Alabama Shakes IS The Real Thing

AlabamaShakesI don’t fall in love with bands very easily.  In fact, it sometimes takes quite a bit of interest to get one to sink in.  Now, let me tell you something.  I’ve fallen in love again.  Pretty hard this time.

You are all aware how much I adore Heartless Bastards.  I still do.  But feeding my  usual Saturday Night Live addiction (don’t ask me why), I heard the featured band, Alabama Shakes.  I think I have found a love that can run much deeper than Heartless Bastards.

Now, I hear a lot of music, but while I’ve heard OF THEM, I’ve never HEARD them until recently.  And I’m saying to you now, if you like your blues hot and heavy, full of growl and spit, then Alabama Shakes is your band.

Fronting Alabama Shakes is amazing vocalist, Brittany Howard (who also plays a good guitar).  She is most certainly the focal point.  There’s a stated comparision to Janis Joplin, and I have to say, Brittany is full of fire with shades of Janis in her vocal delivery.

Trust me on this, Alabama Shakes is a great band that I’m not going to forget in a long, long time.  In fact, I can’t get to a record store FAST enough.  (When was the last time you could say that?!)

If I don’t write another thing for the rest of the month, I would have done my job with today’s post.  “Bless My Heart, and bless yours too…”