How Obsessed Are You With Your Music Listening?

MarriedToTheMusicHere comes a confession.

I become obsessed with music that I find that I like.  In that I listen to it over and over…and over, sometimes for days, maybe even weeks, maybe months…continuously.

I don’t understand how I do what I do.  All that I know is that I listen obsessively.  Let’s say I come across a song that I like.  Like it well enough and I’m going to listen to that song maybe 20 times…straight.  As in song ends, song begins, song ends, song begins, and on and on.  Then the next day, I’m at it again.

If I like a certain craft well enough, then revisiting the song -or album- later can fall into the same routine whereby I listen to it over and over and over, and as many as two to five times in a single day, for several months.

Recently, I pulled out Close To The Edge, an album that I’ve been obsessive about for decades.  I’ve listened to that album perhaps 60-70 times over the last three months.

Now that you know just how obsessive a listener that I am, tell me what kind of listener you are.  Do you obsess?  Or do you do the sane thing and listen to as much as you can as fast as you can?