TAPSheet: Release Notes – 05/09/2013 (US Report)

Side One Dummy Records have both LP and CD planned for the release of Trouble Is A Lonesome Town from Thriftstore Masterpiece.  The new album is slated for release on July 9.  You can read more about this interesting concept at WSJ.  Essentially, the project is headed up by Charles Normal, with this iteration of Trouble Is A Lonely Town (based on the 1963 Lee Hazelwood album) contributed to by Peter Yorn, Francis Black (The Pixies), Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), and others.  Expected to be first in a continuing Thriftstore Masterpiece series.


Domino Recording Company plan the LP and CD release of The Bardo Story from Salvia Plath, both expected on July 9.

Napalm Records will release new metal in the form of Starbound Beast from Huntress, planned for both LP and CD issues on July 2.  On the same date, Napalm Records also have Nagelfar by Fejd (CD), and Legions of the North, the seventh album from Swedish metal band, Manegarm (CD).

Warner Bros Records have scheduled the Marco Beltrami score of World War Z, the upcoming Pitt zombie film loosely based on the Max Brooks novel of the same name, for release on June 18.

On July 2, Friday Music will reissue YESSHOWS, the classic Live album from YES, in 2LP Limited Edition vinyl, and pressed on 180g weight vinyl.  This set features remastering by Joe Reagoso, and will be enhanced by the original gatefold Roger Dean artwork.


Friday Music will also release a 180g vinyl of the original Greatest Hits sets featuring music from Seals and Crofts.  The album is being remastered by Joe Reagoso, and kicks off a campaign of Seals and Crofts reissue campaign by Friday Music.  This LP set is scheduled for June 25.

Another Friday Music reissue LP will be The Cars’ Greatest Hits.  The remastered (Reagoso) 180g LP is planned for release on June 18.


Bar/None Records plan the release of a 2CD set featuring two never released on CD albums from ’80s band, The Swimming Pool Q’s.  The albums, The Swimming Pool Q’s (1984) and its follow-up,  Blue Tomorrow (1986), will be loaded onto the 2CD set.  In addition, there will be a 3CD/DVD that packs in a bonus CD with unreleased songs, outtakes, and remixes.  The DVD will provide live clips from TV shows, promo clips, and others, all from the original period.  The music on the two CDs have been remastered.  Lou Reed was quite fond of this band, once inviting them to open for him in 1984 throughout the entire tour.  Believe it or not, this reissue was completely funded via a Kickstarter campaign undertaken by the band.  The collected set will be known as 1984-1986: The A&M Years, and is on the calendar for June 25.

Inside Recordings plan to release I’ll Do Anything: Live In Concert featuring Jackson Browne on both DVD, and BD on June18.

XL Records will release new Sigur Ros music with Kveikur on June 18.  The new album will be issued on CD and LP.


 Dear Jack Foundation will release a CD/DVD Special Edition of Jack Mannequin: Live From the El Rey on June 18.  The DVD will contain the video portions of the CD and have an additional eight songs more than found on the CD.

Concord Jazz has Vigil coming Chick Corea on CD with a currently scheduled August 6 release date.

AAO Music will release an Ultimate Doubles series title featuring both Lightnin’ Hopkins and Memphis Slim on CD on June 25.

UltimateDoubles Slim Hopkins


Well, I’m back (again) after an extended return to California to attend to a few things, as well as riding back to Illinois (my new home, as yet unsettled) with my niece.  Now, with a bit of an opportunity to sit in front of my very small netbook, I have posted my review of the recently released SACD of Close To The Edge as released via Audio Fidelity.  I hope to THIS TIME remain more stable and current as I attend to the final stages of my long, looooongggg move.  We have yet to locate a house to purchase, and I have yet to find something to avoid the “non-contributor” label by Mrs. TAP.  But I (and we) are working on all of that.

ImpatientWatchPCOnce again, I should alert all to the fact that I don’t have plans to stop MusicTAP.  I am currently developing a PR company to handle bands and their needs.  I have a band that I’m working with right now to publicize their reissue of a popular classic from the ’90s in LP form (Lycia – COLD).  In addition, they have a new album coming so if you’re a Lycia fan, watch for Quiet Moments in the summer months, date TBA).

I’m also in the works to start a label.  In fact, in reference to a recent article that I had posted earlier, I’m exploring the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign to remaster and reissue gems from the past.  All of these things should be fun.  And I hope successful.

I have a few other plans in the works but those will unfold as I become more settled in.

I am very grateful that you have been patient with these sporadic periods of no posts.  Remember, I have no immediate plans of retiring MusicTAP.  I have too much fun with it.  Should I become immersed in another unavoidable project, know that I will be back in short order.


Review: Close To The Edge – YES (SACD 2013 Remaster)

CTTESACDIt’s no surprise that Close to the Edge has been as popular as it has been. When it was released in 1973, it shook Yes fans’ world. Even Jon Anderson, in a recent TAP (and The Morton Report) interview, said that the band knew they had created “…something special”. Since its release, there has been multiple versions of the groundbreaking album released including Rhino Records’ vault-revisited reissue that provided a good remaster, and important bonus tracks.

Years ago, when Warner Brothers were championing their artists’ most classic recording in DVD-Audio (a high-resolution format that not only remixed the album, but offered a 5.1 surround format as well) format, there was a rumor that Close To The Edge would follow the released DVD-Audio of Fragile. As misfortune would have it, the title disappeared in a wispy haze never to be breathed a word of again. This left many, many fans disappointed, their hopes seemingly dashed against the mountains that Dean graced Yes’ covers with.

In the waning months of 2012, Audio Fidelity, a progressive company headed by the talented and tireless Marshall Blonstein, surprisingly announced a return to SACD (a once competing high resolution format (to DVD-Audio) created and sustained by Sony Music).  SACD, like its rival, re-mixed classics for impressive playback for end-user fans. While the DVD-Audio format died a painful and mourned death, SACD refused to “…go gently into that good night.”  Therefore, the format remained relevant and important to fans of higher grade audio. The first title announced for new SACD restoration was Close To The Edge. The fans of Yes were overjoyed, not only because the deserving title was finally getting its hi-res due, but also because that remaster would be done by trusted engineer, Steve Hoffman.

Audio Fidelity’s newly remastered version of Close To The Edge is wonderful to hear in many ways.  All songs benefit, however, the clear winner is “And You And I” (in my opinion).  While not everyone is going to be entirely happy with any mix, no matter how well it was produced, I believe the general consensus will be that the Audio Fidelity SACD is a welcome – a VERY welcome – addition to the Yes library, especially since it fills the void created by the highly anticipated DVD-Audio planned reissue that never materialized (I wonder if it’s completed).

There are many amazing moments of exquisite clarity that will have you replaying the album many times. Close To The Edge was never an album that just played while you did other things.  It has always been a full experience set that demanded ALL of your attention.  This SACD enhances that full immersion. The hybrid CD layer works just as well in the car or on a portable.  While I never can appreciate too much music emanating from either of those machines, I throughly enjoyed the music found on the AF remaster.

At long last, fans now have their hi-res version of “The Album”. Whether you enjoy it in your SACD player at home (as it should be heard), or you travel with the Hybrid CD layer, it’s certain that you will gain more respect for the album as you hear it again, perhaps discovering new points in the music that you may not have picked up before. Regardless, I highly recommend your acquisition of one of Rock’s great treasures, enjoying it for as much of its audio enhancements as you will enjoy and appreciate.

Release Date: March 5, 2013 (SACD); September 13, 1972 (Original)
Label: Audio Fidelity
Band Website
Availability: SACD Hybrid (with CD layer)

–Matt Rowe

Close to the Edge Inside Cover Dean