And Furthermore…(More Thoughts On Vinyl)

This is a Friday bonus post, a small piece that I’m hoping we can discuss a bit.  But before I go into this pit, let me just say that I ALREADY know that some of you could care less about vinyl, are even glad, in fact, that it is a long gone technology despite the surge in the niche market of LPs.

Me? I’m a huge fan of vinyl.  I just wanted to throw a bit in here that might make for interesting viewpoints.

TurntableOne of the things I enjoy about vinyl is simply the need to be in a specific  location, a need to concentrate, and a difficult but important ability to not be able to readily skip songs.

I think one of the key elements to enjoying our classic albums in their  fullness is because we essentially had to listen to the album, side to side.  It’s why we can say I LOVE Led Zeppelin IV and not say, I LOVE “Stairway To Heaven”, being totally oblivious to the rest of the album because we didn’t have to hear it all.

This is not a GET VINYL, DUDES piece.  It’s just another element of my needy brain as it goes on its merry way analyzing why things go the direction they go.  (I tell it to shut up, but it refuses to listen).

So, your points!