Higher!, A 4CD Box Featuring The Best Of Sly And The Family Stone

SlyStoneHigherBoxEpic Records and Legacy Recordings will join together to compile a collection of tracks from Sly and The Family Stone.  The collection will be housed in a Boxed set, with 77 tracks burned within 4CDs. Of the 77 songs, 17 of the tracks are previously unreleased goodies.  The Box will be issued with a 104-page book that will mark every facet of Sly and The Family Stone over their long and fruitful career with photos, liner notes, a timeline, a serious credits listing, tons of memorabilia, and much more.

The Box set is called Higher! and will be as complete a set as can be as revealed by the incredible track-listing provided by the label.  Higher! is on the calendar for August 27.

Higher! Track Listing:

Disc One (1964-1967):

“I Just Learned How To Swim by Sly Stewart (Autumn Records single, 1964)
“Scat Swim by Sly Stewart (Autumn single, 1964)
“Buttermilk (Part 1) by Sly (Autumn single, 1965)
“Dance All Night by Sly and Freddie (1965, originally unissued)
“Temptation Walk by Sly (Autumn single, 1965)
“I Ain’t Got Nobody (For Real) (Loadstone single, 1967)
“I Can’t Turn You Loose (Loadstone single, 1967)
“Higher (mono Epic single master, promo only, 1967)
“Underdog (mono Epic single master, 1967)
“Bad Risk (mono Epic single master, 1967)
“Let Me Hear It From You (mono Epic single master, 1967)
“Advice (A)
“If This Room Could Talk (A)
“I Cannot Make It (A)
“Trip To Your Heart (A)
“I Hate To Love Her (A)
“Silent Communications (1967, previously unissued)
“I Get High On You (version one, 1967, previously unissued)
“I Remember (1967, previously unissued)
“My Woman’s Head (instrumental demo, 1967, previously unissued)

Disc Two (1967-1968):

“What’s That Got To Do With Me” (1967, previously unissued)
“Fortune And Fame” (1967, previously unissued)
“What Would I Do” (1967, originally unissued, B)
“Only One Way Out Of This Mess” (1967, originally unissued, B)
“I Know What You Came To Say” (1967, previously unissued)
“Dance To The Music” (mono Epic single master, 1967)
“Ride The Rhythm” (C)
“Color Me True” (C)
“Are You Ready” (C)
“Don’t Burn Baby” (C)
“We Love All” (D)
“Danse A La Musique” by The French Fries (mono Epic single, 1968)
“Small Fries” by The French Fries (mono Epic single, 1968)
“Chicken” (mono Epic single master, 1968)
“Into My Own Thing” (E)
“Life” (mono Epic single master, 1968)
“Love City” (1968, previously unissued mono mix)
“M’Lady” (mono Epic single master, 1968)
“Dynamite!” featuring Johnny Robinson on vocals (1968, previously unissued)
“Undercat” (instrumental, 1967, previously unissued)

Disc Three (1968-1970):

“Everyday People” (mono Epic single master, 1968)
“Sing A Simple Song” (mono Epic single master, 1968)
“I Get High On You” (version two, 1968, previously unissued)
“Wonderful World Of Color” (instrumental, 1968, previously unissued)
“Pressure” (originally unissued, F)
“I Want To Take You Higher” (mono Epic single master, 1969)
“Seven More Days” (originally unissued, F)
“Feathers” (instrumental, 1968, previously unissued)
“Somebody’s Watching You” (G)
“Sex Machine” (G)
“Hot Fun In The Summertime” (mono Epic single master, 1969)
“Everybody Is A Star” (mono Epic single master, 1969)
“Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” (mono Epic single master, 1969)
“Stand!” (LIVE at the Isle of Wight Festival, August 30, 1970, H)
“You Can Make It If You Try” (LIVE, same as track 14, H)
“Dance To The Music” (LIVE, same as track 14, previously unissued)
“Medley: Music Lover” / “I Want To Take You Higher” / “Music Lover” (LIVE, same as track 14, previously unissued)

Disc Four (1971-1977):

“Luv N’ Haight” (Epic single master, 1971)
“Family Affair” (I)
“Brave & Strong” (Epic single master, 1971)
“Runnin’ Away” (Epic single master, 1971)
“(You Caught Me) Smilin’” (Epic single master, 1971)
“Spaced Cowboy” (I)
“You’re The One” featuring Little Sister (LIVE on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert,” September 1973, previously unissued)
“In Time” (J)
“If You Want Me To Stay” (Epic single master, 1973)
“Frisky” (Epic single master, 1973)
“Skin I’m In” (J)
“If It Were Left Up To Me” (Epic single master, 1973)
“Time For Livin’” (Epic single master, 1974)
“Can’t Strain My Brain” (Epic single master, 1974)
“Loose Booty” (K)
“Le Lo Li” (Epic single master, 1975)
“Crossword Puzzle” (Epic single master, 1975)
“Family Again” (Epic single, 1976)
“Hoboken” by Sly Stone (originally unissued, 1975-1977)
“High” by Sly Stone (1975, previously unissued)
Epic Records album index:

A – from “A Whole New Thing” (originally released November 1967, as Epic LN 24324, mono)
B – from “A Whole New Thing” (Expanded Edition) (originally released April 2007, as Epic/ Legacy 82796 90277 2)
C – from “Dance To The Music” (originally released April 1968, as Epic BN 26371)
D – from “Dance To The Music” (Expanded Edition) (originally released April 2007, as Epic/Legacy 82796 90274 2)
E – from “Life” (originally released November 1968, as Epic BN 26397)
F – from “Life” (Expanded Edition) (originally rel. April 2007, as Epic/Legacy 82876 83945 2)
G – from “Stand!” (originally released April 1969, as Epic BN 26456)
H – from “The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies” (originally released August 1971, as Columbia C 30807)
I – from “There’s A Riot Goin’ On” (originally released October 1971, as Epic KE 30986)
J – from “Fresh” (originally released June 1973, as Epic KE 32134)
K – from “Small Talk” (originally released July 1974, as Epic PE 32930)

Stereophonics’ Latest, Grafitti On The Train, To Get US Release

StereophonicsGrafittiOnTheTrainEarlier this year (March 4), Wales’ Stereophonics  released their top-selling eighth studio effort in their native continent.  The album, Grafitti On The Train, entered the UK charts at number 3, and remains in the Top 20 well after its first appearance.  And that bodes well for the stability and endurance of the material found on the new album.

Stereophonics‘ brand of rock has well resonated with not only its core base, but also an older crowd who enjoys their style of UK Rock.  And many of us enjoy the UK Rock sound.

The new album has already met with plenty of UK critical success with several agencies calling the album “unconventional”, and filled with “…Jones’ best work of his career”.

On August 20, the band’s own Stylus Records will give the album its US release.  The US version will retain the UK track-listing (seen below).  There is no word on whether the band will issue the Deluxe Edition version of the album in the states.

StereophonicsPhoto by: Steve Gullick

Graffiti On The Train Tracklisting:
1.We Share The Same Sun
2.Graffiti On The Train
3.Indian Summer
4.Take Me
6.Roll The Dice
7.Violins And Tambourines
8.Been Caught Cheating
9.In A Moment
10.No One’s Perfect

If you’re a big Stereophonics fan, you will be pleased to know that the band will undertake a US tour in support of the new album.  Pick a date and attend:

Stereophonics North American Tour Dates:

September 19         Philadelphia – TLA
September 20         Boston – House of Blues
September 21         New York – Terminal 5
September 22         Washington DC – 9.30 Club
September 24         Montreal – Corona Theatre
September 25         Toronto – Danforth Music Hall
September 27         Detroit – St Andrews Hall
September 28         Chicago – Vic Theatre
September 29         Minneapolis – First Ave
October 1                 Denver – Bluebird Theatre
October 4                 Seattle – Showbox
October 5                 Vancouver – Commodore
October 6                 Portland – Wonder Ballroom
October 8                 San Francisco – Fillmore
October 10              Los Angeles – Fonda
October 13              Mexico City – Corona Festival

Enjoy the official video of “Indian Summer”, which is, amazingly, the band’s 26th Top40 UK hit.