Black Sabbath To Add New Ozzy-Fronted Album, 13, To Their Catalog

BlackSabbathAnd here it comes, folks.  The rejoining of Ozzy Osborne to his original band, Black Sabbath, has produced an album.  (The band isn’t ENTIRELY intact as Bill Ward is absent being replaced by Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine).)  The new album is being called 13.

There is a certain amount of excitement for this in the Metal community enamored of the kind of music that Ozzy and the boys have produced in the past, many of the songs and albums legendary in multiple ways.

The new album (announced today) is currently scheduled for release in June of 2013, with the exact date yet to be announced.  The album is being preceded by a small, initial blast of support dates in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan, and is likely to produce more dates after the album’s release.

Not much information is available for this new album, but I’m sure that info will begin to leak out, including a lead-off single designed to whet the appetite of fans.

All that can be done now is, simply, to wait.  I do hope that this piece of news makes your anticipation of 2013 a little more fun.