What Kind Of Music Fan Are You?

Our love of music runs on several tracks.  On the one track, we dig a collection of songs and popular albums from known (or obscure) bands and artists.   Those fascinating songs and albums likely make up the bulk of our collected music.  The first album by Boston, one or two Green Day albums, and a bunch of iPod-filling tracks from a wide selection of interests represent these tunes.

But there are bands and artists that we simply cannot get enough of.  We have everything recorded by them.  Some of us have every Led Zeppelin album released.  Some of us have all of The Beatles albums, or The Rolling Stones works.

In the later years of the ’70s, on through to the first half of the ’80s, many bands not only released their LP issues, but they often went a step further by releasing non-LP songs, remixes, and special issue 12″ singles, cassettes, and EPs.

The question today is this: out of your entire collection, are there bands and artists that got your royal treatment, where you collected everything released by them or for them?  If you were an ELO fan, do you have all of their albums?  Porcupine Tree?  Led Zeppelin?  The Jam?  The Beatles?

Tell us!  And if you’re more a collector of just favorite albums and popular songs, tell us that too.