What Are You Listening To?

Well, it seems like out little annual slowdown leading into the holiday period has arrived somewhat.  While we’re getting a bit more than usual, I can sense the slowing.  And sense I have little to give you on this day, how about a simple question?  What are we  (meaning YOU) listening to these days with more than passing interest.  For me, it is Adam Green and Binki Shapiro‘s debut release on Rounder Records, and the new Lily & Madeleine album.  It’s actually quite difficult to get either one of those out of the player, whether in my home or in the car.

I recently ran across The Paper Kites, which I have yet to get their new album (soon to be rectified).  On the Rock side, I’m still playing a lot of the new album from The Black Angels (Indigo Meadow, which I’m looking for on vinyl LP).

So, what’re you listening to that seems to not want to leave your player?

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