Blessed Are The Collectors of Music For Their Souls Know Peace

MusicCollectionMany of us are album collectors.  Some of us (we know who we are) are a bit more then that.  Some of us are archivists.  If you were to look at our libraries, you would instantly note that there are is an awful lot of music.  Contained on LPs, and CDs, and maybe even tapes, some people just buy and buy.

There is a legitimate boast that some libraries contain thousands and thousands of albums.  These days, the library can also be a massive collection of accumulated MP3s, or, as the audiophile goes, WAV or FLAC files.

So much music.  A worthy collection.  And I must say, I can barely stifle a smile at the mere thought of such expansive selections.

But, with so much music at our disposal, one thing becomes quickly evident, the lack of time to enjoy it all.  With only 24 hours in a day, and a required 8 hours of sleep (for most), which is further divided by the usual 8 hours of work, there is but  an hour or two, maybe three depending on your level of obsession, that can be devoted to the dedicated listening of all that favored music.

Then there’s that other little issue.  If we’re listening to some of that accumulated music, that leaves little time, if any, for the active discovery of new music.

Now, I’m not trying to decry this great hobby.  But I do have to ask the question.  Do we collect too much music for our own good?  It may be that the chosen approach is to listen to as many songs as is possible within our limited time frames, kind of like reading books.  With books, we rarely go back to re-read the same story over and over.  And you may be one of those that is quite content with new songs.  But human nature likes revisiting a good song, a good album.  They represent things, many things.

What is it that you do?  What kind of collector are you?

Me?  I’m an insatiable buyer of music.  I sleep usually around five hours a day.  I listen to so much music I wonder how I do it.  And I actively search out new stuff.  Currently, I’m revisiting the ’70s, and ’80s via the music of bands I never paid much attention to.  Which is great fun!

Your turn.