Steven Wilson To Provide The Yes Album Remix in BD-Audio and DVD-Audio Formats

YESTheYESAlbumI’m quite surprised that I waited as long as I have for to write this piece of info up.  If you’re a YES fan, (and if you are, then you already know), then it is indeed exciting news to know that Steven Wilson will follow his Close to The Edge remix with one for The YES Album.  Recorded and released in 1971, the same year as Fragile, The Yes Album featured extraordinary classics like “Yours is No Disgrace”, “I’ve Seen All Good People”, and “Clap”. Of course there are other great songs on the set.

The new remix of the Yes Album is expected on April 14, with the now anticipated DVD-Audio, and Blu-Ray Audio issues. but what really sets this apart for fans is the expected 5.1 surround addition, a feature that fans clamor for with any hi-resolution release.

The YES Album remix is the second in the YES restoration series, which is great news when you begin to think which YES album will be blessed with not only 5.1 Surround, but even the Stereo remix beyond this one (let it be Relayer).

This new remix will feature not only the brand new Steven Wilson treatment but will also offer the studio version of “The Clap”, and an extended version of “A Venture”.

The DVD-Audio version of The YES Album will offer a DTS 5.1 Surround selection, as well as a 24/96 lossless set of files.

The Blu-ray Audio provides the usual sound brilliance that was heard on Close To The Edge.  There will be High Resolution Stereo too.

The booklet will offer new notes, photos, credits, and other things to create more value for the quality album.

We’re getting spoiled!