SACD Reissue For Eric Clapton Classic, Behind The Sun

ClaptonBehindTheSunSACDEric Clapton, considered by many to be one, if not THE, best guitar player, ever.  And while that may be a challenge of debate for the lot of you, there is no denying the quality of his solo efforts released over the decades, beginning with his self-titled debut back in 1970, which included his phenomenal cover of J.J. Cale’s “After Midnight”. Since that album, he has consistently been able to cull at least one single off each album.  If you were to ask me (and I know you’re not), I’d controversially select 1975’s No Reason To Cry. But that’s me. (If Audio Fidelity is asking me (and I know they’re not), I’d call No Reason To Cry an EXCELLENT candidate for SACD.)

From 461 Ocean Boulevard (“I Shot The Sheriff”), to the star-studded No Reason To Cry (“Hello Old Friend”), to the runaway success of Slow Hand (“Cocaine”,”Lay Down Sally”, “Wonderful Tonight”), on through to every solo effort he has created since, one thing is apparent, Eric Clapton, is one of our greats.

So, it is no surprise, and is certainly a pleasure, to announce that Audio Fidelity will be reissuing Clapton’s 1985 star-drenched album, Behind The Sun, on SACD.  Newly signed to Warner Brothers, Clapton would release Money And Cigarettes in 1983, an album not as well-received as his previous efforts had been. However, that changed with the release of Behind The Sun, his new album to fans with the help of Phil Collins, Steve Lukather (Toto), Donald “Duck” Dunn, and others.  The album moved into the ’80s style with grace and eventually went Platinum in sales.

Audio Fidelity plans the SACD release of Behind The Sun on March 18.

Side Note: My Shameless Pitch to Audio Fidelity for No Reason To Cry on SACD:

Follow up with No Reason To Cry.  What an incredible star-studded album that was with Bob Dylan, Ron Wood, The Band, Yvonne Elliman, and others. If you ask me, there was no better Eric Clapton album released.