Stones Riffs and Moments of Clarity

KeithRichardsI had quite a bit of fun with the Stones track, the one that says Stones through and through.  Oh I know, is there really such a track?  Perhaps not.  But individually, we all have our favorite Stones song.  Which leads me to a couple of “extras”.

The first is RIFF.  Keith Richards is father to so many memorable and loved guitar riffs.  Maybe even more than any other guitarist ever.  I know this sounds like Richards love, but it really isn’t.  Personally, I can’t even think of anyone with so many recognizable guitar parts than Keef.  But maybe I’m wrong.   (I’ll let you correct me.)

Having recently purchased Grrr! (the recently released comprehensive Stones “best of”), I’ve gotten to pay closer attention again to a pound of riff greatness.  And so, for the fun, and aside from your personal favorite Stones song, which Stones riff is the greatest riff of Stones music.  (As an aside, great memorable riffing also comes at the hands of Jimmy Page.  I could just write duh duh duh, dud duh duh, duh duh duh, duh duh duh, and you would likely guess the Zep riff I’m trying to “word out” here.)

So, riff?

Next, let’s throw something else in here (so you won’t think I’m all Stones crazy these last few weeks (well, I have been, and this idea actually originates from listening to Grrr, but…).

There are a ton of songs that we remember for many, many reasons.  Some of them have such clarity that you can ACTUALLY remember the exact thing you were doing when you first heard it.  There’s so many of them for me.  In fact, I can even call up mental video over many LPs.  Specific memories attached to songs and albums are part of our warm recall.  And I’m sure that you have one in particular that stands out quite vividly (you might as well have just been there).

If you don’t mind bringing one out, it’d be fun to discuss.  With the annual slow moments for CD releases at a high during these few winter months, posts like these help to keep the blood flowing.