In Memoriam: Peter Haycock


If the news of Lou Reed’s passing weren’t taxing enough, the news that Pete Haycock succumbed to a heart attack on October 30 was pretty devastating too.  If you don’t know who Pete

Haycock is, you most certainly have heard him.  Haycock was the brilliant bluesy guitar of the Climax Blues Band.  You most likely remember the band’s big hits, “Couldn’t Get It Right” from the late ’70s, and “I Love You” from the ’80s.

But if you were an early fan, before any of those singles lifted the band to stardom, then you already know the brilliance of their albums including the exemplary Sense Of Direction, released in 1974.  Anyone that remembers “Losing The Humbles” with it’s sensory Haycock slide guitar, then you know the serious bluesy elements he brought to anything he recorded. Of course, any fan of Climax Blues Band will have their favorites.  Mine are Sense Of Direction, and the great unheralded FM Live double album from 1973 (that introduced me to the band. I got it from a discount bin).ClimaxBluesBandSenseOfDirection

Haycock remained a member until the later ’80s.  Since his departure, however, Pete Haycock kept himself busy with film score work, a bit of time with ELO2 (with Bev Bevan), and a series of solo efforts that were quite good.

The surprise of his death still sends a shock through me, as did Lou Reed’s death.  And sometimes, it takes a bit of a effort to realize that these changes are occurring.  Nevertheless, I will honor Pete Haycock by spinning my two beloved Climax Blues Band classics.  Maybe more than once.  Maybe all day even.  I could easily do it.  Both soundtrack my youth and are unforgettable.

And to think the architect of both those albums is now gone from this existence.  I don’t like it.


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