Sweden’s Folk/Rock Sister Duo, First Aid Kit, To Release New Album In June

FirstAidKit Stay GoldIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Swedish Folk/Rock sister duo known as First Aid Kit. Their last album is something to listen to.  In fact, I STILL have it in my regular rotation, many months after first hearing it.  For those needing a primer, First Aid Kit started in Sweden when sisters Johanna, and Klara Söderberg decided to make their gorgeous folk compositions available to a wider audience other than just themselves.  And we’re a lucky audience for it.

They released their first set of music in 2008 in a stunning 8-track EP called Drunken Trees.  The Drunken Trees EP contains an attention grabbing cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” (Fleet Foxes) generating a fair amount of press and excitement over the new duo.  In 2010, they released their first full-length, The Big Black And The Blue, proving that the two girls from Sweden were the real thing when it came to song composition talents and their ability to present it in beautiful harmonies.

In 2012, following the pre-album single “The Lion’s Roar”, First Aid Kit released their second full-length, The Lion’s Roar, which contained not one filler track within its ten songs. In the final song, “King Of The World”, the sisters invited Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) to contribute vocals to that song. Overall, if you haven’t heard The Lion’s Roar, you’re missing out on one of the more exciting albums in recent years.

On June 10, the sisters will release their third full-length album, Stay Gold.  They have preceded its arrival with a new song from the album called “My Silver Lining”.  It is located at SoundCloud (audio embedded below, courtesy of SoundCloud and First Aid Kit). If you want the lyrics to follow along, click through to the SoundCloud host and enjoy the song further.  If you were to ask me, the song is brilliant, and indicates an album that will be well-received.

StayGoldFirstAidKitLP  StayGold CD with Lithograph

Stay Gold will release in CD in multiple versions that includes a 14″ x 20″ lithograph and a tote bag, one without a tote bag (but with the lithograph), and one with just the CD.  In addition, there will be several editions of LP, all pressed in gold-colored vinyl. The same inclusion choices found for the CD will also be available on the LP version.  The LP version will include a download card for the MP3s. The Deluxe Collector’s Bundle (with tote bag, LP, MP3s, lithograph), provides a signed lithograph.

The Black Keys To Release New Album In May

BlackKeysTurnBlueThe two components of The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach (guitars/vocals), and Patrick Carney (drums) have taken the band to extraordinary heights not seen by even many of the Pop stars ruling music charts. With El Camino, their late 2011 release, having sold well over five million copies, it’s easy to see why they’re so well loved as a musical unit.  With music influenced by dips into the ’60s and ’70s, they have delivered refreshing albums of strong Rock and Roll, the kind you fondly remember.

El Camino followed the path of Brothers by winning two high-profile Grammy Awards, one for Best Rock Album, and the other for Best Rock Song (“Lonely Boy”) in the 2013 Grammy Awards session.  Across the generation board, they are appreciated by the current youth culture, as well as the older crowd because they really rock the right way.

On May 13, Nonesuch Records will deliver the eighth studio album from the band, preceded by a fore-running single, “Fever (heard below).  The album, being called Turn Blue, will feature eleven new tracks, that offer a new musical direction for the band without leaving what gave them an audience in the first place.  Nonesuch will release the new album on CD. DD, and the new (old) standard, vinyl LP.

Of the new album, Patrick Carney minces no words by stating that, “We are always trying to push ourselves when we make a record—not repeat our previous work but not abandon it either.  On this record, we let the songs breathe, and explored moods, textures and sounds. We’re excited for the world to hear Turn Blue.”

Yeah, Patrick, I think we’re excited too!

Bigelf Ends Long Hiatus With New Album, Into the Maelstrom

BigelfIntoTheMaelstromI don’t know how I missed this one.  But I did! (Thanks to Bill B for the ‘kick in the ass’ on this!) However, when we last left LA’s progressive psych-metal band, Bigelf, they had just released the excellent Cheat The Gallows album.  But that was way back in mid-2008. Then, main-man Damon Fox led the four-member band on a wild ride through ten tear-it-up tracks including the 11-minute plus, “Counting Sheep”.

In a few days, Fox, with his newly reconstituted Bigelf band, will return with a new album, Into The Maelstrom, planned for April 1 (TOMORROW!).  Being released on new label, InsideOut Music, Bigelf will provide a harder edge than even before.  The new album, with twelve brand new songs, will also showcase the drumming of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), along with the return of Duffy Snowhill (bass guitar).  The reasoning behind the long hiatus are personal to Damon Fox, but nevertheless, we are pleased with the return of the band with their promising new album.

Into The Maelstrom will release with the standard CD, a limited edition 2CD digipak (with bonus remixes and demos), the expected DD MP3s, and a gate-fold 2LP set that will provide a CD inclusion for the traveling bunch!

Into The Maelstrom is heralded by the pre-album single, “Control Freak” (heard below):

ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery To Finally Get Released In A Stunning Remix With Surround And Stereo

ELPBrainSaladSurgeryMany of us have been waiting patiently for the next in line of the remastered/remixed Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums after the release of their first two.  The two released updates are the eponymous debut, and Tarkus, both remixed by the now becoming legendary, Steven Wilson. Many of us were sad when told that he would not be revisiting the remaining ELP catalog, however those titles are not being ignored in the remix department.

The band’s best received album, Brain Salad Surgery, is now being listed on Amazon UK (I’m sure soon to be released in the US as well), with a date and a brief rundown on what’s to be expected on the reissue.  The new album is remixed by Jakko Jabszyk (King Crimson).

Essentially, there will be two versions of the title being made available.  The made for serious fans super deluxe Edition will come with six discs that include the remastered original album, a second CD being referred to as The Alternate Album (includes several alternate cuts, b-sides, instrumentals, even audio from a flexidisc from NME), a third CD with the Stereo remix of the album, a DVD-Audio featuring 5.1 surround mixes, as well as a high resolution Stereo copy at 96k/24-bit rates, a DVD with footage from their 1973 tour, and a 180g-weight vinyl LP featuring the remastered version of Brain Salad Surgery.

For those not wanting or needing the huge Super Deluxe Edition, there will also be a 3-disc Deluxe Edition Box that will include the remastered original album (CD1), the same Alternate Album CD (CD2), and the DVD-Audio disc with its attendant 5.1 Surround, and hi-res Stereo playback.

The included booklet will be a 20-page set with pictures, new liner notes, and associated memorabilia.  All of the albums will be housed in a 12″ hard-cased Box.

These anticipated reissues of Brain Salad Surgery (hopefully followed closely by Trilogy) will become available in Europe (UK, Germany, France) on May 12.  I’m betting that May 13 will see a US release (hopefully).

Brain Salad Surgery

Original album – remastered

– The Alternate Album – 
01) Karn Evil 9 – Third Impression Original Backing Track
02) Jerusalem First Mix
03) Still …You Turn Me On First Mix
04) Toccata *Previously Unreleased
05) Karn Evil 9 – First Impression (part one) *Previously Unreleased
06) Karn Evil 9 – First Impression (part two) *Previously Unreleased
07) Karn Evil 9 – Second Impression *Previously Unreleased
08) Karn Evil 9 – Third Impression *Previously Unreleased
09) Excerpts From Brain Salad Surgery NME Flexi Disc
10) When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I’ll Be Your Valentine B-Side Single (K13503)
11) Brain Salad Surgery B-Side Single (K10946)
12) Brain Salad Surgery Instrumental
13) Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) Diff Version
14) Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) Instrumental

New stereo version of album.

Original album in new 5.1 mix and also @24bit; the new high resolution stereo mixes @ 24bit.

Feature-length documentary featuring highlights of the 1973 World Tour.

180gms heavyweight vinyl of the original album, remastered.

Poll: Which Head Would You Have Liked To Be In For The Creation Of Which Album?

Cinema Paradiso CD coverA few weeks ago, I wrote a fun piece on which album that you wish you were at sessions for. The answers were fun to read, and enviable.  But I’ve decided to delve a little deeper into the original concept by asking the bigger question of “Which album or work do you wish you were inside the head of the composer for?”.

On my return from Texas, where I visited my awesome granddaughter, I played the soundtrack for Cinema Paradiso.  As some of you will know, I’m fascinated by the works of Ennio Morricone.  And while I love many Rock albums, it is the creation of Cinema Paradiso that I wish I were inside the head of Ennio Morricone during its creation.  Further, I would like to have been attached emotionally so that I could feel the range of emotions as he created that beautiful collection of extraordinary compositions.

Yes, I could go further to select several more classic albums.  One is to have been inside Pete Townshend‘s head during the making of Quadrophenia.  Or John Lennon‘s head during the making of ANY of his solo works.  Or (AND) Roger Waters‘ head for Animals. My list could go further.  But for now, let’s see which heads you’d like to have been in for the creation of albums (or individual songs).

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 03/21/2014 (US Report)

Friday Music will update several classic albums on vinyl LP that will include remastered editions of For Earth Below (Robin Trower), Chinatown (Thin Lizzy), and Amigos (Santana). All LPs will be 180g weight, and are slated for issue on May 6.


For vinyl fans,  Rhino Records have three more Depeche Mode titles planned for 180g LP, scheduling the three for May 27. Those will include Exciter,  Speak & Spell, and a 2LP Playing The Angel.

Blue Note Records have a Cassandra Wilson reissue title on the calendar for April 4. The album is 1993’s Blue Light ‘Til Dawn.


Glassnote Records will kick out The Bones Of What You Believe from Chvrches on April 22.

The legendary Reprise Records will release Vegas featuring Frank Sinatra on June 3 for CD.

On May 13, Blue Note will gift us with a set featuring Miles Davis called Take Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums.

Fantasy Records have planned the CD reissue of A Boy Named Charlie Brown, originally released by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, for May 13.


Banshee Music have Isolate And Medicate coming from Seether, with a planned date of June 3.

Gaither Music will release Hymns from Tennessee Ernie Ford on July 8.

Supernova is coming from Ray LaMontagne on May 6, CD and LP.

Columbia Records, and Legacy Recordings will release Volume 3 in their Miles Davis Bootleg Series.  This title will be Miles At The Fillmore: Miles Davis 1970. This 4CD set is scheduled for March 25.


RCA Records have Corazón coming by Santana with a scheduled date of May 6.

Silver Arrow Records will deliver Phosphorescent Harvest from Chris Robinson on CD, LP, and DD. The LP will add in a 7″ bonus track.  This is scheduled for April 29.

SuperEgo Records will offer The Both by the duo of the same name (Aimee Mann/Ted Leo) on April 15 on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Mercury Records have Pop Psychology from Neon Trees planned for April 22.


Jagjaguwar Records (one of my favorite indie labels) will release Are We There by Sharon Van Etton on May 27 on CD, LP, DD.

I Never Learn is on the calendar from Lykke Li, planned for May 6.

Stiff Upper Lip, the 2000 album from AC/DC will reissue on LP, planned for April 15.

Tuff Gong Worldwide will release Fly Rasta by Ziggy Marley on April 15, CD and LP.

Red River Entertainment will release Symphony Of Light (gorgeous cover art) by Renaissance, on April 15.


Manifesto Records will release a Box of collected 7″ vinyl singles from 1979-1982, featuring the best from Dead Kennedys. The set, called Original Singles Collection, will feature seven singles, remastered,  with a collectible 12-page booklet of liner notes and interviews.  The set is planned for April 15.


Talia’s Overflow Notes: 03/19/14 – Why Led Blimps Induce Hysteria-The Led Zeppelin Experience Over Years & The Past 15 Months

LedZeppelinIOnce upon a time, back in 1968, there was a Blues-based band who took the Blues and created music from it which made them look like young lions.  They were mighty and they roared with indescribable certainty and loudness while, at the same time, sound as if they were about to fly out of control.  And as time went on, they cast a huge shadow over the landscape.  Even the fact that the band hasn’t existed since 1980 still hasn’t stopped that shadow that they cast upon the landscape from appearing now and then.  When it does, it creates chaos.  It did back then and it certainly still does now.
I’ll probably be preaching to the choir and those of you who are a certain age will definitely understand what I mean when I say that Led Zeppelin may possibly have been the perfect band to have been the soundtrack to your own personal chaos back when you were attempting to survive High School back in the ’70s.  This was certainly the case with me.  And yet, amazingly, they still induce hysteria among us old geezers as was the case of when the first 3 Led Zeppelin remasters were announced recently.
 It’s veritable proof that, contained within a guy’s DNA from the time period, there’s a trigger mechanism within us that sets off a rush of reactions (in some cases overreactions) strongly similar to the ones we unfairly hoisted upon anybody within shouting distance of us when were in High School.
Led Zeppelin was one of those bands I came to dearly love even though The Rolling Stones were still my number one.  But there was something about Page’s guitar, Bonham’s drums and Plant’s high-drive vocals which seemed to describe my world being torn asunder like the California earthquakes I used to live through in a way that was totally unique to them as my body and mind went through the changes that every parent fears and with frightening similarity to Page’s guitar intensity during the middle and end sections of “Dazed And Confused”.
When I conjure up the thought of Led Zeppelin, I can still take myself back to Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose on those cold Winter mornings in my Freshman and Sophomore Years and dreaming of some gorgeous Scandinavian blonde hot babe woman, being extremely melancholy (depressed, really, which I may actually for real be dealing with even now) and having “That’s The Way” playing through my head as I wondered about the enormity of the weight I was carrying back then and still do.  The fog was present in the sky and in my head.
It was with this long history in mind that I’ve been thinking about how Matt and I have been following the story of these releases for a year and three months now.  A lot of people feel really emotional about Led Zeppelin.  I think it has to do with the music and the intensity of the memories they carry with them that makes them so easily apt to voice things where not much thought was given beforehand as to what it is they were saying exactly.
The story of the Led Zeppelin remasters first broke in a cover story interview that Jimmy Page gave to Rolling Stone Magazine where he clearly stated that these things were going to come.  He even gave specific examples of what me might expect as the bonus tracks.  This was a year and three months ago.  Even with all of that, there were people on music forums saying that Page wasn’t going to come through and that he’s been fleecing fans for years.  For about two years prior to this magazine interview that he gave, I had a funny feeling that Warner Brothers may have been bugging Page to do something like this.  I had a gut feeling. 
After the major Rolling Stone interview, there would be little subtle updates from either Page or Ross Halfin (a photographer who has worked with Page before).  It was obvious that this wasn’t a case of Page making some kind of major blunder by thinking out loud in an interview.  It was really a case of a work in progress before everybody’s eyes.  And yet, there were some people who still didn’t believe him.  This was starting to stun me.
The only time I got just as frustrated as some of the grumble people was when Matt and I both saw that some kind of press conference was supposed to happen a few weeks ago that turned out to fade into oblivion.  That was when I got on my hands and knees to beg anybody who might read the Hoffman Forum my pleas to please have Warner Brothers give us an official press release of some kind.
 Let me tell you people.  When the press release came very recently, I let out a sigh of relief that probably could have been heard halfway around the world.
And just like back then, the three large shadows being cast as the pre-orders have begun for the self-titled, II & III sets, that band is producing a torrent of emotion that is still as intense as when we all got hooked on them back in the old days.  The complaints are huge and the things have not even been released yet.  People are worried about the sound.  People are wondering where “Hey Hey What Can I Do” ended up (I hedged my bets and bought the “Immigrant Song” CD single to cover my tracks in case Page doesn’t use it on Coda or as a bonus phantom track on III)?  Will the Paris ’69 show be mono or stereo? (It’s mono).  What kind of edits will there be for the show? (There will be some-a few minor ones and one big one)).
The thing of it is that Led Zeppelin is so huge that people can’t celebrate this so easily.  I can’t say that I blame them, but I’m so glad that the albums as we knew them have gotten a new glow to them.  I am so used to having bonus material not turn out to be exactly what I was hoping it to be that I guess I’ve become numb.  There’s too many examples to name.  I could break a server just listing what’s been done to unreleased Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen music over the years. 
Somehow though, at the end of the day, I am going to figure out a way to thank Page for putting himself through the hell of doing this for us.  I’m sure he has a bit of an idea of just what his band’s legacy has stitched onto our lives-some would say pounded into our foreheads.  He knew what he was getting himself into and now he’s going to see it through.
And to my friend Matt, thanks for keeping me company on this particular ride concerning the Led Zeppelin remasters.  We had a few nights of exchanging FB posts and e-mails which were frantic and hilarious at the same time.  I felt like I was back in High School all over again.  He can tell you.
 Talia’s Overflow Notes 3/19/14
A few more U.K. grey market releases have popped up once again.  From the Keyhole label comes a 2-CD set from The Velvet Underground called Live At The Boston Tea Party December 12th, 1968.  This one is due out March 18.  The other is one from the Smokin’ label of Patti Smith called Dreaming Of The Prophet: 1975 Radio Broadcast.  The Smith title is due out April 14.  (IMWAN)
Warner Brothers will be releasing a 2-CD set (and vinyl on Record Store Day) for R.E.M.-Unplugged 1991/2001: The Complete Sessions and is due May 20. (The Second Disc/IMWAN/ Hoffman Forum)
A Criterion release for The Beatles-A Hard Day’s Night will be available in DVD and DVD/Blu-ray packages on July 22.  (IMWAN/The Hoffman Forum/The Second Disc)
My beloved Soundway label will be releasing a new archive Africa title on April 28 from a band called Muyei Power.  The title is called Sierra Leone In 1970s USA.  The press for the release says that this was a band who never formally released an album.  Instead, they made various recordings in 1975 and 1976 and they are collected here in this package.  The songs were all recorded here in the United States when they were touring the country.  This is the first time Soundway has produced a title from Sierra Leone.  I will be very much looking forward to what the Analog Africa label has coming next.  (Soundway e-mail & Facebook page)
A spokesperson for Neil Young has told people that work is still being done on Archive Vol. 2 and that there will be some kind of physical release for it.  As with anything Neil, we’ll learn more once a pre-order comes down the pike one of these days.  Just how many days is certain, but it will be days that might turn into months or…well, you get what I mean.  (The Hoffman Forum)
Keith Richards, in conjunction with his daughter Theodora, is coming out with a children’s book on September 9 through Little, Brown & Co. called Gus And Me: The Story Of My Granddad And My First Guitar.

The Black Angels To Release New EP

result-312Last April, just around this time, Psychedelic Rock band, The Black Angels released their 4th long-player, Indigo Meadow. And pleased with it we were. As the highly successful annual event of Record Store Day again approaches, it warms my heart to know that The Black Angels will have an offering in that mix of titles being offered.

This year, the band will release an EP of seven brand new tracks to be acquired (for now) on that special day. The EP is being called Clear Lake Forest, and will provide a great interim release as we anxiously await their next album. With actual release date set for April 19, the latest batch from The Black Angels is planned for a limited edition clear vinjyl album.

If you’re a fan of psychedelic blues rock, then Clear Lake Forest can be yours, especially if you are a vinyl fan. Be there or be square.

Clear Lake Forest EP Tracklist:
01. Sunday Evening
02. Tired Eyes
03. Diamond Eyes
04. The Flop
05. An Occurrence at 4507 South Third Street
06. The Executioner
07. Linda’s Gone


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Readies Their Third Album For May

PrintFor me, it’s almost always about NYC.  Many of my favorite bands and artists originated there.  For me, the city just seems to have a core of creativity burning like a white hot sun. One of the bands that I came into contact with some years earlier is The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.  formed in 2007, the band released their first album, their eponymous classic that is still one that gets plenty of turntable play.  I find the songs exhilarating and contagious.  Several years later, they released their next album, Belong.  It too was a hotbed of fast-paced indie songs that gave me plenty to enjoy.

On May 6, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart will release their third  album, Days Of Abandon, via a new label, Yebo Music, which gives them major label distribution with Warner Brothers.  They have preceded the album with the release of a single, “Simple And Sure”. That song is a catchy tune with plenty of promise for the upcoming album.  I don’t have access to that song although I’ve heard it on Spotify.

Instead, I will embed a video from the second album.  I believe it will give you an accurate idea of what to expect.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart | Belong from SURROUND on Vimeo.

Rick Wakeman A&M Catalog To Be Reissued

RickWakeman No Earthly ConnectionRick Wakeman got his first real grounded play in Rock and Roll while being in Strawbs. However, his stand with YES during their most interesting years did more for his visibility than anything else up to that point. Still with A&M Records, Wakeman released a solo effort, The Six Wives Of Henry VIII.  That album performed well, resonating with fans and critics.  With the release of his followup album, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, his solo work was cemented, and he had become a star in his own right.

Over the years, Wakeman would rejoin YES, leave, all the while continuing to create solo works that included The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur, Listzomania, No Earthly Connection, White Rock, and others.  And that was just the ’70s.  In the ’80s, he pounded out over ten albums.

If you’re a Rick Wakeman fan, then you will be excited to know that A&M Records will engage in a reissue campaign for the entirety of Rick Wakeman’s A&M label output beginning in July.  Those include previously mentioned titles on through Rhapsodies, released in 1979.  While the releases may initially begin in the UK, they are expected to be released in the US as well.

I think that’s something to get excited about, don’t you?