Random Lou Reed Thought On A Saturday Morning

wpid-0990.jpgJust a random Saturday morning thought.

It’s been around seven months and some days since we lost Lou Reed. Throughout that entire time, I really thought that an honest, celebrative package of some kind would be issued.nbsp; Whether that would be a genuine new remaster of something, or better, a lovingly assembled box of Lou’s musical career, with classic VU work, and his solo years represented, with a beautifully designed book that definitively explored Lou’s life.

I really thought something was forthcoming. I guess I might have been wrong.

Still, I know that there are many fans that would make the creation of such a box worth the time of RCA/Arista/Legacy,nbsp; even though it would be necessary to work with other labels to finish the job. It’s been done before.

What’s the problem, do you think?

Photo of Lou Reed