Poll: Which Album Do You Wish You Were At The Sessions For?

It’s been awhile since we have gone the conversational route. It was something that I did quite frequently, and now I’m left wondering why I just stopped.  Sometimes, it’s probably too hard to ask, “what’s the best live album?” one too many times.  I do try to get in something that we haven’t discussed before, something that usually intrigues me.  And I found one because of the Behind The Sun (Clapton) SACD thread.

Eric Clapton - No Reason To CryWhile I tense up for the slapping, I have to say that I’ve never been a huge Clapton fan.  Yes, I do listen to a lot of his albums, and yes, I highly respect fans’ love for him.  For me, he just seems to be underwhelming.  However, talk about his No Reason To Cry album, and I’m all there.  That album, to me, was a pure essential party of stars, all gathered at The Band’s legendary Shangri-La Studio, and all contributing to create an immensely underrated album.

But this is not the thrust of my writing today.  It is a basis for it.

Out of ALL the albums ever created in Rock and Roll history, hell, let’s throw it out there, in the history of albums period, I would have been in awe to be at the sessions for No Reason To Cry.  There are albums I love more than that one, to be sure.  But it’s the one I wish I could have been a part of more than all the rest.

When you realize who was at the sessions for that 1976 gem, it makes you shiver.  The entire clan from The Band were on hand. Bob Dylan contributed a song (“Sign Language”), sang it, and never re-recorded it again, making that track alone a complete reason to buy the album. And what a track it was.  Ron Wood played on the album. Yvonne Elliman contributed vocals to the album as did Marcy Levy.  Marcy Levy helped pen “Innocent Times”, and sang it as well.  Billy Preston helped; Georgie Fame was there.  There were a lot of drop-ins as well. Awesome album.  It is, as I said, the one album I would have loved to be at the sessions for.

What yours?