The River (1980)
  • Nebraska (1982)
  • Born In The USA (1984)

These titles are expected to release on April 14.

Born To Run

[UPDATE: Track-List] Simple Minds To Reissue Remastered 1983 Classic, Sparkle In The Rain

Simple Minds Sparkle In The Rain[UPDATE] The upcoming Simple Minds classic, Sparkle In the Rain, is being remastered, and will be reissued as a 2CD Deluxe Edition, DD, 180g vinyl LP, BD-Audio, and a fan-pleasing 4CD/1DVD Super Deluxe Edition all planned for March 31. If you pre-order the 4-disc DD set, you will be rewarded with an instant download of “Waterfront”.  The Blu-ray Pure Audio set will contain 5.1 Surround, hi-res Stereo, and Dolby-Digital 5.1 Surround. Track-listings are below the original article.

The SPARKLE IN THE RAIN digital box set consists of four discs. Disc one is a re-master of the original album – re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walters and overseen by Charlie Burchill. Disc two features rare B-sides, some making their CD debut for the first time. These include: a live version of NGD’s ‘Hunter And The Hunted’, which shows the band’s evolving sound; acclaimed 12” remixes of ‘Waterfront’ (Steve Lillywhite looped the drums to create an extended intro, as well as stripped instrumentation to create a huge, expansive track), ‘Speed Your Love To Me’, ‘Up On The Catwalk’ and ‘A Brass Band In Africa’, and ‘Bass Line’ – the original instrumental that became ‘White Hot Day’. Disc three features a previously unreleased concert recorded at Barrowland in the band’s hometown of Glasgow, on 28th February 1984. The concert continues on disc four, with the rest of the disc completed by a three-track BBC Radio 1 session from September 1983.

Well, there CAN be great news on a somber (and for here, a cold and wet) December. With a tip-off, I have just learned that Simple Minds will reissue one of their greatest efforts in a king-sized Deluxe Edition that will make the fan quite pleased, if not extremely anxious for March, 2015.

On March 16, Virgin Records will release Sparkle In the Rain in a Box that will include a wealthy sort of bonus tracks including B-sides, extended mixes, BBC sessions, promo videos of tracks from the album, Tops Of The Pops appearances, and a previously unreleased concert show from the period. In addition to this dang great idea will be a booklet that includes new notes, a track-by-track annotation, and a bonus replica concert program.
The music from this superb album was remastered at Abbey Studios in 2014, so the songs will be as fresh and vibrant as they can be for the time being (until better tech comes along, of course).

For release purposes, there will be the 2CD Deluxe Edition, a 180g vinyl LP issue, and, for the super fan, a massive 4CD/1DVD Super Deluxe Edition Box. The DVD will be the carrier for the album’s DTS 5.1 Surround Sound tracks, Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound tracks, and hi-quality Stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, as well as the delivery engine for the promo videos, etc.

Below are your track-listings for the Super Deluxe Edition: You can subtract the 3rd and 4th CD for the 2CD Deluxe Edition.

C’mon, March!



Up On The Catwalk
Book Of Brilliant Things
Speed Your Love To Me
East At Easter
Street Hassle
White Hot Day
“C” Moon Cry Like A Baby
The Kick Inside Of Me
Shake Off The Ghosts

Waterfront – edit
Hunter And The Hunted Live (recorded at Newcastle City Hall, 20th November 1982)
Waterfront- Extended mix
Speed Your Love To Me – edit
Bass Line
Speed Your Love To Me – extended mix
Up On The Catwalk – edit
A Brass Band in Africa
Up On The Catwalk – extended mix
A Brass Band in Africa Chimes
Waterfront – single version

Live at Glasgow Barrowland, 28th February 1984

Shake Off The Ghosts [Intro]
Up On The Catwalk
The Book Of Brilliant Things
Glittering Prize
The American
King Is White And In The Crowd
Speed Your Love To Me
Someone Somewhere In Summertime

Live at Glasgow Barrowland, 28th February 1984 continued…

Promised You A Miracle
Big Sleep
New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) – Take Me To The River [Live] – Light My Fire [Live]
Love Song – Glory [Live]
BBC Radio 1 session – 11th September 1983
Kick Inside
New Gold Dream__________


Up On The Catwalk
Book Of Brilliant Things
Speed Your Love To Me
East At Easter
Street Hassle
White Hot Day
“C” Moon Cry Like A Baby
The Kick Inside Of Me
Shake Off The Ghosts


Waterfront – edit
Hunter And The Hunted Live (recorded at Newcastle City Hall, 20th November 1982)
Waterfront- Extended mix
Speed Your Love To Me – edit
Bass Line
Speed Your Love To Me – extended mix
Up On The Catwalk – edit
A Brass Band in Africa
Up On The Catwalk – extended mix
A Brass Band in Africa Chimes
Waterfront – single version



Up On The Catwalk
Book Of Brilliant Things
Speed Your Love To Me
East At Easter

Street Hassle
White Hot Day
“C” Moon Cry Like A Baby
The Kick Inside Of Me
Shake Off The Ghosts

Simple Minds Sparkle In the Rain DE