I Want Low To Be Remastered And Reissued!

DavidBowieLowMy vinyl quest is Low, the 1977 at-rock album from David Bowie that changed how you thought about Mr Bowie.  Of course, i could purchase the LP over the internet but where’s the fun in that? For several years, I sought a good copy of Berlin by Lou Reed. I finally found one. But Low? Nope.  Too elusive. But that’s ok, I can wait.

What I can’t wait for is a reissue and remaster of the album. I know there has to be songs that David Bowie left off the original. Even the demos would be cool to hear. Nevertheless, I would love to hear this album get a good work-over.

I know that this post is short, maybe even sweet for some of you. But I haven’t the oomph to write up a decent post about the upcoming Zephyr Box featuring music from Tommy Bolin when he was in that band. It comes out on May 27 (see how I slipped this in here?).

Still, RCA, I REALLY do want a Low remaster. And a Heroes remaster after that.