The Age of Vinyl…Again?

VinylLPI know a lot of you.  If we’re not talking about some rock band, or some new reissue, or some new band release, we’re talking to each other via email.  So, in a funny kind of way, I know a lot of you and the way you like your music.  Which leads me into this small thing.  I already know that more than a few of you are not as pleased at the resurgence of vinyl LP.  But I, for the life of me, can’t understand.  Let me tell a story:

For years, I have been going to the Orange County LP show, picking up an album here and there.  This has turned into a kind of new obsession.  Basically, my current goal is to regain as much of the old vinyl I had (and I’ve had tens of thousands through my life).  It is so much fun revisiting the thrill of finding that beloved album.  But the story…

I was soon joined by a friend who didn’t have a turntable.  I just convinced him to come and enjoy a lunch at the show (they serve great sandwiches).  He’d leave right after the lunch and I would fall into perusing and buying, ten discs at a visit.  The following day, he would ask what I found.  I’d tell him.

One day, he decided to look around “for a bit”.  He ended up buying a few LPs despite the fact he had no turntable on which to play them.  But I think he had already resolved to getting one soon.  Very quickly, he stayed the duration with me usually buying as many as I did.  He eventually got that turntable.  And his reaction was as expected…the sound coming from his speakers were pretty incredible.  He was hooked.  He now comes to every show.  We have recruited a few pals and every once in a while, they come too.

The underlying part of this story is that LPs really do sound great.  Perhaps greater than they should but there it is.  Analog trumps digital.

Not long ago, Wired magazine ran a piece on a bit of research they undertook.  They compared every kind of music playback to the method’s counterparts.  MP3s, Flacs, CDs, LPs, etc.  And in every case – EVERY CASE – they found that LPs trumped the other formats.

Now, if a new band releases in LP, I will picked that up as the preferred media.  I especially like 180g (or heavier) weight LPs.  And I have so, so many to acquire – and reaquire –  between now and the day I go to see the Great Band.  And there are those I have never had in vinyl, those I list and look for jealously, like The Sundays’ three albums (as an example).

Yeah, I still get CDs, and the occasional MPs or FLAC.  But it’s LPS I desire most of all.  I’m very, very pleased to have vinyl available to me, more so now than any time since the mass acceptance of the CD.

So now, let’s hear what the TAP community at large has to say on this subject of vinyl LPs.  Past history?  Or a welcomed reentry into our world of music?