Review: 15 Wild Decembers – Geoff Smith

GeoffSmith15WildDecembersIn 1995, Sony Classical issued an album from an immense talent in the person of Geoff Smith. His razor-sharp, minimalist-styled, approach to piano is, in every way, dark, hypnotic, and in the ranks of masters like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and other brilliant pianists. On his Sony Classical debut, 15 wild decembers, Geoff Smith joined forces with his wife, noted soprano, Nicola Walker Smith, in a themed ensemble of music that swirls around the written works of tragic 19-century poets such as Emily Bronte, Percy Shelley, and John Keats.

15 wild decembers puts together 8 extraordinary tracks with 5 vocal and 3 piano instrumentals. On the vocal tracks, the lyrics have been mined from literary figures, as stated before. But what makes them take on new life is the trained voice of Nicola Walker Smith. She opens the album with “The Last of England,” a tender song of the incoming winter as a metaphor for the onset of hopelessness. It is an emotional beauty of a song that draws its lyrical strength from the sad words of “A Dirge” by Percey Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). It is followed by “Six Wings of Bliss,” which is crafted around fragments from Emily Bronte (1818-1848) works.

“Possess Me’ is where Geoff Smith displays his stunning piano work in singularity. It is a fast moving, 8-minute tune that runs opposite of the album’s usual setting but will have you in awe of his command of the piano. His notes are delivered with a crisp precision and will have you hitting the back button to hear it yet once again. His other piano-only songs include the soft and heartbreaking “The Rainpools Are Happy,” and the gorgeous “To the Old Place.”

“Fifteen Wild Decembers” is the gem of the album. Its piano and Nicola Walker Smith’s vocals is a song will take up residence in your mind. The album closes with the lyrical fragments from Elizabeth Siddal (1833-1862) wrapped within a soft and descriptive “Summer’s Last Will and Testament.”

While the subject matter of 15 wild decembers is complete with the use of metaphors for the individual absence of hope and happiness found in each of the 5 vocal tracks, it is the craft of the songs and this album, the soaring voice of Nicola Walker Smith, and the exemplary piano works of Geoff Smith that make it a classic work of excellence that is mesmerizing. 15 wild decembers is not easily forgettable; 12 years after its release, it still plays on a regular rotation in my immediate collection. It is classic in every way and not to be missed. If you appreciate the best that Philip Glass can do, you’ll be a devoted fan of Geoff Smith.

If you, expectedly, become a fan of Geoff and Nicola Walker Smith’s hauntingly brilliant album (there is another released after this, Black Flowers), there is a rare Austrian sampler disc that showcases – and enhances- 15 wild decembers with “Fifteen Wild Decembers,” “Possess Me,” “Six Wings of Bliss,” as well as the very rare “Six Wings (Blissout)” a remix of “Six Wings of Bliss” that bears tracking down.

I would love to hear this album resurrected and remastered in any format, especially in DSD and reissued as an SACD, and or LP.

Release Date: June 27, 1995
Label: Sony Classical
Availability: CD

–Matt Rowe

Foghat: Which Album Was Their Greatest?

Oh boy!  This will be quite interesting.  Why? Simply because there is a point where Foghat really did it right.  And while I’m afraid everyone will go for the hit, which was Fool For The City, I believe Foghat’s best lies elsewhere.

FoghatRockAndRollWhen the band emerged from the shadows of Savoy Brown, where all but Rod Price gave so much of themselves, they launched their own career with the release of their Bearsville classic, the self-titled Foghat.  That album gave a lot of fans of Savoy Brown immense joy that not only had they not lost the talented guys from Savoy Brown, they regained them in a an extraordinary way.

But, when Rock and Roll, their second album with the cover shot of a rock and a roll to ambiguously name the album, played, I was hooked in a big way.  Followed up by Energized, Rock and Roll Outlaws, and Fool For The City, Foghat claimed a headlining status that lasted for a while before their slide downward.

I couldn’t hang too well with the ’80s version of the band.  I bought the albums but just couldn’t get onto them.  Soon, their demise left us with an empty spot in our collective hearts.

Foghat - Return Of The Boogie Men (1994)

In 1994, the original line up of Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Roger Earl, and Tone Stevens, reunited to record an extraordinary comeback album that equals some of their best music.  Return Of The Boogie Men is a powerhouse of an album.  They toured that set (I saw them frequently.  Not only at their peak, but also on the Return Of The Boogie Men support tour).

I don’t know how many of you are Foghat fans.  Perhaps none of you.  Maybe ALL of you.  And I don’t know which album of theirs did it for you.  Again, I’m afraid it will be a lot of Fool For The City (a good call to be sure).  Not knocking the album.  I love it.  But I’m curious of your choices.

For me, it is Rock and Roll.  Energized comes in second, followed by the first one.  I then go with Return Of The Boogie Men, then Rock and Roll Outlaws, Fool For  The  City, Stone Blue.  Then onward, not so much.

What about you?  (and if you did’n know that Return Of The Boogie Men was an option, then I highly recommend it to you.

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/30/2013 (US Report)

Rhino has a few Talking Heads surprises in the works for October 29.  They have The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads planned for 180g, gatefold, 2LP vinyl, with More Songs About Buildings And Food also scheduled for 180g vinyl LP.  These two will be purchases for me.  Now, if only I could convince the boys and girls at Universal that a few Wishbone Ash albums deserve the 180g vinyl love, I’d be in absolute heaven.

Also getting 180g, gatefold cover, vinyl love will be Santana’s Greatest Hits.  It’s scheduled for October 29 via Friday Music.

Machine Music have Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) from Gary Numan, planned for October 15 on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Legacy Recordings will release Live At The Sahara by Tony Bennett on October 8.

Dead Oceans Records (another of my favorite labels, these days), will release a Deluxe Edition of Muchacho De Luio (released earlier this year, and well-received) from Phosphorescent.  The 2CD Deluxe Edition will add in a show at Saint Pancras Church, showcasing twelve performance tracks including the impressive “Song For Zula”.  This re-release is planned for October 29.


Epitaph Records will release Christmas Songs from Bad Religion on October 29.  The album will sport nine classic holiday favorites (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, White Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, What Child Is This? Angels We Have Heard On High, American Jesus (Andy Wallace Mix).

ATO Records will issue Garcia Live Volume Three: December 14-15, 1974 NW Tour, featuring Jerry Garcia Band/Legion Of Mary, on CD, and planned for October 15

ATO will brighten up Kool & The Gang fans with Kool With The Holidays, scheduled for November 19.

Virgin Records have Three Sixty coming from A Perfect Circle, on November 5.

Nik Turner, the brilliant mind behind Hawkwind, will return with Space Gypsy, on September 24.  It will be made available on CD, LP, and a richly laden Super Deluxe package.


Audio Fidelity will reissue Touch from Sarah McLachlan on Stereo SACD Hybrid on October 1.

New from Paul McCartney will be issued on CD, Deluxe Edition CD, and vinyl LP, starting on October 15.

Mute Records will reissue a stack of Cabaret Voltaire titles on November 12 with #8385 (Collected Works 1983-1985) on 6CD/2DVD), Drinking Gasoline (1985), Micro-Phonies (1984), The Covenant, The Sword, and The Arm Of The Lord ( 1985), and The Crackdown (1983).  These titles will also reissue on vinyl LP, same date.

Mute Records will also put out Snow Globe from Erasure on November 5.

Homebrew 5 from Steve Howe is scheduled for September 24.


Capitol Records have two Dean Martin collections on the calendar for October 22.  They will be ICON 2 – The Essential Dean Martin, and Greatest Hits.

Raven Records will reissue Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites (1972) by Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, on September 24.  Raven will also release a remastered ‘2-fer’ set with two Elliott Murphy classics, Lost Generation (1975), and Night Lights (1976).  The set is being referred to as The RCA Years. It is also planned for September 24.

Verve Records will release Love To Love You, Donna featuring the music of Donna Summer. It’s planned for October 22. This is a set of DJ re-mixings, re-imagining Summer’s hits.

The Essential Backstreet Boys. October 22.

If you have love for Steve Marriott (Small Faces/Humble Pie/Solo), and while you’re waiting for the magnificent Rockin’ The Fillmore set from Omnivore Records, check out the collection of Marriott rarities called I Need Your Love…, which is scheduled for release on October 1.  It’s a treasure trove.


VP Records have Reggae Anthology – Eek-Ology on the slate featuring Eek-A-Mouse, scheduling the set for November 15.

Fuel Records have Rock & Roll coming featuring Freddy Fender, on October 15.

The Bitch Is Back…Live featuring Lita Ford (Runaways/Solo) is planned for release on October 22.

Razor & Tie will reissue Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson, Lake & Palmer on 180g vinyl LP on October 15.  They will also release Trilogy.  Guess who’s gonna get THAT one?!

And finally, 4 Men With Beards will reissue a 180g vinyl LP of Hallowed Ground (1984) from Violent Femmes, on October 15.


Expanded And Remastered Deluxe Edition Recorded Live From Ten Years After Is Coming (and something else!)

While it may not have been known news outside of my post on Tuesday, where I was unsure of specifics, it can now be said that Recorded Live, the transcendent 1973 live album from Ten Years After is, in fact, going to be an awesome reality.

My original post is as follows:

“Rhino/Parlophone have a surprise title on the list for October 8.  If any of you were fans of Ten Years After, and gave their 1973 classic Live album, Recorded Live any kind of needle play, then you will be very excited (perhaps as much as I am, maybe even more) to know that Recorded Live is likely being revisited in a 2CD set.  But that’s all I know about this one.  But bear in mind that the original title was a Columbia Records one.  And so this may just be confusing news.  The release title is genuine, but will it be the one we know and love?  I’ll let you know.”

I have received confirmation that not only is this upcoming Deluxe Edition of Recorded Live going to happen, but that it will contain bonus tracks, seven of ’em!  (You can check out the extra tracks below.)  The album is going to be remastered (making it a must have!), and will contain a new deluxe booklet with liner notes by David K Tedds, who also serves as the project consultant for this reissue.


This is an album that I listened to for HOURS on its original release.  I can’t wait for the chance to do it again.

Disc One
Original Record One

1. One Of These Days (Frankfurt) 6:20
2. You Give Me Loving (Frankfurt) 6:10
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Frankfurt) 7:27
4. Hobbit (Frankfurt) 8:36
5. Help Me (Amsterdam) 10:49

Bonus Tracks     

6. Time Is Flying (Frankfurt) 5:36
7. Standing At The Station (Frankfurt) 11:51
8. Jam (Amsterdam) 18:09 

Disc Two
Bonus Tracks     

1. Help Me (Paris) 12:06
2. I Woke Up This Morning (Rotterdam) 4:26
3. Sweet Little Sixteen (Frankfurt) 4:24
4. Jam (Frankfurt) 16:33

Original Record Two

5. Classical Thing (Paris) 0:53
6. Scat Thing (Paris) 0:57
7. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 1) (Paris) 1:57
8. Extension On One Chord (Paris) 10:45
9. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes (Part 2) (Paris) 3:12
10. Silly Thing (Frankfurt) 1:09
11. Slow Blues in C (Frankfurt) 8:14
12. I’m Going Home (Frankfurt) 10:54
13. Choo Choo Mama (Frankfurt) 3:21

So, if you’re a Ten Years After fan, pencil in October 8 to insure that you pick up an exciting reissue of Recorded Live.

But there is more Ten Years After news.

TenYearsAfterPositiveVibrationsNot only is Recorded Live on the near release horizon, but the band’s classic Positive Vibrations (1974) is being made into a Deluxe Edition as well.  The album, as with Recorded Live, will be remastered.  There are going to be bonus track inclusions for this reissue too, but not outtakes, alternate versions of familiar songs, demos, or rehearsal cuts from the album sessions.  The reason for this is because there are none to be found.  However, there are outtakes from the Recorded Live release that will be added here including a performance track of “Sweet Little Sixteen” from a show in Atlanta in 1970.

Positive Vibrations Deluxe Edition will come with a deluxe booklet, with new historical liner notes, and such.  And honestly, more Recorded Live performance tracks is gonna be pretty awesome, if you ask me.  There’s another version of “I’m Going Home” from Paris, “Rock And Roll Music To the World” from Frankfurt, and more, including a short radio ad for Positive Vibrations tacked on at the end of the second disc. Here’s the Track-list:

Disc 1: POSITIVE VIBRATIONS (original album)

1. Nowhere To Run 3:58
2. Positive Vibrations 4:14
3. Stone Me 4:53
4. Without You 3:57
5. Going Back To Birmingham  2:36
6. It’s Getting Harder  4:22
7. You’re Driving Me Crazy  2:23
8. Look Into My Life  4:14
9. Look Me Straight Into The Eyes  6:18
10. I Wanted To Boogie  3:33

Disc 2: BONUS TRACKS (previously unreleased)

1. Rock & Roll Music To The World (Frankfurt) 4:26
2. Once There Was A Time (Frankfurt) 3:53
3. Help Me (Frankfurt) 13:06
4. One Of These Days (Paris) 9:15
5. Spoonful (Paris) 6:30
6. I’m Going Home (Paris) 11:39
7. Standing At The Station (Amsterdam) 10:50
8. Sweet Little Sixteen (Atlanta) 3:59
9. Positive Vibrations Radio Advert (1974) 0:40

Is this news great?

Lily & Madeleine Full Length Debut Is Coming

Those who read TAP on a regular basis already know how I feel about exciting music.  Several months ago, when this Indiana sister duo, known as Lily & Madeleine, released The Weight Of The Globe EP on Asthmatic Kitty Records, I was quite taken with the five songs on it.  Simply put, the lyrics are weighty, and deep in wisdom for these two teenagers, and the music, and therefore songcraft, is absolute top-notch.  Even now, I listen quite frequently to the songs of that EP release.

LilyAndMadeleineRecently, the girls released a new song off their upcoming new album.  The song, “Devil We Know” is easily as good as the EP would have you believe these girls are.  I first heard the new tracks off the album in rough form when I hot Shuba’s Tavern in Chicago for their show there.  The studio version of the new song makes it pop even better than the acoustic version from that show.

I already know that some of you are fans of the girls and therefore will derive a bit of joy knowing that their self-titled full length (which contains all five of the songs from the EP) is on the calendar for an October 29 release.

The album, Lily & Madeleine, is scheduled for CD, DD, and LP via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Talia’s Overflow Notes – 08/28/2013


–The Sundazed label is continuing on with more of their great work. They are releasing two more The Mamas & The Papas titles on September 24. They will be the second and third albums from the band-the self-titled Mamas & the Papas and Deliver. The self-titled album will be the mono version while Deliver will be in stereo.(Hoffman Forum).

–I can’t even recall if Matt reported on this many moons ago or not, but I wanted to throw this out to you. If enough of us pray for this thing to make it out, then it’ll be worth the effort. I didn’t know about this, but a website was developed last year for a box set project for Free that was supposed to have been released last year. It was to be called Free From The Shadows and was to contain their entire catalog of albums, plus outtakes and rehearsals. It has been sitting in limbo since then. Let’s hope something kick-starts this thing into gear once again. (Hoffman forum)

–A big project being taken on by way of Amnesty International, the human rights based organization, is a release of multiple concert highlights from the Amnesty Tours over the years. These include CDs and DVDs of the tours covering the 1986 Conspiracy Of Hope, the 1988 Human Rights Now!, the 1990 An Embrace Of Hope and the 1998 The Struggle Continues Tours. The main focus of these releases will center around the 6-DVD set. Individual CD title releases of the separate tours will also be available. All of the details can be viewed over at The Shout! Factory and Eagle Rock labels are involved in these releases. (Hoffman Forum)

–It passed by the eyes of Matt and myself. I was out shopping at one of the few remaining independent stores where I live and saw that Eagle Rock has released separate DVD and Blu-ray sets for Carlos Santana & John McLaughlinLive At Montreux 2011. It is out now.


–Something else which sneaked out. Jim CroceThe Lost Recordings from Sony Music Special Products. Though it’s not a very long disc, the price is definitely reasonable. (Hoffman Forum)

–Though currently waiting for a distributor, there is another potentially fascinating documentary looming for the public to see. An article in the current Rolling Stone Magazine titled How Rock & Roll Got The Blues describes a film from John Anderson about Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop, Paul Butterfield and Barry Goldberg got in with the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf to develop their Blues acumen. There will be commentary from Bob Dylan and Keith Richards in the film as well. Hopefully, this will eventually develop into a future DVD release. (Rolling Stone Magazine)

–Rolling Stone Magazine has also reported, via an interview with David Crosby, that the reason for the delay in the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Live 1974 box is because of Neil Young citing sound quality issues with the recordings. It is still being slated for early next year. (Rolling Stone Magazine)

–Steve Talia 

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/28/2013 (US Report)

Rhino/Parlophone have a surprise title on the list for October 8.  If any of you were fans of Ten Years After, and gave their 1973 classic Live album, Recorded Live any kind of needle play, then you will be very excited (perhaps as much as I am, maybe even more) to know that Recorded Live is likely being revisited in a 2CD set.  But that’s all I know about this one.  But bear in mind that the original title was a Columbia Records one.  And so this may just be confusing news.  The release title is genuine, but will it be the one we know and love?  I’ll let you know.

New West Records have added the new album from Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), The Coincidentalist, to their November schedule.  The new album is planned for CD, LP, and DD releases on November 5.


Friday Music have two classic albums planned for their Limited Edition 180g LP series, both scheduled for October 29.  Watch for Todd (1974) from Todd Rundgren, and The Alice Cooper Show (1977) from Alice Cooper. Both sets are remastered.

Friday Music also have a Limited Edition 180g gatefold cover LP set coming that celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Elvis – NBC TV Special (1968) featuring, of course, Elvis Presley.

Slim Style Records will release Silver, a CD/2DVD set featuring the 2011 25th Anniversary The Mission UK reunion shows from their London, Cologne, and Frankfurt concerts.  Originally planned for September 10, this title is now scheduled for October 22.  Silver will also be released digitally.

MissionUK Silver

Roadrunner Records have Vengeance Falls from Trivium planned on CD and LP (with DD rights), and scheduled for October 15.

If you wondered where the hell Black Oak Arkansas have been, well, Atlantic Records (that’s right, folks…odd given the fact that most ’70s and ’80s bands find their new albums released on unknown labels…but there it is, Atlantic Records) plan the release of their latest, Back Thar ‘N Over Yonder.  This new album is actually a hybrid of five new songs, and ten previously unreleased Dowd-produced songs from their ’70s heyday. Yeah, it has me intrigued.  This is scheduled for October 15.

Original Recordings Group will reissue a John Coltrane classic on 180g vinyl 2LP in remastered form (Bernie Grundman).  The album, Olé Coltrane (1961), was Coltrane’s last for Atlantic Records.  The LP is being remastered in 45RPM speed and is slated for reissue on October 8.


Rhino and Blackened Recordings will reissue a handful of Metallica albums on September 24.  The titles will be S&M (2CD), Beyond MagneticRide The LightningMetallicaLoadMetallic Through The Never (soundtrack) (2CD), and Re-load.  Nothing special (I don’t think), just re-releases.  These titles follow the scheduled September 10 re-releases of …And justice For All, Garage, Inc (2CD), Kill ‘Em All, and Master of Puppets.

New West Records will release a 2-disc ‘best of’ collection featuring Dwight Yoakam called 21st Century Hits: Best of 2000-2012.  The set features a 14-song set, and the DVD collects five music videos, and the entire album in hi-res 24-bit/96k audio upgrade.  It’s scheduled for September 30 in CD and CD/DVD Deluxe Edition.


Partisan Records (home of Heartless Bastards) plan the release of Negativity from Deer Tick, on September 24.  It’s planned for both CD and LP.


Rhino/Parlophone will release a 2CD live set featuring UFO called Hot ‘N’ Live: The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1975-1983, planned for issue on October 8.


Play Pen Records will release the five-track EP, High Rise, from Stone Temple Pilots (with Chester Bennington) on October 8.


Yes, the Holidays are coming.  I know it’s only August, but in reality, we’re just four months from them.  That’s why Reprise is reissuing the 1989 Kenny Rogers XMas album, Christmas In America, with a scheduled date of September 30.

Legacy have a slate of holiday titles arriving in a Classic Christmas Album series.  The titles include loaded collections from Neil Diamond, Alabama, Johnny Cash, Andy Williams, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Barbra Streisand, and Martina McBride.  These Classic Christmas Album sets are scheduled for October 8.

Ramones…Just How Perfect Are They?

I fully recognize that I’m about to tread on what some will view as hallowed ground, but, what the hell, I’m going to do it anyway.

This is about Ramones.  Ramones is a band that achieved popularity particularly after their the release of their third album, Rocket To Russia.  That album had “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”, a song that seems to be completely pinned to the band regardless of anything else they’ve recorded.

Ramones formed in the heat of the late ’70s, just as Rock and Roll was becoming, as some would say, too vast, too orchestrated.  Punk was coming into vogue as a “shot in the arm” that Rock and Roll needed to stay fresh. But for me, Punk was another part of the growing fascinations of Rock.  It was maturing by simplifying.  And Ramones was a surprise part of that with the release of their Sire debut.

RamonesI bought that debut in Columbus, Ohio.  I remember the day well.  I found an uptown record store, a beautiful hole in the wall that I don’t remember the name of (unless some of you Columbus residents might.  It wasn’t far from the Holiday Inn uptown.) I listened to that album until I pissed people off around me. I can still hear the excitement of those songs.

Ramones was followed by the  nearly as good album, Leave Home (1977).  That album released almost a year later.  But for me, while I still love Leave Home, was considerably less than Ramones (their sparkling debut).  After that, my affection for the band and any of their following albums had waned considerably.  To me, they became a parody of themselves.  It felt like they found a pop audience and zeroed in with laser-like focus to exploit it.  And, of course, I never fault any band for finding an audience that pays the best.  I just might not like it too well.

For me, their first album is definitely the crowning jewel of the band. With the arrival of Rocket To Russia, and the rest that followed, I felt the Ramones went big, changing their original focus (although they never really achieved huge commercial success, they certainly are legendary for what they have done).

But somehow, I have a feeling that some of you might have a different feeling about the Ramones phenomena.

And, for the record, I HATE “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”.

What do you think?

“…beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh oh.”

Ramones band

Talia’s Overflow Notes: 08/22/2013

There’s 3 big rumors going around (and a 4th which I could swear I’ve reported on before, but I can’t seem to recall):

1) Word is swirling around that there is going to be a title called Bob Dylan-The Complete Album Collection from Columbia/Legacy which will contain 41 albums.  Fourteen of the albums will be newly remastered.  Being thrown into the works will be a 2-CD compilation of previously released songs not issued on the original albums.  The rumored release date for this box set, which will include liner notes from Clinton Heylin, is for this Fall. (Hoffman Forum)

2) Somebody over at IMWAN spotted a blurb at a blog originating from for The Beatles-Live At The BBC Vol. 2.  It is claiming that the set is targeted for October 4 from UMe.

3) A rumor that had once swirled in the past which originated from the mouth of Don Was a few years back has now come out front in the possibility department.  Word is beginning to be discussed that The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers: Deluxe Edition is getting worked on and that there may be live material and  some newly added recording shine to old material from the sessions a la the previously released Exile On Main Street and Some Girls Deluxe Editions.  The early word is that a December release is possible. ( Forum)

4) Though I believe I’ve reported on this before, I’ll say it again just to be on the safe side.  And since I started off with some big heavies, I might as well add these not so insignificant guys in for good measure.  There has been a rumor going around that there will be a Super Deluxe Edition box set for The Who-Tommy for this 4th Quarter as well.
 So far, it is being spotted as a listing for the U.K., but the Buffalo Springfield Box Set is being reissued for September 9. (Hoffman Forum)

 A 6-CD/1-DVD/1-LP box set of rarities from the late Woody Guthrie called American Radical Poet is being released by Rounder Records on September 24 and is limited to a run of 5,000 copies. (The Second Disc).

An SACD hybrid of Dusty Springfield-Dusty In Memphis is coming out from Analogue Productions on October 4. (e-mail from Analogue Productions)

Finally, at least for this particular report, I wanted to pass along an after the fact piece of information for you in case if you want to take the chance and compare notes for yourselves.  A very interesting discussion has started taking place over at the Hoffman Forum over the newly released The Monkees-Headquarters: Deluxe Edition from the U.K. outfit Friday Music. 

A poster over there says that this new reissue may be a new mastering.  He says he can distinctly tell that there’s more bass response on this reissue compared to the Andrew Sandoval associated release from 2007 from Rhino.  Futhermore, word is included in the liner notes to this latest edition that The Monkees, More Of The Monkees and Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn Jones, Ltd., will be getting future reissues from Friday Music too.  It will be interesting to see if they garner attention for any sound differences as the new Headquarters version appears to be getting in the early stages. 

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 08/21/2013 (UK Report)

If you thought, even for a moment that King Crimson has released more than enough material for their classic albums, you’d be wrong.

King Crimson is revisiting Red in a great big way with the UK release of The Road To Red.  The Road To Red will fill a box with 24 discs, 20 of them live music from their 1974 support tour in the US and Canada.  That’s 20 CDs of live Red-era concert performances.  That alone should awe you.

In addition to the 20 CDs, there is a CD with a new Stereo mix of Red, a DVD of concert footage, two Blu-ray discs containing a whooping selection of goodies including five complete concerts in hi-res Stereo, plus Red in hi-res Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

The set will complete with a booklet of memorabilia, photos, and other great things.

This massive box will release via Panegyric Records and is  scheduled for UK markets on October 14.

King Crimson RoadTo Red

The Steve Wilson remix of Close To The Edge by Yes has a release date of October 14 in the UK.  The set will be issued on two discs, a CD, and a BD (there will also be a CD and DVD-Audio set).  Many of us are completely excited about this reissue hoping that we get to hear new things on such a much-loved classic.  Don’t hold back.  This is a ‘must get’ album for Yes fans, and remember, Christmas is but a scant few months away.  Put it on your list.


EMI UK have a compelling 8CD Box set coming on September 30.  The set features the live performances of one of the most underrated bands ever, Be Bop Deluxe.  The set is called Be Bop Deluxe At The BBC 1974-1978.  The eight CDs quite literally provide a treasure of performances that include Peel sessions, BBC live shows, and Old Grey Whistle Test performances.  I’m all over this one.

Panegyric will reissue USA  from King Crimson in a CD/DVD 40th Anniversary Edition on October 14.


Steve Talia mentioned this new Robin Trower live set, State To State: Live Across America 1974-1980 in his recent Talia’s Overflow Notes.  In the UK, the 2CD album is scheduled for September 23 via EMI UK. This set will contain 24 previously unreleased live tracks.


Disc: 1
1. Twice Removed from Yesterday (Live – Philadelphia)
2. Lady Love (Live – Philadelphia)
3. Daydream (Live – Philadelphia)
4. Too Rolling Stoned (Live – Philadelphia)
5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live – Philadelphia)
6. Day of the Eagle (Live – Philadelphia)
7. A Little Bit of Sympathy (Live – Philadelphia)
8. Bridge of Sighs (Live – California)
9. Alethea (Live – California)
10. Rock Me Baby (Live – California)

Disc: 2
1. Daydream (Live – Illinois)
2. Same Rain Falls (Live – Illinois)
3. Sailing (Live – Illinois)
4. Long Misty Days (Live – Illinois)
5. I Can’t Wait Much Longer (Live – Illinois)
6. Too Rolling Stoned (Live – Illinois)
7. Somebody Calling (Live – Oklahoma)
8. Bluebird (Live – Oklahoma)
9. The Ring (Live – Missouri)
10. Jack and Jill (Live – Missouri)
11. The Shout (Live – Missouri)
12. Hannah (Live – Missouri)
13. Victims of the Fury (Live – Missouri)
14. Mad House (Live – Missouri)

Snapper Records will release a live set featuring Marillion, Somewhere In London, with 2 CDs and a DVD-Audio set with Hi-res Stereo and 5.1 Surround.  This album is scheduled for September 23.

Marillion somewhere In London