Lost Johnny Cash Album Coming From Legacy Recordings

CashOutAmongTheStarsOn March 25, Legacy Recordings will release a NEW Johnny Cash album.  As it is stated, as the ’80s did to just about any artist coming into the new decade from the one before it, especially if it was early ’70s – or before, that artist had a lot to overcome.  This was also true for Johnny Cash.  He was paired with a hot producer at the time (Billy Sherrill), who attempted to help Johnny Cash “over the hump”, as it were.  After having recorded the songs for Out Among The Stars, the project was mysteriously put on hold, and never issued as an album to the masses.  Strange that.

Recently, the album was “discovered” by his son, and polished to become a NEW Johnny Cash album with never before released tracks.  The album contains twelve songs (the DD will add in a bonus track), many of them covers from the likes of Hank Snow (“I’m Moving On”), and the title track written by Adam Mitchell.  There are more, of course.

If you’re a Johnny Cash fan, this album may be quite an exciting upcoming release for you.  I’m curious to hear how it sounds. I enjoyed Johnny Cash (my son loves him), but never to the extent that I would know of any of the mystique that may surround this album of material.

Nevertheless, it’s rather a unique position to be in.  No longer is the label interested in the ability of the album to sell in the millions to keep a strong roster where Mr Cash is concerned.  Johnny is legend these days.  Anything previously recorded and unreleased is now magic gold.  This is quite true with Out Among The Stars.

Imagine such findings with any big name legendary band or artist.  then you get the gist of the import of this album release.

Out Among the Stars.  March 25.  Mark your calendars.