Warner Music Japan to Release MASSIVE SACD YES Box (JA Report)

Yes is getting plenty of attention these days, at least where their catalog titles are concerned.  Recently, Audio Fidelity has remastered Close To The Edge following it up with  Going For The One for Super Audio CD.  Both titles were enthusiastically welcomed by fans.

Then, Steven Wilson, of Porcupine Tree fame, announced his intent to remix Close To The Edge.  Wilson is beloved by a large faction of fans for his remix work on Jethro Tull, King Crimson, and ELP classics as well as his own Porcupine Tree and solo works.

Today, it comes to my attention that Warner Music Japan will release an unprecedented, massive 16-disc box of Yes catalog titles, ALL remastered for SACD.  That’s right, I did say ALL of the Yes titles included within the set starting with the first YES album from 1969 on through to 1987’s Big Generator.

YESHighVibrationSACDBoxThe Box is being titled  High Vibration (actually High Vibration SACD Box).  All albums in this Limited Edition set will be newly remastered in 96k/24-bit high resolution for the SACD layer, and newly remastered in redbook Stereo featuring 44.1k/16-bit resolution for the CD layer.  The Hybrid SACDs are being remastered by Isao Kikuchi, who is said to have remastered many international artists.  While I am unaware of his specific credentials, it will bring him some level of critique due to the simple fact that this Box will ALSO be released in the US, and not just Japan as is usually the case.  This makes this unusual SACD undertaking by a major label something to wonder about, whether they will pursue other such SACD remasterings for an SACD-interested market that simply refuses to go completely away.

The titles included will be:

  • YES
  • Time And A Word
  • The YES Album
  • Fragile
  • Close To The Edge
  • YESSongs (Discs One and Two)
  • Tales From Topographic Oceans (Discs One and Two)
  • Relayer
  • Going For The One
  • Tormato
  • Drama
  • 90125
  • Big Generator

In addition to the thirteen titles being reissued, there will be a single disc of bonus extras.  The songs included are listed here:


1. Something’s Coming (single version) (1969) from YES (Expanded & Remastered 2003)
2. Dear Father (1970) from TIME AND A WORD (Expanded & Remastered 2003)
3. Roundabout (single version) (1972) from the single ‘Roundabout’
4. America (1972) from FRAGILE (Expanded & Remastered 2003)
5. Total Mass Retain (single version) (1972) from CLOSE TO THE EDGE (Expanded & Remastered 2003)
6. Soon (single version) (1975) from RELAYER (Expanded & Remastered 2003)
7. Abilene (1978) from TORMATO (Expanded & Remastered 2004)
8. Run Through the Light (Single Version) (1980) from DRAMA (Expanded & Remastered 2004)
9. Run with the Fox (1981) from YESYEARS
10. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Move Yourself Mix) (1991) from 12″ single ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’
11. Leave It (remix) (1983) from 90125 (Expanded & Remastered 2004)
12. Big Generator (remix) (1987) from ‘Ultimate YES:The 35th Anniversary’

The High Vibration SACD Box will contain a 200-page book with the set.  It appears that the book will be in Japanese (although if the set is being sold in the US, perhaps an English translation is in the works…maybe).  However, the real kicker is that the set will be quite pricey with a US cost pegged at $563.

The scheduled release dates are September 4 (JAPAN), and September 10 (US).

Here’s the official YES link for your perusal.  (Thanks to Brian L, from Chicago for the alert!)