Can Album Reissues Overstay Their Welcome?

Now that the surprise has worn off about the recent news that Elton John would be once again reissuing his most popular album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road just a mere ten years after the Deluxe Edition SACD reissue back in 2003, I thought it would be interesting to see how you feel about things like this.  (To be fair, The 2003 Deluxe SACD Edition is no longer available.  It’s unlikely you may EVER find a copy on the market, and if you do, it will be exorbitantly priced.)

EJGYBRSACD30thFor the record, the upcoming (although not officially announced) 40th Anniversary of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is figured to be defining with new remastering, an expansive booklet containing all thing GYBR, and “…film…” hinting at the inclusion of a DVD.  Its release date is likely to be near the October timeline that the original album issued in 1973.


Long after the multiple periods of Rock and Roll have passed, labels continue to exploit the most popular albums with anniversary editions.  Personally, I have no problem with any of them.  They could release them year after year, and it wouldn’t bother me.  In reality, I have the sole power over my wallet.  The label takes the risk that I might not want to open it.  In fact, I don’t think they reissue enough.

With updated technologies making better sound possible, I’m always interested in a more definitive edition of any of my favorites, especially if more tracks from the sessions have been discovered.  I have a long list of reissues that I would love to see remastered and expanded in any way.

But that’s me.  Some of you feel exactly the opposite.  Some of you are likely even disgusted by the money-grab that labels seem to be involved in.  This makes me wonder as to what is the proper time frame to reissue old classics, and what makes them compelling purchases.

As I stated earlier, the labels can reissue all they want.  If it’s what I want, I’ll buy it even if it is the 10th copy that I own.  Let’s open up a discussion about this.  Let’s get a consensus of what the parameters should really be.