New Projekt Release Feature Collaboration Ambient Effort With Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà, Holographic Codex

Alio Montana Holographic CodexAlio Die, the recording moniker of Italian Ambient composer, Stefano Musso, and Lorenzo Montanà, an Italian soundtrack composer, have joined together to create a new sound painting of ambient textures, to be called Holographic Codex. Neither artist have been lax in their creative spheres. Montanà has recorded well over 40 albums since the ’90s, while Alio Die has recorded over 60 sets, some with important ambient artists like Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, and many others.

Holographic Codex is a set that blends the two artists’ unique styles into compositions that challenge and refresh. With ambient music growing in popularity in certain circles, particularly dark ambient and drone styles, Holographic Codex fits in appropriately with its cosmic flow and mysterious sounds and atmospheric impressions.

The new album is being released by premier ambient label, Projekt Records, and will be an extremely limited edition as far as physical CDs are concerned. There will only be 500 issued.

Holographic Codex is expected on January 20.


Talia’s Overflow Notes: Wishlist for 2015

I was a good kid this year. That is, if you like 53 year old kids. I kept my list from last year right at my computer and kept periodic tabs on it. Now that I am looking at my 2014 list for the last time this year, I have come to a realization. I did the baseball equivalent of batting below the Mendoza Line during 2014. I’m sure that there’s quite a few of you out there who have done the same in your hopes and wishes when it comes to record company releases.

I’m going to do this all over again and give it a shot to see if any of these things that I mention have a snowball’s chance in hell to get released. Before I dive in though, I do want to say that I am sure grateful that the Real Gone Music label has gotten a greater foothold in the market and that Iconoclassics is still continuing on. Plus, it appears that Sundazed is going to start making its presence known again soon. Between those that I mentioned and what’s left of the majors, I still hold out slivers of hope. I’m betting that some of you think I’m nuts for even bothering to bring a few of these titles up. Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy this list and that your 2015 will be filled with more beautiful music than you could shake a stick at.

1) Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds: the self-titled album with “Don’t Pull Your Love” needs to get reissued for here in the North American market by a U.S. label. It has only been available as a Japanese import for quite some time. This needs to end. I’d also be o.k. with a compilation of theirs too.


2) Five Man Electrical BandGoodbyes & Butterflies:  The hits compilation from Canada, Absolutely Right (on Polydor), covers ground. I want to actually hear “Signs” in context of the album from whence it came and in great sound.

5ManElectricalBand Goodbyes

3) StampedersAgainst The Grain (as it’s known in Canada) or Sweet City Woman (as it’s known in the U.S.): Here’s a second Canadian band from the early ’70s that could use a sweet sonic touch. As a consolation prize, I would accept a nicely done compilation of them.

Stampeders Against The Grain

4) King HarvestDancing In The Moonlight-I would really like to hear the full album from which the huge single came from. About 4 years ago, one of the members or an associate of King Harvest was in communication with me and some forum members of IMWAN and he was telling people about a digital release that he helped to assemble. I’d like to see it go one further and have us fans get a CD release.

KingHarvest Dancing In the Moonlight

5) Looking GlassLooking Glass/Subway Serenade two-fer: Everybody knows about “Brandy”. In my eyes, the second big single of theirs, “Jimmy Loves Mary-Ann” proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a seriously good band who got overlooked amid a sea of immense talent on AM & FM radio in the early ’70s. I’d love to see a two-fer of these two albums so that people can see just how valid they were.

Looking Glass

6) B.W. StevensonMy Maria: I want a wonderful sounding remaster of this album. If Carl Radle and Jim Gordon played on more than just the title track, then this album cries out to be presented once again to the world. I’d also take a Stevenson compilation.

BW Stevenson

7) Focus-North American/U.S. catalog presentation: This Dutch band was huge in Europe back in the day and they had their one big hit here in the United States with “Hocus Pocus”. I realize that the Red Bullet remasters exist as imports. I have to be honest with you people. I distrust Red Bullet because I have their remaster of the Moontan album from Golden Earring and I find it not to be up to par (in my ears) when it comes to the sonics. I would really like for somebody here stateside to take a serious crack at their catalog and get it right and make it so that the high-end (especially the vocals) gets tamed.

Focus Moving Waves

8) Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Session: Gold disc SACD hybrid by Mobile Fidelity, Audio Fidelity or Analogue Productions-I know that Mike Timmins does not have fond memories of his time being on two major labels. I’m sure that something can be worked out with, likely, Sony/Legacy. They are the ones who own RCA material. If I am recalling correctly, there was a gold disc planned for this album and then it got pulled years ago. This is a 5-star album that deserves being given the best treatment because this is the one that turned so many of us on to the band in the first place.

Cowboy Junkies Trinity

9) The Velvet Underground-a reissue or a new box set for Loaded: Since we’ve gotten 3 magnificent box set reissues of the first three albums, I can’t see why Loaded couldn’t get one too. My question is thus: Does Rhino still own this or has Universal secured the rights to release this?


10) Dave Mason-Expanded and brand new masterings for Certified Live and Let It Flow: These two albums get overlooked in the wake of the love for his Alone Together album. They are both in desperate need of sonic overhauls. I have read a lot of complaints about the CDs that have been out there for years.

Dave Mason Let It Flow

11) The Friends Of DistinctionGrazin’, Highly Distinct, Real Friends and the Whatever albums need to be presented individually or as two-fers. I’d even take a new compilation from somebody like the Real Gone Music label.

Friends Of Distinction Grazin

12) Jr. Walker & The All-Stars: I’d really like to see a really comprehensive catalog run for Jr. Walker & The All-Stars by Universal on the same order as the other Motown artists and bands that they’ve been doing recently. Please! And make it mono while you’re at it.


13) SkylarkSkylark: Here’s another one from Canada that needs to be done in a loving way by a U.S. reissue label. The album is supposed to be a really good one. Plus, over the years, I’ve heard complaints from people that the one CD that’s been out there is supposedly pretty brutal on the sound quality issue. If a low generation tape, or better yet, the original multi-track mix-down master for this album can be found, then it needs to get out there and done right. “Wildflower” deserves so much better.

Skylark Skylark

14) Van MorrisonAstral Weeks: Super Deluxe Edition: Yeah, I know that Van got really pissed over the Moondance Super Deluxe, but it was exactly the kind of thing I wanted. If one could be done for the Astral Weeks album, I’d be over the moon.

Van Morrison Astral Weeks

15) Muddy Waters: More unreleased shows. I don’t care which periods they would come from. There’s no such thing in this world as too many live show releases from Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters

16) King Curtis: Somebody has got to step up to the plate and do either individual album releases or a brand new multi-disc set release that would be comprehensive and have the best possible mastering. It’s criminal that King Curtis isn’t a household name except among music nerds.

King Curtis

17) Matthews Southern ComfortLater That Same Year:  I’d like to see somebody here in the United States reissue this album or else do a thorough compilation of them.

Matthews Southern comfort Later-That-Same-Year

18) Billy StewartUnbelievable: Has anybody done what could be considered a definitive job on this album?

Billy Stewart Unbelieveable

19) Lynyrd SkynyrdStreet Survivors: SACD hybrid release from Mobile Fidelity.


20) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: The rest of their catalog done by Universal-After the Depend On Me: The Early Albums set, there’s a massive hole in my collection which has been screaming at me to get the rest of the albums into my collection. Universal? Could you please come to the white courtesy phone and get this taken care of? It’s the equivalent of putting your shirt on and then walking out of the house having forgotten that you didn’t put your pants on.



 –Steve Talia

Carl Barât And The Jackals Release Debut Album In February

CarlBaratAndTheJackalsCarl Barât has been around the block a few times with The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, and a solo venture. Recently, the once volatile relationship with fellow Libertines bandmate, Pete Doherty seemed to have healed well enough to announce a reunion of The Libertines. As well, the band has signed a contract with Virgin Records. And so, while that is on the burner, Carl Barât has created a new work with a new band, called The Jackals.

Carl Barât And The Jackals have their debut album release, Let It Reign, on the calendar for issue on February 16 (UK), February 24 (US). The new venture, likely a short-lived affair, will start with a bang. The new album is planned for release on CD, LP, and the requisite digital files that include MP3.

Let It Reign will be be filled with ten tracks. The opener track, “Glory Days” is already available, and can be heard on various platforms that include Spotify, YouTube (heard below), and the individual locations to purchase the track from.

The Ambient Series: Call Of The North – Ugasanie (CD Review)

Ugasanie Call Of The NorthThere are many, many variants of ambient music in the world of music these days. They encompass so many moods, stories, thoughts, and intents, that you could actually subscribe to a particular sub-genre of Ambient, and be rewarded with a multitude of offerings. These days, with the advent of hard core metal, a heavy dose of dark goth, and the ample helpings of symphonic Rock that tends toward dark material, the dark ambient selections are likely to cross more paths than a softer, or spacier style may achieve.

An up and coming label, Cryo Chamber, started by Simon Heath (a Swedish composer who works exclusively with dark ambient projects), is fast becoming the label of choice for the sub-genre. All releases via Cryo Chamber are  recorded explicitly in 24-bit, and delivered digitally on FLAC format (a compression routine designed to be lossless), and limited CD Editions. One of the projects unique to Cryo Chamber is that of Ugasanie.

Ugasanie is a the musical entity of Pavel Malyshkin, a Russian composer who uses influence from Pink Floyd, as well as his own levels of poetry to advance the underlying quality of his music. Ugasanie is a Russian term that means “extinction” or “fading”. It is from those terms that the music of Malyshkin formulates. On his latest, Call Of The North, the music is largely a drone form that careens heavily within the darkness. With occasional sounds that can only be machinery that exists in dream-states, the music of Call Of The North is chilling to say the least. Using the unknown that the Arctic and Antarctic encompasses, and its accompanying barren cold lands, the music creeps in and creates fearful environments, atmospheres that are more at home to hopelessness than to any one sense of preservation. If you’re in this world, you’re already doomed.

Call Of The North contains eight bone-chilling tracks, many more than five minutes in length. This is necessary to achieve an environment to get “lost” in. Some extend beyond the sound by incorporating voice, as in “Arctic Hysteria”, a well-assigned title. The entry of the voice into the track is unnerving, generating a sense of madness that will stay with you long after the track has ended.

Call Of The North is an effective dark ambient offering that will easily take you to places. If you allow for the full eight track ride in uninterrupted playback, I can assure you that the world in this set is one only of cold despair.

Release Date: December 09, 2014
Label: Cryo Chamber
Availability: (CD, DD)

–Matt Rowe

Slippery When Wet By Bon Jovi Gets Upgrade With BD-Audio In February

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet BD-AudioBon Jovi had already gained a following with their albums, Bon Jovi, and 7800 Fahrenheit. But it wasn’t until their Slippery When Wet release that they gained the love of many millions of fans. In fact, it can be said that you know Bon Jovi mostly by the tracks found on this album. Those tracks include “Wanted: Dead Or Alive”, “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Never Say Goodbye”,and “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

It’s never a surprise to discover an album as immensely popular as this one (it sold more than twenty-eight million units worldwide) to get an upgrade every so often. With such an installed fan-base, no matter how diminished it may be now, the numbers still promise a healthy sales kick.

On February 17, Mercury Records will release a Blu-ray-Audio (BD-Audio) Edition of Slippery When Wet (1986) that promises remastering, and hopefully, expansion of the original album with surprise tracks, whatever they may be.

This post will be updated when additional information becomes available.


Three Tyrannosaurus Rex Deluxe Edition Reissues Complete The Catalog In January

Tyrannosaurus Rex, the forerunner of the band, T. Rex, will be getting three of their most prominent albums on newly remastered and expanded Deluxe Edition. Tyrannosaurus Rex formed back in 1967, several years before Marc Bolan took the shortened T. Rex to greater heights of fame. The band, with Steve Took, gained a modest level of success with their music offerings that included My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair…But Now They’re Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows (1968), Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels Of The Ages (1968), Unicorn (1969), and A Beard Of Stars (1970).

In March of 2014, A Beard Of Stars had already seen expansion and remastering with a Deluxe Edition. Now, to complete the Tyrannosaurus Rex legacy, 2CD Deluxe Edition sets will be completed for the above mentioned titles on January 26.

This will be a great opportunity for the die-had T. Rex fan to complete the band’s earlier incarnation in their libraries, beefing them up with extras. The extras, which include takes, BBC tracks, interviews, live cuts, and demos, truly exhaust the availability of materials for each of these three sets.

Track-List: My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair…But Now They’re Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows (1968)

TRex My People Were Fair


01. Hot Rod Mama
02. Scenescof
03. Child Star
04. Strange Orchestras
05. Chateau In Virginia Waters
06. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
07. Mustang Ford
08. Afghan Woman
09. Knight
10. Graceful Fat Sheba
11. Weilder Of Words
12. Frowning Atahuallpa ( My Inca Love )
13. Highways – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
14. Scenescof – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
15. Child Star – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
16. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
17. Pictures of Purple People – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
18. Hot Rod Mama – BBC Top Gear 3/10/67
19. Knight – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68
20. Afghan Woman – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68
21. Frowning Atahuallpa ( My Inca Love ) – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68
22. Strange Orchestras – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68
23. Deborah – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68
24. Mustang Ford – BBC Top Gear 11/3/68

01. Highways – Take 4 – Joe Boyd Session
02. Child Star – Take 2 – Joe Boyd Session
03. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues – Take 2 – Joe Boyd Session
04. Chateau In Virginia Waters – Take 3 – Joe Boyd Session
05. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues story
06. Hot Rod Mama
07. Scenescof
08. Child Star
09. Strange Orchestras
10. Chateau In Virginia Waters
11. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
12. Mustang Ford
13. Afghan Woman
14. Knight
15. Graceful Fat Sheba
16. Wielder Of Words
17. Frowning Atahuallpa ( My Inca Love )
18. Deborah – A – Side
19. Puckish Pan – Stereo Tony Visconti Home Demo
20. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues – Tony Visconti Home Demo
21. Knight – Tony Visconti Home Demo
22. Scenescof – Tony Visconti Home Demo
23. Knight with bass guitar – Tony Visconti Home Demo
24. Lunacy’s Back – Tony Visconti Home Demo
25. Marc Bolan Interview – BBC Radio

Track-List: Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels Of The Ages (1968)

T Rex Prophets Seers And Sages

01. Deboraarobed
02. Stacey Grove
03. Wind Quartets
04. Conesuala
05. Trelawny Lawn
06. Aznageel The Mage
07. The Friends
08. Salamanda Palaganda
09. Our Wonderful Brownskin Man
10. Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques)
11. Eastern Spell
12. The Travelling Tragition
13. Juniper Suction
14. Scenescof Dynasty
15. One Inch Rock – Single A
16. Nickelodeon – Take 1
17. Stacey Grove (BBC Top Gear – 11/6/68)
18. One Inch Rock (BBC Top Gear – 11/6/68)
19. Salamanda Palaganda (BBC Top Gear – 11/6/68)
20. Eastern Spell (BBC Top Gear – 11/6/68)
21. Wind Quartets (BBC Top Gear – 11/6/68)
22. Juniper Suction – Poem – BBC
23. Juniper Suction – BBC
24. Top Gear – Jingle BBC 14/10/68
25. Conesuala – BBC Top Gear 14/10/68
26. The Travelling Tragition – BBC Top Gear 14/10/68

01. Deborah – Take 2 June 1968
02. Stacey Grove – Take 2 16/5/68
03. Wind Quartets – Take 4 10/6/68
04. Conesuala – Take 8 22/4/68
05. Trelawny Lawn – Take 3 8/8/68
06. Aznageel The Mage – Take 3 8/8/68
07. The Friends – Take 5 8/8/68
08. Salamanda Palaganda – Take 4 10/6/68
09. Our Wonderful Brownskin Man – Take 7 4/7/68
10. Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques) – Take 5 4/7/68
11. Eastern Spell – Take 12 16/5/68
12. The Travelling Tragition – Take 1 June 68
13. Juniper Suction – Take 1 14/7/68
14. Scenescof Dynasty – Takes 3 & 4 16/5/68
15. Nickelodeon – Take 5 10/6/68
16. One Inch Rock – Take 5 22/4/68
17. Wind Quartets – Take 1 16/5/68
18. Conesuala – Take 4 22/4/68
19. Trelawny Lawn – Take 1 8/8/68
20. Aznageel The Mage – Take 1 8/8/68
21. The Friends – Take 3 8/8/68
22. Salamanda Palaganda – Take 3 10/6/68
23. Our Wonderful Brownskin Man – Take 6 4/7/68
24. Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques) – Take 2 4/7/68
25. Eastern Spell – Take 2 16/5/68
26. The Travelling Tragition – Take 2
27. Juniper Suction – Take 3 14/7/68
28. Nickelodeon – Take 6 10/6/68
29. One Inch Rock – Take 4 16/5/68
30. Conesuala – Take 3 10/6/68

Track-List: Unicorn (1969)

T Rex Unicorn

01. Chariots of Silk
02. ‘Pon A Hill
03. The Seal of Seasons
04. The Throat of Winter
05. Cat Black (The Wizards Hat )
06. Stones for Avalon
07. She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
08. Like A White Star, Tangled and Far, Tulip That’s What You Are
09. Warlord of The Royal Crocodiles
10. Evenings of Damask
11. The Sea Beasts
12. Iscariot
13. Nijinski Hind
14. The Pilgrims Tale
15. The Misty Coast of Albany
16. Romany Soup
17. Pewter Suitor – Single A – Side
18. King Of The Rumbling Spires – Single A – Side
19. Do You Remember ( Cult ) – Single B – Side
20. Once Upon A Sea Of Abyssinia from 20th Century Superstar
21. Demon Queen from 20th Century Superstar
22. Ill Starred Man from 20th Century Superstar
23. Blessed Wild Apple Girl from The Best of T.Rex
24. Chariots Of Silk – Live on BBC Top Gear 11/5/69
25. Once Upon The Seas of Abyssinia – Live on BBC Top Gear 11/5/69
26. Nijinsky Hind – Live on BBC Top Gear 11/5/69
27. The Misty Coast of Albany – Live on BBC Top Gear 11/5/69
28. Iscariot – Live on BBC Top Gear 11/5/69

01. Pewter Suitor – Take 3 Previously Unreleased
02. Chariots Of Silk – Take 1 from Unicorn
03. ‘Pon A Hill – Take 2 Previously Unreleased
04. The Seal Of Seasons – Take 5 Previously Unreleased
05. The Throat Of Winter – Take 2 Previously Unreleased
06. Cat Black (The Wizards Hat) – Take 1
07. Stones For Avalon – Take 2 Previously Unreleased
08. She Was Born To Be My Unicorn – Take 1
09. Like A White Star, Tangled And Far, Tulip That’s What You Are – Take 1
10. Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles – Take 4 Previously Unreleased
11. Evenings Of Damask – Take 4 Previously Unreleased
12. The Sea Beasts – Take 3 Previously Unreleased
13. Iscariot – Take 4 Previously Unreleased
14. Nijinsky Hind – Take 5 Previously Unreleased
15. The Pilgrim’s Tale – Take 1
16. The Misty Coast Of Albany – Take 3 Previously Unreleased
17. Romany Soup – Take 1 Previously Unreleased
18. King Of The Rumbling Spires – Take 1 Previously Unreleased
19. King Of The Rumbling Spires – Take 3 Previously Unreleased
20. Do You Remember (Cult) – Take 2 Previously Unreleased
21. Once Upon The Seas Of Abyssinia – Take 3 Previously Unreleased
22. Demon Queen – Take 1
23. Ill Starred Man – Take 1
24. Blessed Wild Apple Girl – Take 2
25. The Lion And The Unicorn (live The Lyceum, London, 11th April 1969)
26. Interview – Blue Thumb promo 7″ Previously Unreleased


Getting Vocal For a Remastered/Expanded Deluxe Edition Of Live Dates By Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash Live Dates LPWhile listening to The Garden Party, the 2CD Martin Turner set of live songs from the Wishbone Ash catalog, I was – once again – struck to notice that the Live Dates album from 1973 could actually be a Deluxe Edition from the Universal umbrella. I have sent a message to Martin Turner via his Facebook page to mention the potential project to him.

Martin Turner, has remastered Argus (I wish he could do the same for Wishbone Four, There’s The Rub, Pilgrimage, Wishbone Ash, Locked In (which I LOVE), New England, and even No Smoke Without Fire. But definitely, I believe that the one album with a real shot at presentation would be Live Dates.

The original album contains eleven live tracks over two LPs (or 2CDs back in the early days of the format). The cuts were culled from four shows that include Croydon Fairfield Hall, Reading University, Newcastle City Hall, and Portsmouth Guildhall, all recorded in June of 1973 for the album. One thing is for certain, those shows contained a hell of a lot more than just the eleven tracks selected.

What I think would be a great idea, is for SOMEONE (doesn’t matter who), to go into the archives, find the tapes for all the shows in those venues, and assemble a 3CD (maybe more) Deluxe Edition of Live Dates. Add in new remastering, an updated and expanded booklet with new photos, and some new notes, I have a feeling there would be a lot of generated goodness for the set. In fact, if I worked at Universal in their catalog division, I would be consistently recommending this as a reissue project.

If this gets ignored, maybe I’ll have a go at it! I really think it has legs.

Wishbone Ash fans, what do YOU think? (Pass this around!)

Live Set From King Crimson, Live At The Orpheum, Set For January

King Crimson Live At The OrpheumRobert Fripp is a tireless musician. With many of the classic King Crimson albums being revisited, and more King Crimson recordings being made including live sets, Fripp has made the best use of his time with providing fans with as much King Crimson as they will consume. And judging by their consumption, fans will go to many corners of the universe to get classic King Crimson material.

On January 20, Discipline Global Mobile, the unique issuing arm of King Crimson music, will release a live set, Live At The Orpheum. This live set is timed to coincide with the 46th Anniversary of the formation of the band, and will feature material from their 2014 tour. The show date extends from their September 30, October 1 sets at The Orpheum in Los Angeles.

What will make this 41-minute concert set shine will be not only the significant audio demands of Robert Fripp, and one of his band-mates, Jakko Jakszyk, but also the fact that the CD release will be accompanied by a DVD-Audio issue with the tracks remixed in 96k/24-bit audio clarity.

Live At The Orpheum will also be made available on vinyl LP.

Track List – Live At The Orpheum

01: Walk On: Monk Morph Chamber Music
02: One More Red Nightmare
03: Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
04: The ConstruKction of Light
05: The Letters
06: Sailor’s Tale
07: Starless


Two John Martyn Classics, Sapphire, and Piece By Piece, To Be Remastered, Expanded, and Reissued In January

John Martyn SapphireJohn Martyn has created some of the most enduring acoustic music that the history of Rock and Roll has been privileged to have heard and enjoyed. With some classic titles in place, as well as a splash of other music, John Martyn is a legend for many. Martyn died in 2009, leaving behind loved albums and works, and a host of devoted fans.

On January 26, two of John Martyn’s albums, Sapphire, will be reissued in remastered and expanded editions on the RePresents reissue series introduced by Island Records. The new reissue of 1984 Island set will be expanded with a collection of alternative title mixes, a different version of “Fisherman’s Dream”, a non-album track (“Love In Your Life”), and three previously unreleased live tracks from 1986. The reissued Sapphire will contain a new booklet with lyrics, new notes, and an essay, along with a wealth of new photographs.

Also on January 26, Piece By Piece, the 1986 set will be reamstered and increased with seven alternate mixes, along with eight live cuts that includes a performance of Bob Dylan’s “Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)” from Dylan’s Empire Burlesque (1985) album. The Dylan cover is also included as a non-album studio cut.

John Martyn Piece by Piece

Track-list: Sapphire

01. Sapphire
02. Over The Rainbow
03. You Know
04. Watching Her Eyes
05. Fisherman’s Dream
06. Acid Rain
07. Mad Dog Days
08. Climb The Walls
09. Coming In On Time
10. Rope-Soul’d

01. Sapphire
02. Over The Rainbow
03. You Know
04. Watching Her Eyes
05. Fisherman’s Dream
06. Acid Rain
07. Mad Dog Days
08. Climb The Walls
09. Coming In On Time
10. Rope-Soul’d
11. Love In Your Life
12. Fisherman’s Dream
13. Mad Dog Days
14. Fisherman’s Dream
15. Over The Rainbow

Track-list: Piece By Piece

01. Nightline
02. Lonely Love
03. Angeline
04. One Step Too Far
05. Piece By Piece
06. Serendipity
07. Who Believes In Angels
08. Love Of Mine
09. John Wayne

01. Lonely Love
02. Angeline
03. Piece By Piece
04. Serendipity
05. Who Believes In Angels
06. Love Of Mine
07. John Wayne
08. Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)
09. Piece By Piece
10. Love Of Mine
11. Nightline
12. Serendipity
13. Angeline
14. John Wayne
15. Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)

Pretenders Albums Reissued In CD/DVD Sets In February (UK Report)

Pretenders Discs and BoxUK’s wunderkind label, Edsel Records, will assemble multi-disc sets of each album, along with a worthy Pretenders box set that will put everything together, exploring the goodness from the band during their high-level period of 1979, on through to 1999.

The Pretenders literally hit gold right out of the gate with their great debut, and “Brass In Pocket”. Fronted by Chrissie Hynde, the band went right to the top of the charts with the first album. From there, they experienced a healthy second album. With the unfortunate death of James Honeyman-Scott, the dismissal (and eventual death) of Pete Farndon, The Pretenders continued with an adjusted line-up. Over time, Hynde and the band generated many singles successful to one degree or another.

On February 16, Edsel UK will release all Pretenders albums issued by Sire Records in CD/DVD, and 2CD/DVD sets that will add in bonus tracks including demos, B-sides, rarities, video promos, and live cuts. New booklets with lyrics, photos, and more are housed in a digipak set with original artwork.

The 2CD/DVD sets include Pretenders (1979), Pretenders II (1981), Learning To Crawl (1984), Get Close (1986), Last Of The Independents (1994), ¡Viva El Amor! ( 1999). The single CD/DVD sets include Packed! (1990), and The Isle Of View (1995). The Full Box will come complete with 22-discs that incorporate all of the single title sets into one place.

Pretenders Box