In Memoriam: Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Trevor Bolder (Bowie/Uriah Heep)

Two important member s of the Rock and Roll elite have left us for loftier plains over these last few days.  And while no one member of that same elite club is ever ignored , these two hit especially close to home with their passing.

On Monday, Ray Manzarek, who is best known as the keyboardist for The Doors passed away at the young age of 74, taken by the evil known as cancer.


Ray Manzarek

Ray Manazarek is well known as a vital member of The Doors.  The Doors have left a complete brand on the hide of Rock that is worn with pride even to this day.  But not many are aware of Ray Manzarek’s “other” band, Nite City.

Nite City was formed in 1977, just a few years after The Doors collapsed with the death of Jim Morrison.  Nite City released two good albums (Nite City; Golden Days, Diamond Nights).

After Nite City, Ray Manzarek did many things including a reformation of The Doors with Ian Astbury (The Cult).

Ray Manzarek’s death hits especially hard given his major status in the beginnings of Rock and Roll.  His passing is not without note, and his departed presence not without mourning.

You will be missed, Mr Manzarek.  Now go and teach The Great Band a new song…or two!

Today, another of the great ones left us.  Trevor Bolder, who knew no Rock and Roll boundaries, having played with David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars (with Mick Ronson), and Uriah Heep, died at the age of 62, also from cancer.

Trevor BolderRIP

Trevor Bolder

Bolder joined the Bowie show recording on Hunky Dory (1971), up through Pin Ups (1973).  Bolder joined the late ’70s line-up of Uriah Heep beginning with Fireflies (1977)  Trevor Bolder joined a touring version of Wishbone Ash in support of that band’s Number The Brave release, which featured John Wetton as the bass player.  While most of Bolder’s career was folded around Uriah Heep, his impact is felt just as strongly as the passing of Ray Manzarek.  What Ray Manzarek was to a style of Rock, Trevor Bolder was to a harder-edged Heavy Metal.

And 62 was far to young to be removed from this earth.  However, he still will add a unique touch to The Great Band.

Mr Bolder, you will be missed.  I will be unable to play the previously mentioned Bowie albums, as well as the previously mentioned Uriah Heep albums without remembering your contributions.  I saw you during the Wishbone Ash tour at Chicago’s ChicagoFest way back when.

Release Pieces: The Clash to Get Massive Box Release

TheClashThe fine folks over at Legacy Recordings have assembled and announced the upcoming issue of Sound System, a 12-disc set (with cool stuff, too) featuring the music of The Clash.  Within this richly filled box will be all of the band’s Epic Records studio recordings (The Clash, Give ‘Em Enough Rope, London Calling, Sandanista!, Combat Rock).  Each of the albums will be remastered.  And if that wasn’t reason enough to be excited, Sound System provides even more.

Besides the 8CDs used to cover each album (The Clash- 1CD, Give ‘Em Enough Rope – 1CD, London Calling-2CD, Sandanista!-3CD, Combat Rock-1CD), there are an extra three CDs with rare tracks, demos, non-album singles, and B-sides.  Those three CDs are highly coveted and contain:

Sound System Extra CDs tracklist:

Disc One

1. White Riot (Single version)
2. 1977 (B-side)
3. Listen (Capital Radio EP) / Interviews (Capital Radio EP)
4. Capital Radio (Capital Radio EP)
5. London’s Burning (Live B-side Remote Control)
6. Complete Control (Single version)
7. City Of The Dead (B-side)
8. Clash City Rockers (Original single version)
9. Jail Guitar Doors (B-side)
10. White Man In Hammersmith Palais (A-side)
11. The Prisoner (B-side)
12. 1-2 Crush On You (B-side Tommy Gun)
13. Time Is Tight (Black Market Clash)
14. Pressure Drop (B-side English Civil War)
15. I Fought The Law (Cost Of Living EP)
16. Groovy Times (Cost Of Living EP)
17. Gates Of The West (Cost Of Living EP)
18. Capital Radio (Cost Of Living EP)
19. Armagideon Time
20. Bankrobber (A-side)
21. Rockers Galore On A UK Tour (B-side)

Disc Two

1. Magnificent Dance (12”) 5:36 (available on Singles box set)
2. Midnight To Stevens (Outtake)
3. Radio One (B-side Hitsville UK)
4. Stop The World (B-side The Call Up)
5. The Cool Out (US 12” B-side of The Call Up)
6. This Is Radio Clash (A-side)
7. This Is Radio Clash (B-side 7” – different lyrics)
8. First Night Back In London (B-side Know Your Rights)
9. Rock The Casbah (Bob Clearmountain 12” mix) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
10. Long Time Jerk (B-side Rock The Casbah)
11. The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too (Outtake) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
12. Idle In Kangaroo Court (Outtake listed as Kill Time) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
13. Ghetto Defendant (Extended version – unedited) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
14. Cool Confusion (B-side Should I Stay Or Should I Go 7”)
15. Sean Flynn (Extended ‘Marcus Music’ version) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED
16. Straight To Hell (Extended unedited version from Clash On Broadway) – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Disc Three

Extracts from The Clash’s first ever recording session at Beaconsfield Film School 1976. Recorded by Julien Temple

1. I’m So Bored With The USA
3. White Riot

Polydor Demos – The Clash’s second recording session November 1976

Produced by Guy Stevens

5. Janie Jones
6. Career Opportunities

Live at The Lyceum, London 28th December 1978

10. City Of The Dead
12. English Civil War
15. I Fought The Law

In addition to those 11 CDs, there is a DVD, which is packed to the full mark with unseen footage filmed by Julian Temple, early Super8 film, ALL of the band’s promo videos, and previously unseen concert footage.  Imagine this:

Julien Temple Archive – 6:20
White Riot Interview – 7:10
Promo and interviews with Tony Parsons
1977 1:87
White Riot 1:48
London’s Burning 2:05

Sussex University 1977

Career Opportunities 1:42 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Don Letts Super 8 Medley 11:40

White Riot 1:52
Janie Jones 1:73
City of the Dead 2:04
Clash City Rockers 2:15
White Man in Hammersmith Palais 2:53
1977 1:41

Clash On Broadway – 19:50

London Calling
This Is Radio Clash
The Magnificent Seven
Guns Of Brixton
Safe European Home

Promo Videos

Tommy Gun 3:00
London Calling 3:20
Bankrobber 4:00
Clampdown (Live) 5:00
Train In Vain (Live) 2:10
The Call Up 3:10
Rock The Casbah 3:20
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live at Shea Stadium) 2:50
Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium) 3:00

Clash Box

Discs aside, the Box will add in an “Owner’s Manual” booklet, along with a folder that will contain reprints of Armagideon Time 1, 2, qnd 3, new editions of the Clash fanzine recreated by Paul Simonon, and merchandise.  The merchandise will include dog tags, badges, stickers, and a Future Is Unknown notebook.  Also, a photo poster is included.

The 11CD/1DVD will be housed in a Simonon-designed Boom Box case.

For those unwilling to take this definitive Clash plunge, there will be a 2CD, and a 3LP collection called The Clash – Hits Back with 33 tracks from the band.  Track-list of this set follows:

Disc 1

1. London Calling
2. Safe European Home
3. Know Your Rights
4. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
5. Janie Jones
6. The Guns of Brixton
7. Train in Vain
8. Bankrobber
9.Wrong ‘Em Boyo
10. The Magnificent Seven
11. Police On My Back
12. Rock The Casbah
13. Career Opportunities
14. Police & Thieves
15. Somebody Got Murdered
16. Brand New Cadillac
17. Clampdown

Disc 2 (Joe Strummer’s setlist continued)

1. Ghetto Defendant
2. Armigideon Time
3. Stay Free
4. I Fought The Law
5. Straight To Hell
6. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
7. Garageland

Additional Tracks:

8. White Riot
9. Complete Control
10. Clash City Rockers
11. Tommy Gun
12. English Civil War
13. The Call Up
14. Hitsville UK
15. This Is The Radio Clash

However. if you don’t want the complete Box or the collected tracks, then the next opportunity for the newly remastered Clash albums is to acquire The Clash 5 Studio Album Set, which contains the 8CDs, while a separately available LP set of the same five albums set will be made available with 8LPs.

If you love The Clash, then this set is for you…in any of the available configurations.

Everything arrives on September 10.