Bowie’s Latest Masterpiece

BowieBy now, I’m sure that everyone has come across the news about the new David Bowie album.  Interestingly, there was no lead-up to it.  Just Happy Birthday, David (he just turned 66), and oh yeah, here’s the single from the new album.

In March, David Bowie will release his next album after a ten year absence.  The album will be called The Next Day.  But today, the song, “Where Are We Now?” is the real star.

After Lodger, I had difficulty with much of Bowie output.  I liked things here and there, but something seemed to have disappeared for me.  Until today.

With “Where Are We Now?”, Bowie seems to have put a foot back into the Low/Heroes period.  There’s still an identifiable difference, but the spirit of the song is quite there.

Personally, with “Where Are We Now?”,  I once again find David Bowie relevant.  And important.  The song carries with it a foreboding feeling, a sense of fear, and of concern.  And I cannot seem to get enough of the song.

The video itself is quite a visual accompaniment to the track.  I’ve included the YouTube post (in case you haven’t seen it yet).  Take some time to engage with the song.  Then come back here and let’s get us a discussion going on the track.

As for me, I’m completely in!