Is THIS Era Of Rock And Roll Greater Than Them All?

LongLiveRock And RollI’ve been doing some thinking. (Dangerous, I know!) And I’ve come to a conclusion that might not sit well with some of you.

I actually believe that the music of today has come to equal the music output of our deliriously excellent past. It’s just that many of us do not realize it yet. You see, there are many things going on here in this time that we haven’t had before. The amount of available music has mushroomed to the point that it has become impossible to follow it all. That wasn’t so much true in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s (with apologies to ’90s producers. Not that there wasn’t great music coming from there. It’s just that the state of flux during the ’90s was too great for the era.)

These days, there are so many genres to choose from.  The level of quality has risen from the bland periods leading up to this time frame. If you need music that reminds you of the past, there are many retro bands doing original music that pay homage to those styles these days. So many of those now could have risen to stardom had they existed during the time frames they emulate. Truth!

I’m loving the quality of this new era of psychedelic music, all sprung from the short period of it during the late ’60s. The recent formation of the Austin Psych Festival underscores this note. Its success underscores the rising popularity of it amongst the young crowd.

The blues/rock efforts from bands like LA’s Rival Sons show that the interest it there for the ’70s-styled rock that many of us love so well.

Ambient music is at an all time high. Folk-styled music is absolutely extraordinary these days. And if your style is the current music of Pop/Punk, well, that’s getting much, much better too.  And I can’t deny the R&B, Jazz, and other genre styles that have sprung up.

I surmise the key component to be that of people in charge schooling their kids in genres, styles, and instrumental prowess. You see, kids of the ’60s and ’70s, grew up to dip their toes into the music of early ’80s. Many didn’t like what they heard. Their younger brothers and sisters took to that period, eventually producing the music of the ’90s. What happened there was simply the three chord influence rather than the deeper appreciations of blues and jazz that their older siblings grew up on. But that majority seems to be a thing of the past now.

If you haven’t really explored the music out there these days, I highly recommend it. You’ll be surprised.

In essence – and here it comes, folks – this era may be the greatest period of Rock and Roll thus far!