Talia’s Overflow Notes – 06/28/2013


Fleetwood Mac – There’s more news which has broken on the Then Play On re-master coming up from Rhino. An insider revealed to readers of the Hoffman Forum that the reissue will be the U.K. version of the album. It was also revealed that 2-CDs were considered for this release, but it was settled at just one disc in the final decision instead. The insider also said that he was involved in the project for 5 years. The question remains though. Were better tapes found?


Cowboy Junkies – Mike Timmins of Cowboy Junkies told readers of the official Cowboy Junkies website, and on their Facebook page, that the band hopes to release a secret project they’ve been working on with another unnamed artist/band for the past 5 years at some point this Fall.

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) – Steven Tyler has told an interviewer that he will start work on an upcoming solo album that will show him possibly exploring Electronica. He hopes to start work on the album in January.This was reported on over at the KLIZ Classic Rock Daily site.

Springsteen – Bruce Springsteen has mentioned to Rolling Stone Magazine (online) that he has recorded some new songs while on the road (a first for him). As with anything Springsteen, the best way to approach his talking about new recordings is to wait until you see the pre-order with your own eyes. Admittedly, the past decade has blessed us with more than we could have ever expected as far as new material goes.

The Seeds – A poster over at IMWAN reports that there will be a new Seeds documentary film that will come out either late this year or at some point next year.This was a great catch. 

Jethro Tull – Still missing in action in the news was the blurb which popped up at the Hoffman Forum and mentioned over at IMWAN the rumors of Steven Wilson involved re-masters of Benefit and A Passion Play. There has been no new news about this for a while.

Tull A Passion Play

Sly & The Family Stone – The great sleuths over at the Hoffman Forum found another beauty that slipped by the eyes of many. An SACD of There’s A Riot Going On on a label called the ORG label has emerged. I had never heard of it or the company until a couple of days ago. A few of the people who have had a chance to hear it are raving about the sound on this SACD. I also saw this listed in a new MusicDirect catalog. I would guess that Acoustic Sounds will likely be carrying it as well.


Miles Davis – I can’t recall if I read this at Hoffman or over at IMWAN, but someone threw out a rumor that they read that the next selection for the Official Bootleg Series for Miles Davis may be coming from 1964.

The Who – One thing which you can definitely cross off of your lists is the rumor of the DVD of The Who – Charlton ’74 performance in full. As it turns out, it was a very elaborate hoax played on internet readers.

Grateful Dead – With the news of the limited run showings of the legendary Sunshine Daydream film of the Dead back in 1972 when they played benefit shows for the Springfield Creamery in Veneta, Oregon, a lot of fans are hoping that the legal entanglements which have prevented the film and hopeful CD releases from happening have now finally been cleared. This has been discussed over at GD.net, the Hoffman Board.


–Steven Talia


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 06/27/2013 (US Report)

Third Man Records will re-release The White Stripes album, Elephant (2003) in a 2LP, 180g vinyl set, on September 3.

Paw Tracks plan the new album release of Warm Blanket from Dent May in a standard CD,LP (with download card), DD, and  issue as well as a Limited Edition LP (clear with blue-swirl vinyl, with special poster inclusion, download DD card).  This album is expected on April 27.

Slimstyle Records will release the first Dexys album in over 25 years.  As you may (or may not) be aware, Dexys is actually Dexy and The Midnight Runners whose “Come On Eileen: song propelled the band to US stardom.  The new album (One Day I’m Going To Soar)  from the renamed band is slated for release on September 3, CD and DD.


Ambiguous Dept: Atlantic Records will release Crosby, Stills and Nash in a 4CD set on August 13.  But here’s the deal.  I don’t know what that means other than to tell you that is exactly as I see it.  So, keep it in your mind one way or the other.  As soon as I get better info, I’ll expand on this.

Republic Records have a new Jack Johnson album on the schedule for CD and LP issue on September 13.  The new album is being called From Here To Now To You.


Capitol Records have Greatest Hits planned from Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band for release on August 6.

Fuel Records will reissue Lady Of The Stars (1984) from Donovan with a scheduled reissue date of August 6.

Sensibility Recordings will release the new album (their second) from The Civil Wars as a self-titled set on August 6 in CD. LP, and DD. The album on vinyl will be delivered as a 2LP, 180g set(there are 12 songs on the album) and will contain the CD as a bonus inclusion.  Pay close attention to this one as the band is quite good.


American Recordings have Trans-Continental Hustle from Gogol Bordello planned for an August 27 release, CD and LP.

Decca Records have a new Hayley Westenra album planned for August 27.  The new album is being called Hushabye.

Capitol Records have a live album featuring The Band scheduled for release on September 17.  The album will be known as Live At The Academy Of Music 1971.

Synth-pop band, Brothertiger, will release their new album, Future Splendor, on September 24 via Mush Records.

Brothertiger future Splendor

The Jimi Hendrix Experience will release as a 4CD Box from Legacy Recordings on August 20.   The set will include many previously unreleased recordings.

Classical Music Vault will release Live At The Fillmore ’68 featuring It’s A Beautiful Day, scheduling the live album for July 2.


Exhaustive 17CD/1DVD Box Expected For John Martyn (UK Report)

Layout 1John Martyn was  an incredible talent.  The unfortunate thing was that he never really caught the mainstream’s attention.  But sometimes that’s just the curse of great talent, remaining in the shadows for those that can see and hear inside the fog of obscurity.  And sometimes beyond.

John Martyn came into his own, introducing his folk style to the UK, eventually coming within the sphere of Chris Blackwell, who signed Martyn to the once influential Island Records that Blackwell founded and headed for some time.  That was 1967.  Since then, John Martyn released twenty one studio albums including the posthumous Heaven and Earth (2011).  (John Martyn died in 2009.)

During this productive period, John Martyn became a beloved musician whose creative output engaged the human soul in ways that are hard to explain.  While we are left with a sizable collection of studio work, and a rich batch of live material, a man like John Martyn never let up for a moment.  It is therefore reasonable to expect a hidden cache of material out there waiting that was waiting to be discovered.

Island Records, the original home of John Martyn for so many years is planning the UK release of a monstrous Box set that will end up becoming a definitive statement of Martyn’s musical brilliance.

On September 9, John Martyn – The Island Years will become available to fans of the man with a goldmine of material that will include not only key Island releases, but also bonuses of unreleased stuff, video, and a collectible hard-bound book.


The Island Years will come with 17 CDs, and a DVD.  The CDs’ content include twelve important “key” Island albums (the complete list has not been released as of yet), along with a batch of previously unreleased alternative outtakes (largely from Stormbringer, The Road To Ruin, Bless The Weather, Solid Air, Inside Out, Sunday’s Child, and One World, with extensive outtakes from Grace and Danger, Sapphire, and Piece By Piece), unreleased mixes of songs you have already heard, unreleased live tracks from 1972 and 1977 (The Hanging Lamp – 1972, The Town Hall (Sydney, Australia) – 1977),  the complete demos for The Apprentice (1990), and unheard songs.  It is said that the curator of the box opted away from previously released material bonuses to insure the freshness of this set.

The one DVD contains video performances from UK’s The Old  Grey Whistle Test, Sight and Sound – In Concert, A Little Night Music, and the previously VHS-only, Foundations, all in all, over three hours of Martyn-related footage.  The book is hard-bound with a new essay (John Hillarby), photos, memorabilia, and complete credit listings.  The Box is an LP-sized slip hard-case for durable long-term storage.

All of this makes for an exhaustive – and highly collectible – Box overview for John Martyn.  John Martyn – The Island Years will be a Limited Edition release; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

This very pricey but compelling Box can be pre-ordered here at the link.

Poll: Which Fleetwood Mac Album Is Best?

Fleetwood Mac Bare TreesWe may or may not have done this poll before.  But if we had, it’s lost to hackers’ delight.  Besides, who really cares if we do it again.  It’s especially relevant right now with the fresh news that Rhino Records would be reissuing Then Play On, the 1969 fan favorite from the Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer/Danny Kirwan era of Fleetwood Mac (never mind Mick and John as they were there from the beginning, and they still are.  They’re mainstays).

For those that didn’t catch the news, Rhino will release Then Play On August 19 (UK), and August 20 (US). And of course, many of us are hoping that Rhino won’t stop there as there are many other sweet ones to bring back and freshen up, Bare Trees among them.

Since the news is fresh, and there is plenty of discussion about it going in various corners of the matrix, let’s add to the chatter.

Many of us enjoy the Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks era of Fleetwood Mac.  And there is a smaller portion – myself included – that enjoy the music of earlier versions of Fleetwood Mac, perhaps more than the B/N period.  Then there are those that just simply enjoy Fleetwood Mac period!


And now’s a great time to bring it up again (if we had previously done so).  Which Fleetwood Mac album or selection of albums are the best to enjoy.  For me, I have such a soft spot for Then Play On, Bare Trees, Heroes Are Hard To Find, and Future Games.  When the eponymous 1975 album was released, I’ll admit to being taken aback.  But it wasn’t the hits that eventually drew me in, it was Christine McVie’s extraordinary “Warm Ways” that caught my rapt attention.  With her sexy voice, and the beautiful layers with its haunting guitars, I soon became a fan of the song, just less for the rest.

That’s my own perosnal take.  Let’s hear yours.

Talia’s Overflow Notes- 06/25/2013

Matt has asked me to do a column where I mention music releases that slip by him and also about speculation and rumors that have been popping up online and in print media.  I will be citing the sources of my information.  Matt and I wanted to put this together for the readers of MusicTAP because not everybody has the time to scour music sites and pick up information.  There are two music boards I get a ton of my information from.  They are invaluable to me.  Realistically speaking though, not everybody has the patience to sift through the many threads at these boards.
 I am distilling this down into a one-stop place for you to find out the information.  I am also doing this because I am a firm believer that there should be no such thing as having a monopoly on music release information and speculation.  A lot of huge music fans don’t get to visit music sites.  This is for you so that you can save time.  Please note that what I report is just me cherry-picking based on my interests.  It is not meant to be definitive or all-encompassing.  Mistakes inevitably get made from time to time.
–Steve Talia
Jimi Hendrix – As I mentioned over at the comments section of MusicTAP,  Experience Hendrix/Sony via the official bootleg label, Dagger, will be releasing the previously vinyl/bonus download-only Jimi Hendrix-Live In Cologne 1969 on CD for an expected July 9th release.  It is available at AuthenticHendrix.com  This came courtesy of an Experience Hendrix e-mail.
Also for Hendrix fans who missed out on it the first time around and having since gone out of print, Experience Hendrix/Sony is reissuing the 4-CD box set commonly referred to as The Purple Box on August 20.
In the rumored source department, courtesy of the Hoffman Board, the future game plan for Hendrix releases may be as follows: two live shows of which both were recorded and filmed (my speculation is Miami Pop ’68 and Royal Albert Hall ’69).  The old Stages box set (which is long out of print) of four individual shows will be reissued as individual releases.  Whether these come out as widely distributed general Sony releases or on the Dagger label remains to be seen.  After that, more unspecified live shows will be released.
The Kinks – In Kinks news, Muswell Hillbillies: Deluxe Edition will be available from Ume (U.K.) for release on July 15th.  This news is courtesy of both the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
Elton John – Elton John‘s latest work, The Diving Board, will be available in multiple formats which include vinyl and Super Deluxe Editions will be available on September 16 in the U.K. and on September 24 in the United States on Capitol.  For those of you who can’t wait, pre-orders are already being taken at Elton John’s official website.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer – In Emerson Lake & Palmer speculation, a Tweet from Chris Welch indicates that we should expect to hear an announcement in the near future for a (my speculation) 2-CD/1-DVD disc of audio of the Trilogy album.  This news comes from IMWAN.
Led Zeppelin – In high anticipation of the upcoming Led Zeppelin individual album box sets, one tiny bit of word has slipped out that Jimmy Page has been keeping his sound engineer very busy with all of the unreleased live material being included in these sets.  One early round of speculation was that these box sets of each individual album were to likely contain a CD of the re-mastered album, another CD of unreleased studio material appropriate to each album and live tracks and then a potential disc of a 5.1 mix of the album and unreleased film.  No date has been set in stone for these boxes.  The last word was that a chunk of the albums would come out this year, but not all of them.  This news comes from Rolling Stone, the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
The Beatles – There will also be an upcoming reissue of The Beatles-Live At The BBC on Capitol which is being targeted for September.  It will be a straight reissue.  There will be no new re-mastering.  This comes from the Hoffman Board and IMWAN.
Fleetwood Mac – As it concerns the upcoming Fleetwood MacThen Play On reissue coming from Rhino that Matt reported on first, there is speculation on whether two different versions will be released or not.  The one up for pre-order at Amazon U.K. is the English track lineup with (“Oh Well Parts 1 & 2”) put together.  If it gets put up for pre-order at the domestic U.S., people are wondering if it will be the same track lineup as the one for the one at Amazon U.K. or if the U.S. will get the original U.S. track order.  My guess is that if it does come out in the U.S. as well, it will likely retain the U.K. running order and songs.  This speculation comes from the Hoffman Board.

New Mix of Close To The Edge Expected From Steven Wilson (And Other Things)

CloseToTheEdgeYESVery, very interesting news today from The Second Disc (run by some of my absolute favorite people, Mike Duquette, and Joe Marchese (who also writes for The Digital Bits)). It would seem that one iteration of an audio update isn’t enough for Close To The Edge (SACD from Audio Fidelity), the landmark album from YES.  There is another coming. But what makes this even more interesting than it already is are several pieces of additional news.

First and foremost, this version of Close To The Edge is being remixed by Stephen Wilson, he of the band, Porcupine Tree, and of several acclaimed remixes that include Jethro Tull’s Aqualung, the first two albums from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and several King Crimson albums.  With news that he is attached to the project is enough to send paroxysms of happiness among fans of his work.

Secondly, the album will be remixed not only into hi-res Stereo status, but also into 5.1 surround sound, which should make fans of surround quite happy.  While I’m not a 5.1 surround fan by any measure, I have to admit to being interested in hearing what could be done with such a fine, fine album classic.  YES is one of those bands that would have used it had it been available back in 1972.

Further, this album is expected to be released not only in CD/DVD-Audio formats but also CD/Blu-ray Audio (BD-Audio).  Now that’s some piece of news.


Acquired by Steven Wilson’s Facebook page, the press release notes that the sets are to be released via the Panegyric label in October.  It also promises more information to come.  To add to the excitement, the label hints at other YES albums to receive the same treatment soooo how excited should we YES fans be?  Of course.

Of course, Panegyric didn’t stop there.  There are a new King Crimson remix of The Road To Red, also expected in October, and a Steven Wilson remix of Nonsuch from XTC, which is due in September.

Looks to be a fine Fall shaping up already!

Review: Sky – Three Fields

Three Fields SkyThe UK-based Three Fields have been consistent in releasing new music.  This is a good thing because with ambient music as good as has been released by Three Fields, I’d like a steady dose of it.  With an upcoming long player expected sometime in 2014, it is gratifying to find that there is a new 4-track EP now available since June 21.

The new EP  has been named Sky.  Inside, the songs contain an evolutionary and  different sound than the previous release.  This kind of creative experimentation in sound prevents tags to be assigned that can throw off potential new fans.  Previously, I had likened Three Fields to Tangerine Dream, which holds true to a point. But to rope Three Fields into that specific is to do a disservice to not only the musician, but to the potential new fan as well.

The title track is a spacey, and eerie tune that expresses itself well.  With a hint of Roger Eno (think Voices), the music employs a minimalistic style and is easily the gem of this set.  “Evolve” changes the pace and style bringing diversity into the EP.  In fact, it develops a soundtrack feel, which easily has the added benefit of stirring the creative power in your mind producing visuals there.

ThreeFields“Cauldron”, the EP’s longest track is rhythmic in its makeup, largely piano-driven, and is a delight to enjoy.  “Clear” also contains an emotionally tinged Roger Eno vibe within it.  Slightly shorter than “Cauldron”, this song is a wonderful selection with beautiful repetitions that can engage your inner self.

What’s great about Sky, the EP, is the varied selections that make it up.  You’re listening to four different shades of the music of Three Fields.

Three Fields is an important creator of ambient music that deserves to be widely appreciated.  It is my hope that with each new release, Three Fields gains a greater footing within the ambient communities of fans who love such music.

Release Date: June 21, 2013
Label: Self-released
Availability: DD

–Matt Rowe

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 06/21/2013 Summer Solstice Edition (US Report)

Well, well…here’s some interesting news especially for Fleetwood Mac fans.  None of us ever thought this would ever happen but Rhino is planning a reissue of Then Play On from 1969.  This album features both Peter Green AND Danny Kirwan.  It’s a good album to re-release, for sure, but I really have my heart now set on other Fleetwood Mac classics like Bare Trees, Heroes Are Hard To Find, Mystery To Me, and others.  While the full details are still unavailable. it looks like our noise have been heard.  Here’s to Then Play On, and any, pre-Buckingham/Nicks FM that Rhino feels they can reissue.  What’s most important now is that we step up and buy this one or we may NOT ever see another one.  Then Play On is expected on August 20.


As if this weren’t enough exciting Fleetwood Mac news, Rhino also has plans to release a 4LP set, Fleetwood Mac – 1969-1972, also on August 20.  Included in this massive LP collection will be a bonus 7″ vinyl single.

Dualtone Music plan a Deluxe Edition of the 2012 debut release from The Lumineers, who possess a grand folk-rock appeal.  The Deluxe Edition will feature both CD and DVD.  The CD will contain (of course) the original album as well as five previously unreleased tracks (“Ain’t Nobody’s Problem”, a cover of Talking Heads’ “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”, “Elouise”, “Darleen”, and a live version of “Slow It Down”).  The DVD will contain official music videos (“Ho Hey”, “Stubborn Love”) , a feature (From The Road), and never before seen interviews with the band (Life Since April 3, 2012). The new booklet will be 28-pages and will feature added photos, etc.  This Deluxe Edition is planned for August 20.


I’m very respectful of the indie label Jagjaguwar, especially of the excellent track record they have in finding and signing interesting talents (Black Mountain, Foxygen, etc.).  Recently signed and announced for August 20, is the debut issue from Diana, named Perpetual Surrender.  Check out their video of “Born Again” via the video included below.  Jagjaguwar also maintains an excellent and very strong YouTube channel featuring all of their signings.


Friday Music have a Limited Edition 180g, gatefold vinyl LP reissue planned for Hermit Of Mink Hollow, the 1978 album from Todd Rundgren.  This is a continuation of Friday Music’s ongoing Todd Rundgren collection series.


Also coming from Friday Music is Headquarters, the 1967 classic album from The Monkees.  This 2CD Deluxe Edition set will feature The Original Stereo Album with Bonus tracks, and on another CD, the Original Mono Album with Bonus Tracks.  All in all, there will be 50 total tracks, 22 of them bonus.  Headquarters is planned for August 20.


Arbutus Records have an album coming from the interesting Montreal band, Braids on August 20.  The album is called Flourish//Perish and will be made available on both CD and LP.  I like quirky music like this!

Sub Pop Records have An Object coming from No Age on August 20 in both CD and LP.

Ada/Surfdog Records have See You There, a 12-track new album of re-recorded Glen Campbell classics  from Glen Campbell that is promised for August 13 on both CD and LP.

Finally, Rhino will collect Richard Pryor albums in a 7CD Box called The Warner Bros Albums: 1975-1983.  This set is slated for August 13.


Mary Fahl To Soon Release New Album, Love And Gravity

MaryFahlLoveAndGravityOnce a voice on October Project for their two Epic Records issues (October Project – 1993, Falling Farther In, 1995), Mary Fahl began her solo career in 2001 with a four-track EP (Lenses of Contact), then following that with the excellent full-length album,  The Other Side of Time (Sony Odyssey, 2003), which reached #22 on Billboard’s charts. (I reviewed her newly released album way back in 2003.)  I called her a unique talent then,  I still dfeel the same way today.

Mary Fahl’s voice is big.  It is full, rich, resonant, and captivating, “a dusky contralto”.  Without expressing my views on The Other Side of Time all over again (read the linked review above for that), I can say that it is an album that, ten years later, I still play on a regular basis.

In 2006, Mary Fahl reinterpreted Pink Floyd’s essential album, The Dark Side of the Moon intending the album to be released by V2 Records.  Unfortunately, the label ceased operations and the album (From The Dark Side Of The Moon) was shelved until 2011 when Mary Fahl self-released the album.  As with her previous works, Mary Fahl’s voice lends an other-worldly quality to the familiar tracks creating a mesmerizing effort which should be heard.

MFTheOtherSideOfTime        MFFromTheDarkSideOfTheMoon

For more than a year, it has been hinted that a new album of originals (Gravity) would be forthcoming.  Recently, Mary Fahl updated her website with news that the new album is very near as she distributes a “selections” CD at her concerts.  The upcoming album is now being called Love and Gravity, and should be released sometime in the remaining months of 2013.

If you haven’t heard Mary Fahl’s great voice, then now is a good time to acquaint yourself with it.  She’s too good – far too good – to be ignored.  A quick visit to her official website will introduce you to four tracks, including “Brain Damage” from her re-imagined The Dark Side of the Moon album.


Review: American Ride – Willie Nile

Willie Nile American RideBack in the early ’80s, when Arista Records meant anything, Willie Nile released a magnificent debut that energized the Americana folk-rock (‘n’ roll) genre with songs of excellence.  He followed that self-titled debut with another album just a year later, proving that he wasn’t a big city cat taking a one-time only stroll down the big streets of New York City.

Rock lost him right after that second album until almost a decade later.  Some four albums later, it seems that the New Millennium has been quite welcoming to Willie Nile.  Following up his 2010 release, The Innocent Ones, Willie Nile  releases his latest, American Ride.

WillieNileAmerican Ride continues all things notably Willie Nile.  The twelve songs on this Loud & Proud release delivers a collection of rock that will not disappoint.  From the courageous lyrics of the fun rockin’ “Holy War”, to the balladry of “The Crossing” , the independently recorded American Ride is a refreshing album from a classic veteran in this New Millennium’s sea of usually forgettable music.

American Ride is best described as being pure Nile.  I don’t how best to say it.  If you have run across any of his music, then you know what he is musically capable of.  His song-craft is able;  his musicianship pure American rock and roll in the vein of John Mellencamp.

American Ride can be a restorative album if you let it.  Gas up and take the long ride.  You deserve it.

Release Date: June 25, 2013
Label: Loud & Proud
Availability: CD

–Matt Rowe