The Taste For Music In The US And Elsewhere : Rival Sons

RivalSons Great Western ValkyrieI have to throw this out there simply because I’m a bit perplexed. But it could also be that perhaps we HAVE changed that dramatically.

On April 8, I mentioned the upcoming new release for Rival Sons called Great Western Valkyrie. Rival Sons is a blues/rock band originating from Long Beach, CA. Here is the link to revisit that post along with a video previewing the songs from the new album. Great Western Valkyrie was released in the US on June 10, the UK, on June 9, and the rest of the world on June 6.

I’ve received an email detailing the album’s reception in each location where it was released. Here are the results:

Official Album Chart Positions:

UK: #14
USA: #125

Now, I do not propose to change the tastes of America or the world for that matter. Nor am I chastising anyone. What I am interested in, however, is what is the US primarily listening to? With such a wide divide for this excellent band between the US and the rest of the world in reception, I sometimes am forced to remember my own sayings, which is that the UK, Japan, even Canada, enjoys music on a much wider scale than we may.

And so, I’m opening the floor for discussion on what might be the divide. Does Rival Sons appeal only elsewhere, and not the US? Is the US preferential to only a certain kind of music that relegates the rest to obscurity?