Here we are once again, at the dawning of another Hall of Fame debacle.  To be fair, I get the Hall of Fame.  There are those that have been quite influential over the years and have inspired much in the realm of music.  And my case is not one of “why did THEY get in?”…usually.  What inspires me to rant about this useless procedure is simply the idiocy with which it is run.

First off, as Rock and Roll gets more and more widespread. we have to come to a conclusion, which is how in the “wide, wide world of sports” will the Hall ever put in the deserving bands and artists before we all die off (or the deserving potential inductees)? The answer is quite simple enough, actually.  DON’T PICK A BATCH ONLY TO DENY ENTRANCE!  Here’s the easy route (and we’d all love it):

Have your group of judges, bolstered by an online poll of fans, choose the year’s entries.  Choose at least 20 (or if you must, ten), then let’s start the party.  No voting on who out of the nominated should get in.  That’s stupid.  Dumb! Idiotic!

If you picked a list, go with that.  Having said that, Yes, The Replacements, Deep Purple, The Meters, LL Cool J, Chic, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, N.W.A., The Zombies, and Link Wray all get in along with KISS, Nirvana, Hall & Oates, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, and Cat Stevens.

And, well, that’s not the way it’s getting played out.  And while I really have little problem who gets in, I do have a problem with who gets in over who.

So, (and this is my own opinion.  You may or may not agree with them, but it is still just an opinion), I have to scratch my head and wonder how KISS was more deserving than Yes, how Linda Ronstadt beat out Link Wray, how  Cat Stevens takes out Paul Butterfield.

We shouldn’t even be writing this piece.  Everyone in the list should have been inducted.  The club just AIN’T THAT exclusive, or should it be THAT exclusive.

There you have it.  The most horrifying snub is definitely YES, and not because I’m a YES fan.  It’s because few bands have been as influential and defining as they were. And who knows when they get a chance to be inducted again.

Ahhh, who cares.  It is, after all, as one reader suggested, the rock and roll hall of fame (in lower case). It doesn’t have any relevancy, if it really ever had it.